Feng Jiu x Dong Hua [2/?]: 三生三世十里桃花 Eternal Love ep.43 

“Will I ever get to see Di Jun again?” 

// “Promise me that you’ll never forget these two years.”

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Just watch Ice Fantasy. I know it has some weird CGI and it’s a long drama and maybe a little cheesy…

But then you have this cutepie

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Being also a badass warrior and an amazing brother (yeah killing you with his awesomeness)

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and who is also in love althrough he denies it with this badass woman ps she is also inlove with him and flash news THEY ARE IN OPPOSITE TRIBES AKA STARCROSSED LOVERS BTW

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You have his brother who is awesome too

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who is also in love with an badass woman (YES EVERY SINGLE FEMALE HERE IS AWESOME)

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(I’m sorry I couldn’t find another gif of them but yeah warrior human woman and dorky and clueless but yet powerful god couple)

And all the sidecharacters are great like magicians and warriors from different tribes (very Avatar like, I know). Just hold into episodes 5-10 (when the plot trully start)! Give it a chance!! (The show ends in Novenver, so you have the end very close)



This kind of trust is so important in a relationship and yet TV shows tend to act like it’s something that only exists in fantasy along with unicorns. I am so tired of tropey drama born from convoluted misunderstandings and miscommunications and overreactions that can be so common in TV. Bless this show for proving that you can make a story out of a loving, trusting relationship where the two people involved are completely chill, who don’t fly off the handle and throw a tantrum at the slight suggestion that their significant other might be unfaithful but actually talk about it and solve the problem together. So for all his stalkery tendencies at the beginning, Xiao Nai is a pretty swell boyfriend.