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Thank you!

“CDMT is great! I attended Southeast Talent Search and it was so much fun. I have really loved modeling with them. I have been to numerous auditions, and I know that I will continue working with their team for years to come! Thanks for everything you do, CDMT! ”

“I love modeling for CDMT because they really care about my success. I did not know anything about the business before I started working with them, and now I have booked 3 jobs. I have met a bunch of national agents that are interested in me. I would highly recommend this to anyone in getting started!!! :) ”

Jessica looks great in her photos! For more photos of Jessica and other models, please click this photo to view our Facebook!

Thanks, Richard!

I have employed various CD Models and Talent’s folks for over six years for our corporate productions. Cory and Rebecca have always been responsive to our needs and have gone above and beyond what was expected as an agency. Our clients were very happy with the final production and I will use CDMTA to help us cast the next one. I have also worked with the Southeast Talent Search as an agent for several years. I personally have met and know close to 40 different representatives from various modeling and acting agencies worldwide from my involvement in the event. Most of the agents travel from California, New York, Miami or Atlanta to attend the event. Most are repeat attendees because they like the event, the talent that is brought in and how the staff at Southeast Talent Search mangage the event. I have also met close to 500 different talent attendees who attended the events one-on-one and have not heard a negative comment from any of them. The SETS is an opportunity for those who believe they are talented to shine in front of legitimate casting and talent agents from around the world. Look at it this way, one in 50000 high school athletes ever make it to the professional leagues. There are no promises made by Cory and Rebecca for contracts or ‘stardom’. The provide a platform for one to excel if they have what it takes to be a real national or regional talent in the film, modeling and television industry without having to move to New York or LA and live for a year auditioning. — Richard

Everyone did such a great job with the runway training!! Southeast Talent Search March 16-18, 2012