A friendly reminder of how diverse Coup D‘etat was
  • Coup D’etat : EDM / trap-inspired
  • Niliria : folk / heavy-hitting hip-hop.
  • R.O.D : heavy dubstep / Carribbean beats
  • Black : Midtempo ballad
  • Who You : Pop
  • Shake The World : Electronic
  • Michi Go : Rap / Dubstep
  • Crooked : Classic pop / heavy drumbeats / metal guitar riffs
  • Runaway : rock-infused-track
  • I Love It : R&B / disco
  • You Do : old school hop hop beat / drawling rap
  • Window : melancholic ‘80s / tribal beats

I do realize that this album isn’t the best ever made, but the fact that it’s so experimental, versatile and colorful made it musically perfect and tasty

Livestock Judging

Whoever said livestock judging wasn’t a sport, wasn’t hard, and didn’t require any logic was lyin yo. Because:

1) You stand from 8am-3pm plus critique and awards so probably more like 4

2) You judge 10-12 classes of animals. And do you think by your 12th class your in the mood to smell animal crap? (and do you think by the 5th or 6th group of kids the animals really have the patience for you?)

3) You give 4 sets of reasons. Which are six parts and explain why you placed each class the way that you did. You memorize these outside. Basically it’s like giving four presentations for school, in a row, no breaks, no sitting, no cheat sheets, no mercy.

4) Competition occurs rain or shine. It could be raining, sleeting, hailing, there could by tornado warnings, wind, snow, burning heat, Satan could rise from Hell and set the world afire and livestock judgers everywhere would still be competing or practicing.

5) Don’t mark your placing card right? Forget to turn your card in? Use the wrong card? Tough shit. There’s no going back in livestock. You just got yourself a zero.

6) You better have a good breakfast, because forget about lunch. You won’t eat again until critique and awards are done.

7) There’s no talking. Not a sound until your done with judging and reasons. Otherwise they’ll pull your card. Then your good as dead because your Ag Teacher is going to kill you.

8) it’s highly competitive. People can their reasons sets(in other words, make them ahead of time), people cheat, people lie, and sometimes, they win for it. When there’s people out there doing it the hard way.

9) You’re sleep deprived, tired, and burnt out every weekend and until State Finals when it’s all over.

10) You’re on the road almost every weekend. Sometimes from 4am to 10 pm.

11) Like your Ag Teacher/coach now? You might not when they get bitchy and tough during season. Your Ag Teacher who’s like your mom may be the person whose throat you consistently want to slit. (But you love then anyway)

12) Your chapters other teams don’t understand why after a competition you’re not fond of them. But if they’re say, Best Informed Greenhand, their competition is so much easier in comparison that their complaints piss you off.

But at the end of the day, you love your team and your coach more than anything. You keep doing this for them. You wear your jacket, which keeps in the cold in the winter and keeps in the hot in the summer, with a pride unmatched by anyone else. Blue jackets, gold standards.