Cuddle Deprived Dorks || Jaxton

Jared was excited-no, ecstatic was more like it. His Cheater was finally in town so they could spend some much needed time together. Miss Jasmine let him off work a little early so he had time to go home, shower, change and come back. He’d texted Daxton to come meet him in the booth on the left side in the back of the diner. As he sat waiting, he got some knowing smiles from his co-workers as they continued slowly closing up the diner. Jared couldn’t stop the ear-splitting grin on his face if he wanted to as he saw the familiar brunette walking in.

Someone asked for a Frozen crossover with my all time favorite movie and I had to do it. Tho I overestimated my ability to draw in this style on my own so I just ref’d a funny moment. With Olaf as Pudge the penguin.