“I wanna watch a fun musical”

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“I wanna watch something funny”

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“I wanna watch something with great animation”

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“I wanna watch something with a good villain”

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“I wanna watch something catchy”

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“I wanna watch something encouraging”

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“I wanna watch something that adressed the racism in the movie and entertainment industry”

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☀️Summer commissions!☀️
I’ll draw you, your characters, your friends, your otps, whatever you want except:
🌟Romanticized abuse
🌟Just don’t be gross
🌟I’ll let you know if anything else makes me uncomfy
You can message me if you’re interested or have any questions! Payment is in USD using Paypal. Also, extra characters are another $5 and I can do icons for $5

directium replied to your post “I’m so surprised I haven’t seen a Cats Don’t Dance au for Camp Camp…”

Oh, shit, I had an RvB one, but a CC one??? *Scoots chair closer* GO ON.

I had just been listening to Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now and it just came to me!

Preston is definitely Tilly for one! That totally settles for it. And I love the idea of Pudge as Max. Just like Danny became his friend fast, I can see David bonding with Max when he comes to Hollywood. 

I also love the thought of David being so overdramatic and planning little by little how he’d spend a week in Hollywood to get noticed. I really just fucking love the idea of this au.

Bonus Pic that I was laughing so hard making.


We will miss @criteriumdudauphine 🚴💨⛏ Here’s some action from the top contenders in ST7 Alpe d'Huez 🚴🚴🚴⛏⛏⛏ via 👉 @svenkberger46
#chrisfroome #richieporte #albertocontador #criteriumdudauphine #cyclingfrance #cycling highlight of the day seeing these guys punch it up the back of Alpe d'Huez on stage 7
#socialpeloton #cycling #велоспорт #ciclismo #cyclisme #procycling #criteriumdudauphine #dauphine2017 #dauphine #peloton #france #francia #roadcycling #cdd #froome #peterkennaugh #alpedhuez (at L'Alpe-d'Huez)

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new video! This forgotten 90’s musical magnifies all the animation principles at once. Let’s have a look at them. 🎵

Hatter is a mad lad but he 100% cares about his lesbian teacup child! (Ayyyy it’s ya shortie CDD! Cherry Dream-on Demon! Or Marcy it’s your call. ) This is for my comic Fruitloops, but it’s gotten to that point in development *going on for a year and a half* where I’ve thought of some characters as tinies lmaooo.