hissweetsouthernbelle-deactivat asked:

Hey y'all! So my boyfriend re-made his tumblr and lost all the followers that I had gotten him :/ Do you mind following him back again and helping him? His tumblr is cdamon93. I promise I'm not trying to annoy y'all! Just trying to help him out again. Hardheaded boy of mine -.- Haha. Thank you ladies <3

It’s no problem at all cause I find you two ADORABLE! 

Everyone go follow my fav couple Jordan and Chris!!!!!

Jordan’s url is 

(Seriously if it wouldn’t make me look like a stalker I would reblog every single thing she posts. Her blog is absolute perfection.)

Chris’s url is

(So glad you’re back! Missed reblogging all yer stuff man! And seriously….I’m gonna need ya to make me a playlist haha cause yours is perfect!)

Seriously everyone just go follow them! You won’t regret it they’re amazing! 


cdamon93-deactivated20130322 asked:

Who's your favorite country artist?

Currently: Hunter Hayes. All time: Dwight Yokam. Thanks! -Casey

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Follow this country boy!

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