cda lake

It was so beautiful and sunny out yesterday, a little chilly because of the breeze but really nice outside for February so Wes and I deiced to go for a walk around the Cd'A boardwalk before we head over to the library to knit.

The group was working on different projects, but a few of us were working on knit and crochet hearts for Valentine’s Day to decorate the library! (This is where I was sitting) I will be sure to take a photo of what I made as soon as it’s hung up - but the extra hearts will be little orderments to hang from different things.

A small photos of the group, there were about 7 people that came by, including a very friendly 9 year old girl who showed off her crochet skills! It’s so fun to sit and knit and crochet with a group of people who enjoy it as well and to share ideas and tips. :)