Democrat’s hopes of snatching Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District have been dashed.

In today’s special election, called by many a referendum on Trump, two candidates rose above the fray of 18 candidates to make it to the June runoff. Jon Ossoff, Nancy Pelosi’s prize boy, Hank Johnson’s prodigy, Al Jazeera contributor, and resident of Georgia’s 5th Congressional district, will face Republican Karen Handel, former Secretary of State and Fulton county commissioner.

Ossoff, who has raised in excess of $8 million (95% of which has come from out of state) will not make out with the seat easily. The district, which has not been held by a Democrat since former Speaker Newt Gingrich took office in 1979, is considered by most pundits to be a “solid” and “safe” Republican district. Although the district narrowly went in Trump’s favor (and in the GOP primary, went to the “establishment” candidate in Marco Rubio), all state legislative positions are held by republicans. Now that the Republican party has a designated nominee, Ossoff will face a United force, not a smattering of republicans with warring factions.

Given a strong candidate with high name ID, a united party, and a solid Republican district, any hopes of this seat being held by Jon Ossoff are dead.

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spooky-froll  asked:

I have to ask, but have you been keeping up with the Georgia Special Election. It appears the Democratic candidate has the edge.

Of course! I’m actually spending this coming weekend in that district to help with Karen’s campaign. So, the scoop from the most senior pollsters in Georgia is that both the AJC poll and the private poll used some flawed questions. So, its not like this is game over. It is going to be a close race, but this is a fairly solid GOP district, but also a fairly anti-Trump district. 2016 was the first time in decades that a democrat got that close to winning the district (the district narrowly went to Trump). In the 2016 primary, the district went to Rubio. So, the timing for democrats is good. However, they are at a severe disadvantage. Because CD6 has gone to republicans for decades, the dems don’t have much of a political presence. The GOP, on the other hand, has a standing county office in Cobb (most counties just open one for the 6 months before a major election), a well funded district party, and multiple chapters of the Young Republicans and College Republicans within a 30 minute drive of her headquarters. So we have serious resources and man power.

Republicans are more likely than democrats to turn out in both special elections and run offs. However, the Secretary of State’s office was forced to reopen voter registration. It has been law in Georgia for a long time that to be a qualified voter for a certain election, you must have registered before 30 days of the election. In order to vote in a runoff, you must have registered before 30 days of the original election. These rules were put in place under a Democrat Secretary of state.

I predict that the district will go Republican again. It will be an interesting election, though.

If anybody is interested in helping out with Karen Handel’s campaign, PM me. There is a phone app that you can use from anywhere in the US to make calls. If you are in the state, and want to come to the district, that would be awesome too!

Six Word Show Descriptions, C6D Edition

queer cop falls for foreign fed

worst friend ever explodes car (again)

wolf discovers domestication, enjoys snack foods

ray kowalski gets religion, dies frequently

shakespeare gone meta (fewer fart jokes)
13 episode FrootyO’s commercial promotes infidelity

Ski instructor has sex, makes money

gay painter stalks sad cinema buff

Immigrants’ son sells body for ranch

overly pretty man dies like jesus

runaway groom does housework, shags sister

immigrants’ daughter dates bland white boy

homophobia destroys punk rockers, we sob

Only straight man in San Francisco?

 Canadian western reunites due South stars

 Anti-gun Western ends in shootout

 Paul Gross wears extensions, regrets forever