Bachmann will run again in CD6

Well, we had been wondering what Michele Bachmann would do; now we have our answer.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann announced Wednesday she will seek a fourth term in the U.S. House following her failed presidential bid.

Bachmann declared her plans in an interview with The Associated Press. The Republican congresswoman had been mum on her plans since folding her presidential campaign after a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses earlier this month.

It’s probably the best choice for her. The polls make it clear that nobody can take on Klobuchar, and it appears a Fox News gig is not in the offing for Bachmann. If she has her sights set on something bigger and better, she can always throw her hat into the ring to face Al Franken in 2014.

This seems like a good time to make a plea to Democrats. Please, please, please let’s not spend millions of dollars trying to defeat Bachmann again. I know she’s a crazy right-wing extremist. But unless CD6 becomes significantly less conservative after redistricting, she’s proven by now that she’s not easily dislodged.

The fact is, there are better ways we can spend our money. We have to take back the legislature and defeat multiple constitutional amendments. Please don’t be distracted; let’s leave CD6 alone for a while and focus our efforts on more useful pursuits.