Thanatos Night Vol. 4 Seth (Full Translation)

Back with another Thanatos Night translation! Seth is really sweet and perfect for people who want something cute….with Rejet’s usual touch of despair _(┐「ε:)_ 

Apologies in advance for any mistakes, audio translations aren’t my strong point (/)u(\)

(Translation under the cut - Do no use/repost without permission)

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Track 4 - Sleepy Iwa-chan gives you kisses
  • Track 4 - Sleepy Iwa-chan gives you kisses
  • 吉野裕行
  • 週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.05 玲央

Sorry if this is a bit late I have to study for a midterm tomorrow, here’s track 4! [SFW (Kisses! <3) ]  Please use headphones for the best possible experience! And b/c kisses. You don’t want anyone accidentally hearing it.

This tracks is a bit short, but it’s no less sweet so enjoy!

Haikyuu Character: Iwaizumi Hajime

Drama CD: Shūkan soine CD shirīzu vol. 05

Producer: Black Butterfly

VA:  Hiroyuki Yoshino

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