The biggest lie in Canadian politics is that Stephen Harper is tough on crime.  Let the record show that he currently has 17 friends who are facing serious problems with the law, including some horrific crimes, such as sexual assault and death threats.  See who they are here

His friends and appointees have been charged or convicted of uttering death threats, sexual assault, sexual assault on children, common assault, fraud, drunk driving, election fraud, obstruction of justice, money laundering, possession of cocaine, bribery of a judicial officer, fraud on the government and breach of trust. 

In many cases he has appointed, rewarded and protected criminals.  These are all easily verifiable facts that have been widely reported in the media.

Harper promised to clean up Ottawa and instead he has turned it into a festering cesspool of crime, corruption, election fraud, record debt and fascism.

In 2015 we have to vote this filth out of political existence.


Citrus CD drama covers…I want them..even if i don’t understand  what the f”#$ they said 

*there’s gonna be 3 scenes in the CD-Drama:

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Health Care: U.S. vs. Canada

Sen. Bernie Sanders asked a panel of experts to contrast the United States health care system with single-payer models throughout the world.


Why were Conservative MPs John Baird and Chris Alexander so keen to pose with members of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi movement, and why did Alexander defend them in a bizarre and troubling speech? 

Read about it here

Ask yourself this - who would want to pose and be photographed with neo-Nazis?


Today youth across the country stood up and told our political leaders that we need to leave oil in the ground and create sustainable jobs to have a good future. We demanded the world we want through bold action. Students staged sit-ins in MPs offices and got spectacular results: In Calgary, Stephen Harper wouldn’t meet with us, so we took our message to him in the Stampede Parade!

anonymous asked:

I think we need bill like c-24, in my views if anyone does wrong something to harm the society or canada, he doesn't deserve canada.

That’s very simplistic logic.

Are you ok with your neighbours, friends, teachers, classmates being treated differently by the law and classed as second class citizens just because of where they were born or who their parents are? Its incredibly xenophobic.

If they commit crimes, they should serve jail time. I believe in a Canada where the end goal is not perpetual punishment. People should be given help and resources and be allowed to transition to a peaceful, civil life. Tough on Crime policies don’t work. They only further perpetuate dangerous behaviours.

What good does stripping citizenship and deportation of dangerous people do? All that does is removes them from Canada. That’s an archaic tactic that the civilized world got rid of centuries ago: Exile.

And with C-51 its possible you could lose your citizenship under the guise of terrorism charges that pose no relation to the image of violent terrorism. There are real fears that protest groups and first nations, defending their interests could face serious charges. That’s not just.

Also under C-24 you could lose your citizenship and be deported if corrupt courts from another country accuse you of crimes. You could just be a journalist caught in government affairs, and without a trial, without a judge you could lose your citizenship.

Pense em todas as belezas que há no universo. Pense na perfeição de cada criação divina. O céu, os astros, as galáxias. Os jardins com suas flores, cores e aromas. O mar com a sua imensidão e visão de tirar o fôlego. Pensou? Mas isso tudo nem se compara com a beleza maior que nos é reservada. Tão grande beleza, que o intelecto humano não é capaz de presumir. Tão especial que olhos não viram, e ouvidos não ouviram e nenhum coração humano é capaz de imaginar a surpresa que Deus tem preparado para aquele que O ama. Olhe para o céu, repita consigo mesmo que o amanhã será melhor, que Ele continua sendo o Deus que trabalha em favor daquele que nEle espera. Lembre-se do que Paulo disse, os sofrimentos atuais não se podem comparar com a glória que nos será revelada. O Autor de todas essas belezas naturais, que as criou em todo seu esplendor, tem o controle em Suas mãos. Se uma vida foi entregue a Ele, ela não está perdida ou sem rumo, pois Jesus é o caminho e caminhamos para a beleza maior, o céu que está reservado para os filhos de Deus.
—  Carta de Cristo