Illustration by カトーナオさん for the release of 彼と添い寝でしたいコトもっと藤木陸/藤木空!  ( • ▽ • )

Fukigen na Mononokean Drama CD Translation Part 1

Hello! This is something I’ve been working on for the better part of a week, but I’ve been attempting to write a translation for the drama CD. It was… pretty rough, to be honest, and I’m sure there’s some mistakes here and there. Please feel free to correct me on absolutely anything.

The drama CD has two separate stories, and this is the first one. I’ll be working on the second one soon enough, but both of them are pretty long. Please beware of a wall of text below the cut.

A hundred million thanks to @naoki-ss for uploading the drama CD tracks, I never would’ve been able to listen to them otherwise. The links to the audio of each track (at their tumblr) are placed at the beginning of each part of the translation (there are four). Enjoy!

Fukigen na Mononokean Drama CD - Part 1 “A Certain School’s Ghost Story”

Summary from official site: “Ashiya comes across some children making a fuss about a monster appearing at an old school building scheduled to be demolished. At the school, he meets a principal who was formerly appointed there and is asked to search for the source of the mysterious phenomena occurring.”

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In the 3rd Awakening CD Drama, which features the 2nd generation units, Owain and Brady dig through the rubble of Brady’s clinic that has been destroyed in their absence, and they’re able to find one little girl still alive, barely holding on. 

She’s given a brief moment of hope when the two of them get there, because it turns out Brady had been telling his patients that Owain really was a hero of legends that would help save them and she’s overjoyed to see them, but tragically, they’re not able to heal her in time and she dies before them, prompting both of them to go into shock, thinking they’re pathetic for being unable to save even a single child - Owain almost throwing his life away in a futile struggle and Brady almost giving up trying to be a healer. 

I was thinking back to this earlier today, and also about the different incarnations of previous characters in a different world that feature into Fates and… I think both of them would really appreciate another try at protecting and nurturing that girl, somehow.