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Zuka Streaming PSA

I’ve been watching the 1789 debacle and I feel like some clarification for the…..passionate backlash is warranted.

1789 debacle = someone ripped a hardsub of @marie-isidore‘s 1789 stream and uploaded it to Facebook.

Warning: This is a Long Post

It’s no secret that Takarazuka puts on super lavish shows multiple times a year. Ever wondered how much those shows cost the company?

Millions. I can guarantee you that those shows cost them millions and millions of dollars. The only way that they can CONTINUE making these shows we love is if we, the fans support them. We do this by BUYING THEIR GOODS, THEIR DVDS, THEIR MAGAZINES. 

This sound a bit hypocritical to you, considering that I’m streaming all of these shows to you?

I stream because I want to spread the love of Takarazuka Revue. 

That’s the only reason why ANYONE in this fandom streams things. Not to encourage bootlegged copies, but to support the purchase of Takarazuka DVDs/Blurays. 

We stream things in the hopes of REDUCING the bootlegged material. 

Ironic, no?

But the fandom, ESPECIALLY the tumblr fandom, is very protective of subtitled material.

I’m sure you’ve all looked around for translated things, yeah? There’s a certain joy of being able to actually UNDERSTAND these beautiful shows, yeah?

And I’m also sure you’ve found that there aren’t many places that translations can be found. Sure, there are the individuals here and there that translate some articles and magazines but shows? FULL shows? With a well rounded translation and perfectly timed subtitles?

Those are scarce. Those are precious. 

And those should be respected and treated as the rarity they are.

@marie-isidore PERSONALLY translated 1789 in order to SHARE HER LOVE OF THAT MUSICAL (even though I think it’s a complete trainwreck oh my god). But she did it for you guys. FOR THE FANDOM. And to have someone swoop in and snatch a subtitled copy and have the gall to upload it to a different site WITHOUT her permission and most definitely WITHOUT her knowledge? 

That’s just incredibly disrespectful. Disrespectful of the work she put into translating the show, of the hours spent timing the subs to the video (I should know. You can spend 2 hours subtitling 10 minutes of video. A typical 2 hour show takes more than 8 hours to subtitle WITHOUT human error).

This goes for ANY of the translated material in the Takarazuka fandom. It doesn’t matter WHO translated it; it doesn’t matter if you got it from the TIP project, @zukalations, or from any single individual.

Always ask for permission when using a translation or subtitle file.

Remember, translators and subtitlers (and the rare breed that does both cough @marie-isidore​) get nothing out of what we do (other than a really interesting skillset, tbh). We don’t get paid. In fact, we may actually lose more money than most fans (not including ppl in fanclubs) buying scripts, CDs, and DVDs IN ORDER TO TRANSLATE AND SUBTITLE THEM. 

I’m not trying to point fingers at anyone for this incident, or any incident like this.

True, this situation had the unfortunate circumstance of coinciding with an influx of new fans from Takarazuka’s Chicago and Rurouni Kenshin. 


1789 is one of the more well known and popular shows, and therefore runs a higher risk of being snatched. This could literally have happened if @marie-isidore had streamed this a month ago rather than yesterday. Remember when someone ripped a Romeo et Juliette Zukalations hardsub from cytube? It’s an unfortunate trend with the big name shows.

The Takarazuka fandom is having an explosive growth period right now, so let’s continue to be as welcoming to the newcomers as we can.

Please don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. 

However, don’t let the re-uploaders get away with it.

If you’ve got a link to someone’s work that’s been re-uploaded, let them know and if you can, try to help get the material taken down.


Because at the end of the day, what we transubbers and streamers are doing is, in fact, copyright infringement; it’s illegal. Hankyu (Takarazuka’s head company) could literally sue every single one of us for trying to make Takarazuka more accessible to Western fans.

So please, respect the streamers in the fandom.

Respect any sort of fan-creation you see and their creators.

These streams and translations aren’t a “right”; they’re a “privilege”.

Treat them as such. 



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煉獄に笑う(Laughing in Purgatory) Senshuuraku!

Today is the final performance of Laughing in Purgatory in Osaka! The performance is being viewed by Live Viewing all across Japan. The final performance starts at 17:00 pm Japan time.

I have had a person on Instagram that I’m following went to the performance when it was in Tokyo and she loved it! She recommends that people should see it as it was adapted from the Manga Series.

Main Cast:

  • Suzuki Hiroki: Ishida Sakichi
  • Sakiyama Tsubasa: Kumou Baren
  • Maeshima Ami: Kumou Okuni

You can see my previous post that showed the dress rehearsals: HERE

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