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Out of the ones you'll be translating will you be doing the Osomatsu and Jyushimatsu stretching skit by chance? Or is it secret which ones you'll be doing?

Hehe it’s a secret, of course~ 👀

But more seriously, this one won’t be the one i’ll be translating in the first CD of the series. If you want a basic summary, though, here it is:

Osomatsu-san Nandemonai Kanji drama CD1 - the “massage” track:

• Jūshimatsu is learning by himself Shogi’s rules.

• Osomatsu barges in & asks for a massage from our goofball who’s happy about that, mishearing first “Shogi” instead (i feel like he was so concentrated on learning Shogi’s rules he just-… well he’s excited in playing it again! 😂 But enough of derailing from there)

• Osomatsu is on his belly, Jūshimatsu asking if he wants him to massage his back. He does it, Osomatsu feels good & asks for more strength put into it…

• … to the point it alarms Jūshimatsu, increasing it more and more to Osomatsu’s pleading. (”Jūshimatsu… STOP IT…!” “WE STOP?!” “N-NO, DON’T STOP!” “WHICH IS IT?!” “PLEASE CONTINUE… MORE! Because it feels good…!!) Until you could hear something crack (like a bone).

• Jūshimatsu is worried but it was for a short while, Osomatsu faking his death from his little brother’s hands, finding that amusing to worry him (like a little joke, you know?). But like you’d imagine, the boy isn’t pleased at all and doesn’t want to continue massaging him.

• Osomatsu wants more and asks until Jūshimatsu ceases to pout (it was adorable ♥). Though, he is still afraid of killing his big brother who promises he won’t do it again.

• They continue their little thing but Osomatsu is literally crying painfully Jūshimatsu’s name… and then you hear a cracking sound like before.

• Jūshimatsu suspects it’s another bad joke & doesn’t buy it so he’s just a bit upset and asks for Osomatsu to stop but… he doesn’t respond. At all.

• Then, Choromatsu enters the room and asks what all this fuss is all about and… yes Jūshimatsu doesn’t want him to see Osomatsu dead so he answers quickly Choromatsu’s worried interrogations and succeeds in making him leave.

• Osomatsu who’s not dead like you would all expect laughs, amused by the little scene that just happened. Though he assures his little brother he’s fine (”Look, Jūshimatsu! ‘m fine, ‘m fine!”)…

• … but this time… Jūshimatsu is NOT pleased and will kill their eldest with all his strenght (just like he did with Ichimatsu in that one mini-skit in the Edo period skit), punishing him for worrying him like that.

• This time, Osomatsu’s actually dead and Jūshimatsu let him be like that, attracting Choromatsu’s attention who’s a bit pissed by all the fuss again. Though he sees now a devasted room and… the corpse of his big brother.

• “O-Osomatsu-niisan?! … he’s dead.”

I hope it was a good summary for you and that you understood a bit more this track, @emeraldinkling! ✨

One thing I miss about the era of games I grew up in is the “fun” for lack of a better term. I’d love to a revival of the 90s and early 00s era.

-Bring back the bright and colorful mascot titles

-Bring back the games that felt like the adaption of a long lost Saturday morning cartoon.

-Bring back the cheesy, anime-trope filled stories that damn it,  just hit all the feels and made you feel alive and full of childlike joy (Dust did a good job of recreating this)

-Bring back the weird experimental stuff and cheesy “just for fun” zaniness that felt like someone brainstormed it with their buddies and threw it together because “why the hell not?”

-Bring back the metric shit-ton of freeware and shareware from small studios or even single people.

-Bring back the compilation CDs full of the stuff and weird, quasi-legal add-ons that only the wild-wild west of 90s gaming could allow.

Let some of the serious “games as art” shit go for a while and bring back the childish and bright, colorful fun.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've already watched season 1 of opm, and I was wondering if there was more?

Hey Anon!

Super exciting to hear you’ve finished Season 1! Yes, there is more! In addition to the 12 episodes you’ve watched, there are more content for us to enjoy now, as well as things that are announced for the future:

Available now:

OVAs (special episodes)

More animation please! These are animated specials that were officially released with the OPM Season 1 DVD/Blu-rays*. They’re about 15 minutes long each**. These shorts don’t progress the main plot of OPM, but they allow us to learn more about the characters in terms of their background, daily lives, etc.

Here is the list of all of the special episodes:

  • 1. The Shadow that Snuck Up Too Close
  • 2. The Pupil Who is an Extremely Poor Talker
  • 3. The Ninja Who is Too Complicated
  • 4. Bang, Who is Too Overbearing
  • 5. The Sisters Who have Too Many Things Happening
  • 6. The Murder Case That is Too Impossible
  • –. Road to Hero

*with the exception of Road to Hero, which was released with the 10th manga volume.
**with the exception of Road to Hero, which is about 30 minutes long.

Manga adaptation (i.e. remake) by Yusuke Murata

The story continues on! More characters! More action! More grocery shopping! The manga is based on the webcomic (below); Murata re-draws ONE’s webcomic, and this remake is published on Young Jump Web Comics. Periodically they take the remake chapters and make them into a volume – I think we have 14 books out now! In terms of chapters, the raws (untranslated) of update #121 was released just today!

Webcomic (i.e. original) by ONE

The work that started it all! If you’re all for the plot, the latest events, and the impactful storytelling, I highly recommend that you check out the webcomic. This is the original work that the remake is based on. To my knowledge there isn’t an official venue to enjoy these in English through official channels (unlike the remake, which is available through Viz Media), but fan-translations seem to be a very regular thing!

Things to look forward to:

OPM Anime Season 2


OPM Season 2 is currently in production! They’re working on it, and while we don’t know exactly when they’ll be coming out I know exactly what arcs I want to see (spoilers: it’s all of them. They’re all so good) and I am so excited, Anon. I really am.

I think this is a good place to start if you are new to OPM. I hope you get to check out some of the things here, Anon, and I hope you like what you find! :D