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things i find out at 3am: his sacrifice is 10x sadder when you watch it with his voice actor singing in the background

Okay so I was cleaning my room and decided to found out how much MonHun merch I’ve collected so far.

  • 細谷佳正
  • Miyano Mamoru

 Mamo imitating Hosoya
Kakumeiki Valvrave Web Radio
(When Kaji tried to say that Hosoya would’ve helped him controlling Jun and Mamo)

Kaji: If Hosoya san were here
Mamo: Th…that…I don’t know
Others: LOL
Mamo: Even if you ask Hosoya san, it would turn like that. “What do you think Hosoya san? Err aa… umm… I think it’s good” Wouldn’t it end like that?
Kaji: You really sound like him
Iwatobi Channel ES
(When Nobunaga said that he saw Mamo and Hosoya doing the fistbump in the studio and Mamo talked about Hosoya’s reaction)

Mamo: That… Miyano san’s hand is warm
Nobunaga: *laughing*
Mamo: LOL When I say, “That is your reaction? No, it’s important…I’m bad
Nobunaga: It’s similar
Mamo:I’m not really good with people… your body temperature… that might be a conversation starter… so for me that’s important.“ He said that
Nobunaga: It sounds like him!
Mamo: LOL
Nobunaga: It really sounds like him! What you’re saying and the way you say it are so like him. That’s awesome
Iwatobi Channel ES Radio CD
(When they were talking about how Tatsun and Mamo are the “hunter” and Hosoya and Nobunaga are the “hunted”)

Mamo: I wonder how people see it that way?
Hosoya: That’s true
Mamo: That’s true
Hosoya: I want to know that
Mamo: I want to know that
Hosoya: Why is that
Mamo: I wonder why is that
Hosoya: We are all guys so
Mamo: Right. I wonder how they see it that we are the “hunter” and you guys are the “hunted”
Hosoya: That’s right
Nobunaga: Stop imitating Hosoya san!
Others: LOL
Nobunaga: Miyano san, because you did a really good job right there
Mamo: The listeners would think that there are two Hosoya san
Hosoya: LOL It’s like bunshin no jutsu
Mamo: Maybe it is bunshin no jutsu just now

bunshin no jutsu-cloning technique used by ninja-


“These are the new days of our adventure, dazzling with emotion. It’s a wild rabbit’s march~!” ♪

Ensemble Stars graphic challenge → favourite set is Ra*bits in Tanabata Festival!

彼と添い寝でしたいコトもっと 藤木空 Sample Voice
  • 彼と添い寝でしたいコトもっと 藤木空 Sample Voice
  • あさぎ夕 (Suzuki Yuuto)

彼と添い寝でしたいコトもっと 藤木空 Sample Voice (CV: Suzuki Yuuto)

*NSFW, headphones advised! ( -//▽//- )

Release Date: August 26th, 2016.


lodge of sorceresses arose from the ruins of the council of sorcerers after the incident on thanedd island essentially killed the older order.