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afrancodesigner: Time flies 🃏 Shooting the CD packaging for Vices & Virtues, was an awesome experience. We shot at these beautiful 19th Century Victorians in Los Angeles. I wanted the costumes to be all vintage and authentic, so everything was from a costume house. I love the overall look, the photographer captured amazing moments. So much fun styling and designing for this shoot with Brendon & Spencer!

“Well look who’s here now! Visitor number 3. Did you know that’s one of my favorite numbers? You guys must have not much to do up there, if you’re coming down here to spend some time with little ol’ me.”

Chromedome said nothing to the chipper jailbird on the other side of the bars, and instead produced a swipe card for his cell. Something that wasn’t nearly as difficult to get from Ultra Magnus as one would have thought, all things considering… 

Gaining access to the only occupied cell in the whole brig, Chromedome sat next to Brainstorm on the only thing that furnished the small cell. He wrapped his arm around the others hunched over shoulders and placed a comforting hand on the back of his head. He dipped his down head down until their helmets touched.

“Wow. First a high give from Tailgate and then a shoulder pat from Precy, now this. You guys spoil me, you really do.”   

“Thank you.” Chromedome said.

“For what? Technically, I didn’t do anything. Or…I did, but then by doing it I didn’t do the thing I was trying to do…or didn’t do? Hmm, I’m going to have to look over my notes and talk to-”

“Thank you for trying to save us.”

“But I didn’t.”

“You did. You really did.”  

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Ok, I'm not trying to cheat by sending two, but since the ladies have been in discussion the last few days, I was also thinking that perhaps Suzy and Holly want to help Dan with the exhaustion of his recent hectic schedule (MAGfest, CD signings, music video shoot, etc). How they want to assist him is up to you, but I would suspect his hands would be particularly painful from all that writing.

Dan/Suzy | Minor Flapbang | Pre-Egoflapbang ft hand kink 

Suzy finds Dan working at his desk, which means, she plops down next to him on the couch that Dan has claimed as his workstation. Dan has headphones on- which is typical of him, he likes to focus on his work and the best way for that to happen is for him to zone out on the rest of the office. Suzy watches Dan’s eyes light in surprise at her arrival, his hands cradling his laptop so it doesn’t topple off his knees.

“Hey, Suze,” Dan says sweetly as he uses those long fingers to slide a headphone off his ear, letting them loop around his neck instead. Dan is smiling, but behind that smile Suzy can still pick out the rings behind around his eyes, the weariness that clings to him like the blanket he’s got wrapped around himself. Dan’s a workaholic by nature and even though he and Brian just got back from Magfest, already Dan is throwing himself into his next project.

“Hey, Dan,” Suzy says, she shifts her body so she’s closer to him, their thighs touching and her head falling half against the couch and half against Dan’s bony shoulder. He tenses just barely at her closeness and she smiles, “You’ve been working for a while. Maybe you should take a break?”

Dan shrugs, “It can’t have been that long right? I…whoa,” Dan says, glancing at the time on his laptop, “Has it really been three hours?”

“Yeah,” Suzy says, “Definitely time for a break.”

Dan sighs, “Maybe you’re right.” He sets his laptop aside and leans back against the couch next to Suzy, their bodies leaning together, Dan’s form towering over hers, but Suzy’s used to it with Arin.

“You’re going to work yourself to death,” Suzy says. As she talks her hand creeps over her own knee, fingers skating up Dan’s leather jacket clad arm. Her hand seeks out his own and her fingers trace carefully over the back of Dan’s hand.

Dan sucks in a breath, sharp, but he doesn’t move. She can feel his gaze fall to her, but Suzy won’t look at him. Instead she runs her fingers over his, her touch feather-light as she picks his large hand up in both of hers. His hand is long, so big, but gentle. Dan’s fingers are thin, his thumbs the same oddly wide as they’ve always been.

“Suze?” Dan asks right around the time when Suzy holds his hand in hers, her thumbs beginning to rub small circles into the skin of the back of his hand and his palm. Dan sounds a little breathless and he still doesn’t pull away.

“Relax,” Suzy says, “That’s all any of us want you to do, Dan,”

“I think we could all relax,” Dan says, and then Suzy glances at him and smiles, her hands still on him.

“True, but right now I want you to feel good.”

“This, uh, this hand massage is pretty nice,” Dan admits, a nervous smile flickering over his face.

“Mmm,” Suzy agrees, “I’m glad. You have beautiful hands, nice and big, long fingers. I bet you can do wonders with them.”

“S-Suzy!” Dan giggles, his face turning a soft pink.

“I’m just saying!” Suzy responds, letting her fingers drift up to Dan’s wrist, rubbing the thin skin there, touching against bone.

Dan’s eyes flutter lightly and he sinks boneless against the couch. That’s just what Suzy wanted of him. She just wanted him to focus on something other than work.

With a certain amount of bravery and possibly idiocy, Suzy brings Dan’s hand towards her mouth and she presses a gentle, warm kiss to his fingertips. Dan’s eyes fly open and he watches her with big brown eyes, full of curiosity and something else Suzy can’t place, but it looks an awful lot like interest.

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Army Appreciation Post  Adorable Representative M.C for Youth

I’m so proud to call myself an Army but I’m even prouder to see how intelligent and smart you guys truly are because seriously from:

The amazing and intricate detailing you guys put into your theories to help us not so smart armies understand BTS emotional wrecking MVs

To the efforts some fanpages take to update and inform us on the latest news/photos and videos concerning BTS

To our strong representatives that always keep those dis-functional armies in check and try and avoid problematic situations for BTS 

To the armies who im sure all of us can relate to care immensely for our boys health and spread loving messages of encouragement and empowerment to the boys to keep going

To Armies who I call ‘Healers’ that take time to answer our questions/rants and opinions and take opportunities to get to know us

To the creative armies who make artworks/paintings and Wallpapers for other Armies to use which we love you so much for and should always deserved to be credited for

To all the kind-hearted armies who are willing to share BTS DVD/CD/Photo shoot albums that you yourself paid for and don’t need to share but still do

To whom I consider ‘Life Saviors’ our dedicated and hardworking English subbers that allow us international armies to both understand and create a stronger bond with the boys and are ever so patient with us and always willing to help us even though we can be a pain

To Korean Armies who are able to send gifts/letters/birthday presents on behalf of international armies to spread love to our hardworking boys 

To the amazing fanfiction writers who tell us shippers beautiful stories about love/friendship/Loss/Joy giving us hopes and dreams and yes sometimes the odd butterflies (Haha some of you are so Dirty yessss!)

And of course to BTS who created the fandom name A.R.M.Y as we truly are Adorable Representative M.C for Youth and appreciate everything you guys do for us whether its 20sec videos/updates/photos/fancafe posts/bangtan bombs etc. 

And to anyone that ever takes the time to spread positivity instead of negativity I thank you as well and If I have left anyone out I apoligise in advanced but I just really wanted to tell you guys how much I truly love you all and BTS