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Operetta Due has announced their newest series! Unsurprisingly, given their love of dark edgy themes and yanderes, the MC of this series will be a prisoner under the careful jurisdiction of several jailers…

Synopses (Paraphrased):

This tainted love will be confined within sin and punishment…

A country resembling contemporary Japan exists in a certain universe.

After being falsely accused of murdering her own parents, the heroine of this story finds herself incarcerated and thrown into an infamously strict and severe prison.

Criminals who find themselves jailed in this institution are often imprisoned for life, and are even occasionally sold off to other people as slaves for a high price. 

In a world that is plunged in darkness, will you be able to obtain genuine love? Or just insanity?

…the conclusion is up to you.

Character synopses will follow after the cut!

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a mobile masterlist for the bangtan fake text blog @ttylbts!

note: older texts are placed at the beginning.

christmas: (maknae linehyung line)

kbs gayo daechukjae texts 

when their idol crush debuts

accidental confessions: (hyung line, maknae line) ♡

before bangtan has a comeback

happy valentine’s day!

SERIES: travelling with bangtan:

namjoon, seokjin, taehyung, hoseokjeongguk, yoongi, jimin

boyfriend!seokjin (pt.1)

travelling with seokjin

boyfriend!seokjin (pt.2)

boyfriend!yoongi (pt.1)


boyfriend!yoongi (pt.2)

travelling with yoongi

boyfriend!namjoon (pt.1)

namjoon as your brother

travelling with namjoon

boyfriend!namjoon (pt.2)

late night texts

boyfriend!hoseok (pt.1) 

boyfriend!hoseok (pt.2)

travelling with hoseok

happy birthday hobi

cooking (?) for jimin

comforting you when you’re shy

boyfriend!jimin (pt.1)

boyfriend!jimin (pt.2)

travelling with jimin

boyfriend!taehyung (pt.1


boyfriend!taehyung (pt.2)

travelling with taehyung

giving him the silent treatment

high school!taehyung

boyfriend!jeongguk (pt.1)

boyfriend!jeongguk (pt.2)

him cheering you up

when you need to study

when he graduates!

travelling with jeongguk

boyfriend!jeongguk (pt.3)

[!!!] Seventeen released the album details for their upcoming mini album.

The album will come in 3 different versions. With every album, you’ll get:

  • 96p booklet, 
  • member CD-R (random 1 out of 13), 
  • group poster (random 1 out of 2 ver.), 
  • individual poster (random 1 out of 13), 
  • photo card (random 1 out of 16 {13 solo + 3 unit} for each album, total 42), 
  • unit photo card (random 1 out of 3)
  • postcard (random 1 out of 13), 
  • and sticker (1 for each album, total 3).

The mini album is set to be released on the 22nd May 2017, 6PM KST. Seventeen will also hold their comeback showcase on the 23rd May 2017. The showcase will be broadcast live through VLIVE.

- Admin Leen

EDIT: The album comes with only 1 photo card, not 2. Total is 16 for each album (13 individual + 3 unit)

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this mistake.

- Admin Leen

[INFO] Seventeen 4th Mini Album ‘Al1′ Album Specifications

Album Package - 175.5 x 257mm

  • Three Versions - Alone, Al1, All
  • 96 Page Booklet - 160 x 260mm
  • CD-R - 13 different CD covers - 1 Per Member

Extra Items

  • Poster 1 - 467 x 636mm - 1 of 2 Ot13 Posters
  • Poster 2 - 545 x 783mm - 1 Random Member
  • Photo Card - 1 for Each Member Different in Each Version - 3 for Each Member in Total + 1 Per Unit - 3 In Total
  • Postcard - 100 x 148mm - 1 Random Member
  • Sticker - 111.5 x 173mm - 3 In Total 
刀剣様の花嫁狩りと淫らなお手入れ 壱 童子切安綱 Sample Voice 3
平井達矢 (Hirakawa Daisuke)
刀剣様の花嫁狩りと淫らなお手入れ 壱 童子切安綱 Sample Voice 3

刀剣様の花嫁狩りと淫らなお手入れ 壱 童子切安綱 Sample Voice 3 (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

*NSFW, headphones advised! I just realized I didn’t post about this series yet… (But I have a post lined up for this, and it will be up soon.) In the meantime, here’s the short version of what these CDs involve: sword boys. ( 6 v 6 )

Release Date: March 30th, 2016.


What are you thinking about?“ I laughed, as I glanced over at (Y/N) who furrowed her brows. "Oh nothing,” she said as the creases on her forehead disappeared. “I was just thinking to myself that other people our age are probably asleep, or getting funky…Yet here we are, in Target at 11:30pm on a Saturday.”  I threw my head back and laughed, “Come on, I’m the best person to be in Target with at this time. I’m an expert.” She nodded as she walked to my side, wrapping her arm round my back as we both pushed the trolley.

“Do you actually need anything? You’ve got so many sweets on the bus, it’s beginning to look like Willy Wonka’s Factory” (Y/N) sighed. I shook my head with a smile plastered on my face, (Y/N) always became funny and sarcastic late at night when she was tired. “I just want to look round, you never know what you’re going to find in Target” I replied.

We were in the CD aisle, and I was seeing if there any CDs I hadn’t already got. Every now and again I’d look over my shoulder at (Y/N) who was working her way down the aisle, remaining silent. I knew it wasn’t ideal for her to be traipsing around a store in the middle of the night, but I just had to get away from the bus - sometimes it felt very suffocating. I picked up at a CD of R&B Hits from the 90s and placed it in the trolley. As I walked down the aisle to meet (Y/N) at the other end, the racks on my left caught my eye. Every single slot had my album at the front. “Much better don’t you think?” (Y/N) said as I reached her. I pulled her in for a side hug and placed a kiss on her forehead as we ventured onto the next aisle.

“You still have those coupons?” (Y/N) asked as she started collecting several makeup items in her small hands. “Yup,” I said as I waved them in the air. “Great,” (Y/N) smiled as she placed the items in the trolley. “I’ll get all of this really cheap.”  

“How are you doing on shampoo?” I asked as I searched the racks for the brand I used. “Well Shawn,” (Y/N) said as she stood at the end of the trolley. “Mine seems to have run out pretty quickly, very fast in fact - since yours is empty.” I looked at her with an innocent look, her eyes giving me a death stare. I found my shampoo and picked up two, with (Y/N) nodding as I put them in the trolley.

“I want to get some fairy lights for the bus, to put over the bunks” I explained as I pushed the trolley. “Sorry to break it to you Shawn, but you will have to give the bus back eventually” (Y/N) said, placing her hand on top of mine. “I know that,” I said as I rolled my eyes. “I just thought it would make it feel a bit more like home that’s all.” She wrapped her arms round mine, leaning her head on my shoulder, “I know you hate being on there all the time,” she muttered softly. “Let’s go find some fairy lights.”

When we found the ‘light section’ (Y/N) hunted like she was searching for her prey. “We should get ones that have the different settings you know, like flash every milli-second. I bet that would really piss Brian off,” (Y/N) smiled, with a slight hint of evil. “Yes,” I said through the biggest grin. “There’s my favourite smile,” (Y/N) said, before taking a box of lights from the shelf and reading the information on the back. I left the trolley and stood behind her, wrapping my arms round her waist, my chin on her shoulder. “Thank you,” I whispered. “For what?” She asked, still reading the box. “For being my safe haven I guess.”  (Y/N) quickly placed the box back on the shelf and then turned around, wrapping her arms round my neck. “You soppy baby,” she smiled before kissing my lips. The kiss lingered longer than I expected, but I wasn’t complaining.

Once it broke, we searched every shelf for the perfect fairy lights. We finally decided on these small multi-coloured gem lights, buying two lots to string across the top bunks on either side. “Are you sure Geoff and Mike won’t mind having these hanging over their bunks?” (Y/N) asked as I reached up to grab two boxes. “They’re grown men, they’ll have to deal with it” I smirked. (Y/N’s) face suddenly lit up as an idea came to mind, “Can we please get some Doritos, some idiot thought it’d be funny to eat my packet” she folded her arms as she finished the sentence. “Of course, get the Cool Ranch ones. Tom doesn’t like those ones,” I said, smirking with one arched brow. “I knew it was him,” (Y/N) said with her face scrunched together.

“You are guys are just in time, we’re closing any minute” the woman who served us said as she scanned our items. “Oh I’m sorry,” I said as I dug my wallet out from my back pocket. “Don’t worry sweetheart, at least I’m ending the day serving kind people” she said as she smiled at both of us.