cd pants

I finally got myself to color this piece which I made like.. 4 years ago?

Anyway this piece is dedicated to track 6 of the persona 2 drama cd “A Man’s Feelings”, in which they basically look at what kind of pants they are wearing.

Bots in Beach wear tho
  • Rodimus: Flame Print Banana Hammock
  • Drift: one of those boho kimono things and a hat
  • Rung: Shirt and shorts and Sunblock on his nose
  • Skids: Really tight swim shorts
  • Swerve: cargo shorts
  • Whirl: nothing
  • CD: Surf pants
  • Rewind: Denim cut offs
  • Tailgate: little blue booty shorts
  • Cyclonus: floral trunks tailgate bought.
  • Ultra Magnus: Nothing. On the ship enjoying the silence.

anonymous asked:

Derek - The one with the Resolutions (aka - the one with Ross's leather pants!)

Stiles bashes on the door of the bathroom, trying not to laugh. 

Derek can hear him both through the wood, and down the damn phone.

He snaps the phone shut, swings the door open, “Asshole.”

“Oh my god,” Stiles breathes out, “It’s true.”

“Shut the fuck up and help me.”

“There is a god,” Stiles murmurs, eyes glued to Derek’s thighs, pasted with talcum powder. They drift down to where the cursed leather pants are stuck, and then back up to Derek’s face. 

“Oh, Derek.”

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Okay, so, I have been neglecting my followers lately because I got a job and that took most of my time. SO.. I will be having a give away!! YAY!! What do you get if you win?!?!! Well here is the list!!!

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