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For someone whose first time was a threes*me with two girls you are surprisingly surprised Taniyama-san….

So this is the Drama CD. The middle one (uke) is Shimono Hiro. The blondie is Taniyama Kishou, and the deadpan face blue hair is Hatano Wataru.

Announcement of STU48′s 44 finalists - The biggest for a sister group; CD Debut Announcement (Yahoo News)

Idol group’s AKB48 new sister group, based in the 7 prefectures of Setouchi area, “STU48″, 1st generation audition last round was on March 19, in Hiroshima. 44 finalists have been chosen. The final members are going to be confirmed after further interviews, during April. 

The youngest finalist is 12 years old, and the oldest one is 21. The average age is 15.5 years old. If all finalists will become the 1st Generation, this will be the largest for a sister group in Japan.

104 people passed the 2nd round of audition which were held in 7 different perfectures. The successful applications break down like this: 4 girls from Yamaguchi, 9 girls from Hiroshima, 4 girls from Kagawa, 7 girls from Ehime, 3 girls from Hyogo, 2 girls from Tokushima and 6 girls from Okayama. From outside of Setouchi Area, 3 girls are from Fukuoka, 3 are from Osaka, and there is one finalist from each of the following perfectures: Mie, ochi and Aichi.

In addition、in AKB48′s next single (date to be announced), with about 3 girls chosen in a Senbatsu-like manner from each of the venues (the 7 prefectures), together with the Theater Manager and Kennin Sashihara Rino (24) and Captain Okada Nana (19), the 23 members will have a coupling song. Even though a full CD Debut hasn’t been announced yet, it’s a wonderful start.

(Translated by L. of ForSTU48; don’t repost without credit)


News: Exclusive Bonus Rewards for Attendees of the Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou Reading & Live Event (1, 2)

Original Release Date: July 3rd, 2016
Retail Prices: N/A (Bonus Rewards)

Attendees of the event have shared photos of exclusive rewards gifted to them, including mini posters featuring seiyuu Kaji Yuuki (Eren), Kamiya Hiroshi (Levi), Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa), & Inoue Marina (Armin) in Survey Corps jackets, download card of the new music single/image song for Eren (Sung by Kaji Yuuki) titled “Abstract Lust,” and the flyer announcing the new SnK mobile app!

A QR code printed on the Eren download cards enables the owner to download “Abstract Lust” on August 3rd, 2016.

These items are in addition to the Chuugakkou Reading & Live Event line of merchandise!

Update: The evening session features a black/dark version of the Eren card!

Given vol 3

just got my copy of Given vol 3. I have to admit this volume is 100% perfect. Everything. Like Mafuyu got inspired after he saw Ugetsu live and he decided to write one more song, also they decided to give a try to something like a rock festival. Ugetsu is also helping Mafuyu, plus there some kinky parts between Ugetsu and Akihiko (///w///) Ah yeah, Mafuyu confessed to Uecchi, that was so perfect, I cried. 

And good news, drama CD 3 is confirmed! 

(the last picture is omake, Mafuyu was leaning to Akihiko because he wanted to know in what color is his eyes. And Akihiko says “Look they’re green” 
Uecchi and Haru faces were priceless xDDD 

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Hey all, I’d just like to take a moment to say I have queued several posts for posting over the next week, I will also be sorting through all the pictures from my latest photoshoot today and getting them all queued up too! <3

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