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News: Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Original Soundtrack

Original Release Date: June 7th, 2017
Retail Price: 3,780 Yen

The Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 OST, composed by Sawano Hiroyuki, will be available for sale two months after the April premiere!

Jacket visuals and track listing details will be unveiled at a later date.

Update (May 6th, 2017): Sawano Hiroyuki has released a preview of the tracklist!

Update (May 9th, 2017): The pricing & cover visual for the OST, featuring Eren, have been released!

Update (June 4th, 2017): Sawano Hiroyuki shares a glimpse of the full jacket design and the OST disc!

For someone whose first time was a threes*me with two girls you are surprisingly surprised Taniyama-san….

So this is the Drama CD. The middle one (uke) is Shimono Hiro. The blondie is Taniyama Kishou, and the deadpan face blue hair is Hatano Wataru.

anonymous asked:

Any tips for those who wanna learn Japanese to play games on their own

Sorry about the delay in answering this, I wasn’t sure how to word it, and I’m sure my wording’s not going to be great now, but here it goes~

Ahh, and this is going to sound so preachy, but: practice!

If you’re still a beginner or haven’t started learning yet, there are a bunch of resources available online for learning Japanese. You really need to get the basics down first because you’re definitely going to need them. Particles in particular are going to trip you up (they still trip me up orz).

Read A LOT. Not just manga, search for blogs with stuff you’re interested in (otome game blogs are handy as you get useful vocabulary too), purchase some books if you can, try some books you’ve read in English translated to Japanese. 

Also, listen to Japanese audio as much as you can—not just songs, but Drama CDs, TV shows, news segments, anything. There are probably some Japanese TV streams still available online somewhere or online streaming sites for shows and so on.

Kanji is hell sometimes no matter what medium—blog, game, book, anything—so you’re going to have to work on that a bit. The problem with kanji in otome games is depending on the quality of the game (PSP vs PS Vita for example) some of the kanji is going to be hard to read. You’re going to have to get used to either picking out the particles to search via particles or find a dictionary you can use handwriting input on and try writing it by hand to find it.

Whether you’re playing a game above your level or not, I can pretty much guarantee you’re still going to be using a dictionary to help every now and then.
I remember when I first started playing otome games, they were just the iOS ones and I was looking up like nearly every fifth word and had no idea what some of the selection choices were. It was great fun to attempt at like midnight lol I’d keep switching between the app and my dictionary and it was sooo time consuming.

I’ve been studying Japanese for a hell of a long time and there’s still a heap I don’t know. I’m still after dictionaries a lot and still marking down stuff I don’t know to either look up later, study, find out what other contexts things can be used it, how this grammar point differs from that one and when to use them, etc, etc. 

Like, if you’re really dedicated you can get your Japanese level up quickly enough for otome games. Hell, you could probably play them now if you have a good dictionary and a good idea about how Japanese grammar works. I mean, as long as you’re consistently working on it and challenging yourself with it you’re going to improve. 

I’m not sure if any of that ramble above is helpful, so I’m just gonna throw in some links from here and hope that they help lol

Some Beginner Resources:
Genki I Textbook - PDF | Amazon JPN | Amazon US
Genki I Workbook - PDF | Amazon JPN | Amazon US
Genki II Textbook - PDF | Amazon JPN | Amazon US
Genki II Workbook - PDF | Amazon JPN | Amazon US
(Everyone seems to recommend Genki, but I haven’t actually used it lol I hear it’s a good series though, and it’s super easy to find. The PDFs are free btw)

General Resources
Rikai-kun/Rikai-chan - add-on for Chrome/Firefox
Online Dictionaries: Jisho | Weblio
Online Translators (not really recommended, but can help in a pinch): NOT GOOGLE | Weblio
PDF downloads for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced dictionaries of Japanese grammar can be found here, but I’m not sure if the links on the page are still current

Stuff to Read:
News in Slow Japanese
NHK’s Easy News
RAW Manga

Blogs that talk about Otome Games and sometimes post walkthroughs (Japanese only):
choro - walkthroughs and talks about her thoughts on otome games
ぶぅ子の部屋 - thoughts and general otome game stuff
ぶぅ子の別荘 - walkthroughs
私の日常 - thoughts, just finished Shu’s storyline in Lost Eden
乙女ゲーム時々かくれんぼ。 - thoughts and general otome game stuff

Criminale! Story + Character Info

Your father is the boss of the mafia organisation “Amphisbaena”. Among the members of the organisation are six young men your father rescued as orphans. One day, your father is murdered, leaving behind the order to “protect his daughter”. When the battle for leadership of the organisation escalates, a dangerous 48 hours begins…

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➤ WONDER CORONA!, NEBULAS & MY MILKY WAY shuffle unit best album

  • includes songs from shuffle unit singles released so far + new songs
  • Release date: June 21

➤ Situation CD series「IDOL OF STARLIGHT KISS」

  • “A CD in which they deliver a KISS to your heart.”
  • A love story between an idol and you, a Manager.
  • Vol. 1 - Atom & Rui (Release date: April 19)
  • Vol. 2 - Eru & Aru (Release date: May 17)
  • Vol. 3 - Shy & Kira (Release date: June 21)
  • Vol. 4 - Tsubasa, Alto & Teruma (Release date: July 19)
Important News on Blog:

Hello everyone! I feel like I haven’t posted much in the last few days, but I am still alive lol I wanted to give an upgrade to my page~ I spent half of the time looking for a theme, and the other half trying to visualize where I wanted to head with this blog. (I am satisfied with the page atm, but I do plan to add more content)

**NEW Content**

In the next few days/weeks you will see:

  •  A list of Otome/Josei Drama CD Companies
  •  A list of R18 Drama CDs/Otome Games
  •  A mini Guide/Review on importing Drama CD’s/Otome Games/Merchandise
  •  More Otome Game Walkthroughs
  •  I’ve added a donate link in the description~ Of course, it’s not mandatory to donate hehe, but if you enjoy or find my content helpful (information/walkthroughs/mini translations/etc.) feel free to do so.


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💿 Weekend 🍷

Debut Of The Compact Disc CD. News Story. 1985🇺🇸

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Given vol 3

just got my copy of Given vol 3. I have to admit this volume is 100% perfect. Everything. Like Mafuyu got inspired after he saw Ugetsu live and he decided to write one more song, also they decided to give a try to something like a rock festival. Ugetsu is also helping Mafuyu, plus there some kinky parts between Ugetsu and Akihiko (///w///) Ah yeah, Mafuyu confessed to Uecchi, that was so perfect, I cried. 

And good news, drama CD 3 is confirmed! 

(the last picture is omake, Mafuyu was leaning to Akihiko because he wanted to know in what color is his eyes. And Akihiko says “Look they’re green” 
Uecchi and Haru faces were priceless xDDD