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Rouge et Noir 第5弾 情報屋 柏木セナ編 『Pure Bluff』(Rouge et Noir Vol.5 • Jouhouya Kashiwagi Senna Hen)

Hanakagami has announced the fifth volume (symbolizing the Joker) for their Rouge et Noir series! ( • v • )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

After having their operations crippled by the special wide-area criminal investigation unit, the syndicate “House,” distributor of the drug “Rouge et Noir,” has been gradually losing its power. 

During this development, you, a new member of the narcotics suppression squad, are ordered by your section manager (Suou) to act as liaison between your unit and an information broker named Kashiwagi Senna. 

Senna has gotten himself into trouble due to various circumstances, and in return for the protection of the authorities, he has agreed to cooperate with the requests of the criminal investigation unit. 

Thus, your section manager’s orders mean one thing—you will be responsible for his well-being.

Senna who is overly capricious, frustratingly manipulates you with his words and actions—but even so, for the sake of ensuring the annihilation of House, you secretly commute to and from your base of operations and Senna’s hiding spot. However… 

CV: 四ツ谷サイダー (Okitsu Kazuyuki)

Release Date: November 29th, 2017. 

i have gathered my thoughts after the concert tonight and i would just like to say that btob literally sound better than their cds irl and they are such amazing performers that i’m incredibly humbled to have had the opportunity to be a part of this. recordings don’t even do their voices justice at all and changsub’s voice in particular is one that cannot be accurately captured. i’m still completely floored by them and i wish i could fully thank them for giving me one of the best nights of my entire life. 💙

I answered all of the "Interesting Music Asks" because I was bored. Enjoy reading (or not reading) the depths of my music tastes.

1: Top 10 favorite songs of all time

  1. City and Colour - The Girl
  2. Flying Lotus - Mmmhmm
  3. Radiohead - House of Cards
  4. Alexisonfire - Born and Raised
  5. Animal Collective - In the Flowers
  6. Grizzly Bear - Ready, Able
  7. St. Vincent - The Party
  8. Disclosure - Defeated No More 
  9. Local Natives - Ceilings
  10. Bombay Bicycle Club - Lights Out, Words Gone

2: Top 10 favorite songs at the moment

  1. Disclosure - The Mechanism
  2. The National - Runaway
  3. Real Estate - Three Blocks
  4. Daughter - Tomorrow
  5. AlunaGeorge - Diver
  6. HAIM - Days Are Gone
  7. The War on Drugs - An Ocean Between the Waves
  8. Cloud Nothings - Psychic Trauma
  9. Real Estate - Primitive
  10. Local Natives - Three Months

3: Top 5 albums of all time

  1. City and Colour - Sometimes
  2. Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma
  3. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavillion
  4. Radiohead - In Rainbows
  5. Milo Greene - Milo Greene 

4: Top 5 albums at the moment

  1. Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
  2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love
  3. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly
  4. Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes
  5. Leon Vynehall - Music For the Uninvited

5: Top 10 favorite bands of all time

  1. City and Colour
  2. The National
  3. Local Natives
  4. Radiohead
  5. St, Vincent
  6. HAIM
  7. Grizzly Bear
  8. Fleet Foxes
  9. Tame Impala
  10. Milo Greene

6: Top 10 favorite bands at the moment

  1. Wild Nothing
  2. Real Estate
  3. Disclosure
  4. Daughter
  5. Arcade Fire
  6. The War On Drugs
  7. Bombay Bicycle Club
  8. Mac Demarco
  9. Washed Out
  10. Chairlift

7: Top 5 favorite male vocalists

  1. Dallas Green
  2. Sam Smith
  3. Ed Droste
  4. Robin Pecknold 
  5. James Blake

8: Top 5 favorite female vocalists

  2. Ella Fitzgerald
  3. Marlana Sheetz
  4. Annie Clark
  5. Danielle Haim

9: Top 3 genres

  1. Indie Rock
  2. Electronic
  3. Classical

10: 3 songs that make you happy

  1. HAIM - Forever
  2. CHVRCHES - Recover
  3. Disclosre - Defeated No More

11: 3 songs that make you sad

  1. City and Colour - Missing (Serravalle)
  2. City and Colour - Like Knives
  3. City and Colour - Hello, I’m in Delaware

12: 3 songs that make you nostalgic

  1. The Horrors - You Said
  2. Local Natives - Heavy Feet
  3. The National - Hard to Find

13: 3 songs that make you energetic

  1. Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna
  2. Disclosure - Lividup
  3. Flying Lotus - Mmmhmm

14: 3 songs that make you calm

  1. Radiohead - House of Cards
  2. Bombay Bicycle Club - Lights Out, Words Gone
  3. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - Baby

15: 1st song you remember falling in love with

  • Paramore - That’s What You Get

16: 2 songs that hold meaning for you

  1. Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better 
  2. The National - This Is The Last Time

17: 1st band you remember being a fan of

  • Paramore

18: 1st vocalist (M or F) you remember being a fan of

  • Beyonce

19: A song you hate

  • That fucking wiggle song ugh

20: A band/artist you used to love and are now embarrassed about

  • The Morning Benders (now Pop Etc.)

21: Oldest record you own

  • Fergie - The Duchess 

22: Newest record you own

  • D’Angelo & The Vanguard - Black Messiah

23: How often do you buy music (irl)?

  • One CD every other month or so

24: Least favored genre of music

  • i guess country or children rock

25: Name one American band/artist you like

  • Little Dragon

26: Name one English band/artist you like

  • Coldplay

27: Name one band/artist you like of which nationality is neither American or English

  • Tame Impala (Australia)

28: Favorite soundtrack

  • Pride and Prejudice hands down

29: A song that reminds you of a loved one

  • City and Colour - O Sister

30: A song that best describes you

  • St. Vincent - Jesus Saves, I Spend

31: A song you’d like to marry on

  • The National - Slow Show

32: A song you’d prefer for your funeral

  • City and Colour - Body in a Box

33: Most unknown song you like

  • Chic Gamine - Days and Days

34: Most unknown band/artist you like

  • Au Revoir Simone

35: Favorite vocalist

  • Freddie Mercury

36: Favorite guitarist

  • I’m split between Annie Clark and Danielle Haim

37: Favorite bassist

  • Stephen Bruner (aka Thundercat)

38: Favorite drummer

  • Matt Frazier

39: The toughest band/artist you like

  • Alexisonfire

40: The softest band/artist you like

  • Hospitality

41: Top 5 songs of which lyrics you like

  1. City and Colour - Like Knives (Now this is all I have / Paper and pen to remember you with)
  2. St. Vincent - The Party (Oh, but I’d pay anything to keep my conscience clean / Keeping my eye on the exits, I’m steady now)
  3. Radiohead - Nude (You’ll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking)
  4. HAIM - Days Are Gone (You can have my past, I´ll never get that back / I´m moving on, ‘cause those days are gone)
  5. Sufjan Stevens - The Owl and the Tanager (Come to me Calvary still / I’m weeding and raking until / I’m bleeding in spite of my love for you  / It bruised and bruised my will)

42: Top 3 instrumental songs

  1. Explosions In the Sky - Your Hand In Mine
  2. Real Estate - April’s Song
  3. Jean-Yves Thibaudet - A Postcard to Henry Purcell 

43: Ever kissed on a song? If yes, which one?

  • No

44: Ever had sex on a song? If yes, which one?

  • No

45: Ever cried on a song? If yes, which one?

  • Yes.  The Horrors - You Said

46: A song you can’t take seriously

  • That Fancy song

47: Which bands/artist were mostly played during your childhood (by your parents?)?

  • Earth Wind and Fire
  • Spyro Gyra
  • Kenny G
  • Sade
  • Sergio Mendes

48: How important is music to you?

  • Very. I was involved with some form of it all of my life. I actively performed in choir throughout high school. Hoping to minor in it. 

49: Would you like to be a part of the music industry?

  • YES. I’m actually a DJ for my college’s radio station! The dream job is working Tiny Desk at NPR

50: Something you like and something you despise in music these days

  • I love how accessible music is these days. The opportunities for artists to gain an audience has never been easier. But at the same time, I hate how accessible music is. Illegal downloads really put a dent in sales.

51: Do you listen to old music? If so, 5 favorite bands/artist

  1. Queen
  2. Led Zepplin
  3. Sergio Mendes
  4. David Bowie
  5. The Zombies

52: Do you own any band merchandise? If so, what and of which bands?

  • City and Colour
  • Father John Misty 
  • Local Natives (also poster)
  • Disclosure (also poster)
  • St. Vincent (also poster)
  • The National (also poster)
  • HAIM
  • Daughter
  • Nirvana
  • David Bowie
  • Tame Impala (also poster)
  • Tycho (poster only)
  • CHVRCHES (also poster)
  • all of the artists mentioned I have tshirts

53: Do you have tattoos related to bands/artists?

  • No, but I’m thinking about getting a tattoo of The Antler’s Hospice cover sometime.

54: Which bands/artists have you seen LIVE?

  • CIty and Colour
  • Happy Hollows 
  • Peach Kings
  • Electric Guest
  • Milo Greene
  • Grouplove
  • Father John Misty
  • Sergio Mendes 
  • Local Natives
  • Schoolboy Q
  • Young the Giant
  • Disclosure
  • Vampire Weekend
  • The Internet
  • St. Vincent
  • The National
  • HAIM
  • Tokimonsta
  • Angel Olsen
  • Real Estate
  • Slowdive
  • Tycho
  • Grimes
  • Les Sins
  • Kindness
  • Mac Demarco
  • Thundercat
  • Blood Orange
  • Flying Lotus
  • Luxely
  • Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Tame Impala
  • the bird and the bee
  • Tennis
  • Melody’s Echo Chamber
  • Chet Faker
  • Savages
  • Kanye West
  • Purity Ring
  • Leon Vynehall
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  • Laura Marling
  • Solange
  • D'Angelo & The Vanguard
  • FKA Twigs

55: Best performance you’ve ever been to?

  • FKA Twigs CONGREGATA at FYF 2015

56: Tell me something, anything, personal about you and a song/band/album

  • In recent days, I’ve been listening to “Slipped” and “Runaway” by The National A LOT because I have been feeling depressed. 

57: Is your music taste famliar to your best friend’s? If no, what do they listen to?

  • Hell yeah. She’s the main source of my music discoveries. 

58: Do you judge people based on their music preferences?

  • In some degree, yes. It’s just to the extent in which they enjoy the composition and meaning of such music preferences. If it’s a genre I don’t have tastes in, I am just confused on how they enjoy it. I don’t judge people as people based on their preferences. 

59: Bands/artists you still wish to see LIVE?

  • Daughter
  • Bon Iver (or Volcano Choir)
  • Lake Street Dive
  • Sufjan Stevens 
  • A LOT more artists but I can’t really think of more right now

60: Put your music-player on shuffle and write down the first 20 songs (no skipping, be honest)

  1. Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home
  2. Classixx - Holding On
  3. The National - Green Gloves
  4. Cloud Nothings - I’m Not Part of Me
  5. Quadron - Better Off
  6. Real Estate - Talking Backwards
  7. Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains
  8. St. Vincent - The Neighbors
  9. The Zombies - The Way I Feel Inside
  10. Vampire Weekend - Don’t Lie
  11. Beyonce - Jealous
  12. Vampire Weekend - Everlasting Arms
  13. The National - Runaway
  14. Real Estate - April’s Song
  15. Grimes - Skin
  16. HAIM - Don’t Save Me
  17. The National - Mr. November
  18. Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp
  19. City and Colour - The Lonely Life
  20. Radiohead - Nude