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2D + Murdoc night walks with s/o?? Where would they go, would they stop and stare at the stars w/ s/o, etc. (💗💗💗 lots of love for th blog)

(Thank you, dear!)


~ 2D loves spending time with you. He loves doing everything with you, so when you suggest going for a midnight walk he’s all over it. You two walk around town and see what kind of shops are open this late. 2D spots a music store from across the street and points like an excited child. You giggle and pull him towards the shop. You walk in first and look around. It’s an older shop with aisles of vinyl records, shelves of CDs, and instruments displayed on the back wall. 2D’s eyes grow wide in amazement. He instantly starts looking for keyboards. You watch him dart around before turning to look at some of the records. You dig through and find some you like. You started to make a pile on the counter where the register was. The cashier had been chuckling at you and 2D. “You folks havin’ a nice time?” You giggled and nodded your head.

~ You looked around for your boyfriend but you couldn’t find him. “Where did he run off to?” You suddenly heard a keyboard playing in the back. You stepped forward and following the sound. You found 2D sitting on the floor playing some random notes on a black keyboard. He was so intrigued by the sound, he didn’t even look up at you. “I’m guessing you’re really enjoying yourself?” You squatted down to his level. 2D giggled and kissed you. “I fink I’m gonna get it!” He stood up and pulled you to the register. You pulled out your wallet to pay for your records but 2D put his hand over your wallet. “I got dis, love.” You jumped up to kiss his cheek as he paid the nice man. “Have a goodnight!” You yelled as you exited the store with 2D.

~ 2D was looking up at the sky as you two started walking again. “2D, you’re going to end up running into a pole or something.” You laughed at his silliness. He looked at you and smiled. “Sorry, it’s jus’ da stars ar’ da only fing dat remin’ me of ya eyes.” You blushed at his comment and he pulled you close. “I love ya.” He said before kissing you with so much passion you felt your heart skip a beat.



~ Murdoc doesn’t sleep much anyway so when you ask him to go on a midnight walk, he eagerly agrees. You giggle and pull him out of the door. You two decide to take a walk through the woods instead of through town. Neither of you wanted to deal with the night life of the city. You wrapped your arm through his and snuggled closer to him. He chuckled and pulled out a cigarette. He removed his arm from yours to light it. He took a deep breath and took in the smoke. He puffed it out away from you so it wouldn’t hit your face.

~ He kissed your cheek and found a rock to sit on. Murdoc patted the spot next to him, indicating you to sit down. You sat next to him and looked up at the sky. The mix of the trees and the stars painted a beautiful site above you. You didn’t noticed Murdoc staring you. He watched your features as you observed the sky. He sighed and asked, “Have I ever told you how much I love you?”  You looked back at him, confused. “No?” Murdoc took another puff of smoke before speaking again. “You mean the world to me. I never thought I’d be the one to fall in love. You’re the only who has ever shown me how much you care. My biggest fear is showing you how much of a monster I actually am and you running away forever. I’m not good enough for you, yet you stay. You give my life a new meaning, one I’ve never known before. I love you more than anything. You make me feel like I’m worth something. I can never repay you for that.” He looked back up at your face and noticed the tears flowing down your face. Murdoc felt bad for saying anything. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything…” He looked at the ground again and you tackled him with a hug. “Don’t you dare be sorry! That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard you say. Murdoc, you owe me nothing except your love. You loving me back is all I could ask for. You make me so happy and I couldn’t image life with anyone else.” You placed a hand on his cheek and kissed him. Now Murdoc was crying. You kissed him again and wiped away his tears. “I will always love you.” He whispered as he wrapped his arms around you.

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Hi, I really love your blog! Can I please request a smut with Yoongi or Jimin, where their girlfriend is a virgin and they "do it" for the first time? I would love you so much, thanks ❤️❤️❤️

Been a minute D: but I’m back now, so enjoy, love! 
- Devi :D

Word Count: 2851

[Warning: Explicit Content]

in the morning [smut]

I don’t know why I didn’t expect something out of the ordinary to happen when my night started off as something pretty out of the ordinary.

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Before the World Stops Turning: Pt.1

Hiya! So this is the first fic I’m posted since I took a break from writing at the end of July, and it feels long overdue…Incidentally, I already had this particular story in the works a few months ago, but the idea never really came to fruition until recently…so yeah, this is the first part of first multi-chapter fic within my “Concert Series”, I hope you enjoy it! :)

(More Author’s Notes at the end after the tags, if you’re willing to scroll that far)

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Lams modern day coffee shop AU fic

AN: My first fanfic for Hamilton! It might be a one shot, I might do a sequel. If you have the time, you should totally let me know what you think - message me, DM me, whatever you want! I’m open to prompts as well. Thanks for reading! :D

Part Two

Rating: T

Word Count: 1229

Ship: Lams

Summary: Poor little overworked Ham was in need of coffee, a cute barista was willing to help him… And flirt a little.

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Everything I Could Never Tell You (Ziall)

hey guys this is based off of that thing with the CD and all that jazz. i literally had this idea for it to end with niall finding zayn again and suddenly i was writing it as a short story for my fiction class (their names are Noah and Dylan, lol) anyway, I really really REALLY like this one and i hope you do too! kisses!

“Here,” Zayn said, holding out a CD sleeve with a CD set in it just as they were walking out of their very last English class, the very last class at all, actually, of their high school careers. “Think of it as a graduation present.”

Niall turned and looked at the CD, held in his friend’s fingers with a grip a little too strong for just a casual, graduation present, but at the time, he didn’t really take notice of it. He just grinned at him and took the sleeve from his fingers. “Aw, thanks, mate!” he said, turning it over, even though the case was blank. “We can listen to it on the way home. I-“

“No,” Zayn snapped suddenly, drawing Niall’s eyes up to his in confusion, because Zayn was one of the most quiet and laid-back guys he knew, and he’d never seen him this tense in all of the four years he’d known him. Even as the single syllable left his mouth, Zayn seemed to wince apologetically. “Sorry, just… No. Don’t listen to it. Yet. Wait until after graduation, okay?”

Niall raised an eyebrow, at him, glancing back down at the CD case with curiosity. The front cover had a white sheet of paper slid into the front of it so the front side of the CD wasn’t visible to him at the time, but even then, there didn’t seem to be anything special about it. “Um… okay.”

“Seriously, Niall, I mean it,” Zayn said, again with a commanding tone in his voice that almost bordered on desperation, but just like the stiff, trembling fingers, Niall didn’t really notice this until later on. “You have to promise me. Don’t listen to this until after we graduate.”

Niall laughed, more out of the discomfort of his good friend suddenly acting so strange than anything else, but he nodded. “Okay, dude, I promise,” he said, sticking his pinky out for emphasis. Zayn glanced down at it, then back up at him with his dark eyebrows raised, as if to say, Dude, we’re graduating tomorrow. Niall just shrugged. “It’s just strengthening the promise, bro, there’s no harm in it.”

Zayn smiled ruefully and nodded, reaching out and linking his own pinky with Niall’s outstretched one. “Thanks, man. I promise, you’ll understand once you listen, but for now, please wait.”

“Okay, D, sure,” he said, grinning and carefully placing the CD sleeve in the outer pocket of his backpack before throwing an arm around Zayn’s shoulders. “So, graduation, huh?”

“Yeah,” Zayn replied lowly, eyes lowered to the ground, winding his own arm around Niall’s waist and squeezing just one the right side of too tight. “Graduation.”

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Underneath The Same Sky (Soulmate - Michael Clifford) - Part 2

I got SO many requests for this that I decided to make it a whole series. I took quite some time(sorry!), because I wanted to plan out the whole thing before uploading anything, so I don’t have to change anything later. It’s gonna have about 4 - 6 parts, and I’m already writing the next bit :)


Bruno Mars - Grenade

JoJo - Too Little Too Late

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

The lyrics of these songs don’t necessarily fit the story, they’re just there to make you emotional *grins*


* * * *

When you woke up at 5 minutes past four pm, you had an idea. It was as if the stirring experiences of the past morning had transformed into a whirlwind of creativity and the need to express the new emotions. You could see the sun going down through the window, the evening sun lighting up your room in an orange colour.

You got up and brushed of your dungarees, that you hadn’t bothered taking of before going to bed this morning. You considered changing your clothes, but then, with a look at your watch, decided to just head into the city like this. The shops would be closing in 45 minutes, and you needed to get some materials.

The memories from just 10 hours ago were still fresh, and your dreams had been partly disturbing and weird. Your soul mate’s voice had been ringing through your brain all night, but you had awoken knowing what to do next. You were going to paint a gigantic painting on your living room wall. It was as if the experience and emotions were to big to fit onto one canvas and your heart already fluttered with excitement at the thought of the final result.

You got into the kitchen, gulped down a glass of water, stuck an elastic between your teeth and put your hair up into a ponytail while walking down the hallway to the front door.. You fixed it with the elastic and slipped on your boots, grabbed your keys, which were lying on a chair next to the door and left the apartment, letting the door fall into place behind you.

You skipped down the staircase, the sound of your fast footsteps echoing through the house and made your way into the city. You were lucky enough to live quite central, so you reached your destination within 10 minutes.

The shop you were approaching wasn’t an art shop. It was sort of an all-around shop. They had electronic devices, kitchen utensils, soap and bathing supplies, CDs, DVDs and a lot more, including wall paint.

You headed through the sliding glass door and for the big section of wall paint, right next to a row of TVs in all sizes, all playing the same program. The shop was not very full, with a few people here and there. A young man was looking at the big display of CDs and you made a mental note too have a look there too before leaving.

You were trying to decide what colours you were going to need and how much of each one. You would only buy the basic shades first and then come back if you needed more specific ones. As you were looking at the label of a big bottle of white paint, a shop assistant stepped next to you and started speaking. Good, no. Please!

“Are you looking for something specific?”, a voice said.

You looked up and his smile widened. You couldn’t stand shop assistants. It wasn’t hatred, you understood that this was their job, but you sometimes couldn’t stop yourself from being unintentionally rude to them, so they would leave you alone.

“I’m planning to make a wall painting. I’m just choosing the colours, but I’m fine, thanks.”, you said with a sort-of tight smile. You were hoping that you had made it clear enough that you wanted to be alone, but apparently not.

“A wall painting?”, the assistant had a lost expression for a second, then put a finger to his chin while staring at the display of colours. You awkwardly put your hands in the pockets of your dungarees and looked at the man, waiting for him to say something.

“Well, we obviously have different types of paint, I have never had someone wanting to paint a picture on a wall, if that’s what you mean.”, he looked at you and back to the display and continued rambling.

You listened for about 15 further seconds, nodding and “Mhm.”-ing every now and then, until you simply zoned out. Your eyes unfocused and you stared at the blurry outline of his face, the blob of colour that was his mouth still moving continuously. The sound of his voice grew faint and the quiet background noise of the row of TVs steadily louder in your brain.

“…-the “She Looks So Perfect”-singer had a stage accident this morning at their show in London…”

Something about this sentence sounded weirdly familiar to you. You wondered what it was for exactly 1.5 seconds, until an all too familiar sound suddenly filled your ears.

Your head snapped around to the wall of TVs next to you, your eyes wide open in shock. A blonde lady in a red business-like dress was standing at a counter, speaking to the camera with a professionally worried expression. The line at the bottom of the screen read “Michael Clifford injured by pyrotechnics during concert”. Then the picture changed and a video was being played.

The sound was very quiet, but you still recognised it instantly. A boy was jumping up and down in the middle of the stage, to the thumping of a drum. A boy with a guitar was running from the back of the stage to the front, a guitar slung over his shoulder. You could see it coming, because you remembered it clearly from last night, and at exactly the moment that a flame hit the left side of his head, you twitched, and held your hand to your face, cringing and remembering the pain.

He ran behind the stage. You could remember the blind fear that had been running through his veins at this moment. It was all so fast and surprising that you hadn’t even had time to really register that you were looking at your soulmate. You had found your soulmate.

The picture changed back to the news-woman. She continued talking. A picture was being shown next to her head. As soon as you laid your eyes on it, you sucked in a gulp of air in shock.

It was a boy who seemed to be standing on a red carpet, judging by the wall behind him. He had vibrant red hair, but your eyes instantly flicked to his. They were looking directly at the camera, and, looking at him, it felt as if a great tidal wave of emotions was crushing down on you. His stare was sucking you in and everything about his face instantly seemed perfect, from the light pink lips pulled into a smirk to the eyebrow piercing and streak of hair across his forehead. You held your breath and stared at the picture in awe, when it suddenly disappeared and the woman changed the topic.

“Excuse me? Are you okay?”

Your head snapped back to the shop assistant, who was looking at you with a worried expression.

“What? Yeah, I’m fine, sorry. I zoned out.”

He looked unconvinced and quirked an eyebrow. You awkwardly continued: “You know, I’ll just get these two for now and come back tomorrow if I need something specific.”

You held up two bottles of black and white paint. Turning around quickly, you said “Thanks for your help”, and headed for the counter. You ran home and within nine minutes you were standing at your front door. You unlocked it, entered the apartment and closed it behind you, leaning against the door, breathless. As realization of what had just happened crashed down on you, you slowly let yourself slide down against it, until you were sitting on the floor, still in your black leather boots.

For eighteen years you hadn’t ever even considered trying to find your soulmate, you knew that you didn’t want to meet him. You loved him, you loved your connection and you never wanted anything to change.

It had never been hard for you to resist searching for your soulmate, as you had a lot of self-discipline. But now, everything had changed. You knew his full name and you had seen his face. It took a lot of self-control to not just search him up on google, where you could probably find every detail of his life within seconds. You would have seen a picture of him sooner or later anyway.

“Fuck.”, you groaned and covered your face with your hands.

* * * *

The next part is gonna be from Michael’s POV!

As always, thanks for reading, and I LOVE getting feedback from you, or requests, or anything else nice, and you can do that


Oh, and am I the only one who’d rather be left alone in shops? ^^

I’m watching the Lady Gaga documentary on Netflix and I’m 100% not for her taking her CD and literally breaking the CD display to put it in front. Not to mention literally making everyone’s life more difficult by being there and asking if they have more of her CD. Like gtfo of here.


I’m proud to present one quarter of my senior thesis in illustration at Uarts! For my project I chose four of my favorite albums and reimagined them as films, then designed packaging for the fictional film. This one is based on The Monitor by Titus Andronicus, one of my all time favorite bands. For the plot summary on the back of the case, I made up a narrative based on the lyrical themes and musical tone of the album, which in turn inspired the illustration:

It’s 1861, one year into the American Civil War and Richard is a soldier in the union army. Wounded in a skirmish, he is separated from his troupe, and left to face the wilderness of Arkansas alone. Battling starvation and despair, Richard finds that there is no force greater than the will to survive. But he must beware, for the enemy is everywhere. 

A big thank you to Titus Andronicus for making such phenomenal music that inspires me to this day.


Hey Taylor!
I wanted to share some things with you that I’ve wanted to tell you for a while now, but now that you follow me on tumblr and everything and I feel so much closer to you, I felt like now would be right time to share (other than in person of course, maybe one day) everything that I want to say to you.
First off, I want to say thank you. Thank you for everything you have done for me in the past few years without even realizing it. You have kept me sane and pushed me along when I needed it the most. These past few years were really rough for me, but having you along for the ride made it bearable.
When I was in 4th grade, your debut album had just come out. I had no idea who you were. But my friend asked me to sing a song called Teardrops On My Guitar with her for the talent show, and I said sure. I did the show, and never really thought much of it after that.. until 2 years later.
When I was in 6th grade, I kept hearing this song called Love Story on the radio, and I remember listening to it and singing along to it one time when my mom and I were going to Walmart, and while we were in Walmart, I saw the Fearless CD on display, and begged my mom to buy it for me. I don’t think she understood what she was getting herself into when she bought it lol
I was completely obsessed after that. I fell in love with your music, and it helped me through the death of my grandmother (my best friend), and the harsh bullying I endured during middle school.
I remember preordering Speak Now in the summer of my 8th grade year, and I remember my mom picking me up from school on the day of its release, holding a package and saying “look what came today!”. Speak Now came at the perfect time in my life, with songs like Mean and Never Grow up; it was the soundtrack to my life, and again, softened the blow of the bullying I went though, day in and day out.
Going into high school, I had no idea what I was in for (I’m going to make this part as short as possible, but no promises lol).
My freshman year was okay. Nothing really major happened. Then my sophomore year rolled around, and I started dating this guy in February who I thought was great and amazing, and someone who I thought I was going to be with for a long time. A few months later, in May, I had knee surgery to attempt to correct a bone problem I’ve had since birth (for the record, it was unsuccessful). It was hard, and my school work took a huge blow, but I listened to your music day in and day out, and I got through it. And this next part isn’t something I like to admit or talk about.. But I’m going to be honest with you. When I started having health problems my sophomore year, I missed some school for doctors appointments and things like that. I was in Honors English, and from day 1, my teacher was out to get me. She just really didn’t like me because I wasn’t a star student, I wasn’t popular and I didn’t play sports. Those types of people were her favorite, and since I wasn’t one of them, she didn’t like me. Well, at my school we have 3 levels of difficultly for math and English; they’re “College” (basic), “Advanced College” (medium), and “Honors English” (the most difficult). So when I became aware that I was going to be missing more school, I decided to try and make life a little easier for myself and try to handle my situation responsibly, so I tried to drop down to Advanced College English to keep my grades up; but to no avail. My principal didn’t let me drop it. So long story short, my English teacher refused to work with me or let me do any of the work I missed, and she never sent me any work during the 3 weeks I was out for surgery, and she refused to let me try and do any of it. And when I say refused, I’m not exaggerating. She didn’t want to help me at all. So in turn, she failed me for the year. Because of her, I developed horrendous anxiety because she literally bullied me and would scream at me in front of all the other students, and that was one of the hardest points in my high school career, but again, you helped me through it. The only reason I didn’t give up is because of you.
And now, back to the boyfriend. He was good for a while. Y'know, the whole “honeymoon phase” was nice. He kept me grounded. And then he started changing.. He became more distant from me, started arguing with me more, etc. He began dragging me down. Now, I’ll get back to him later.
So my junior year rolled around, and one morning in November I woke up and my right eye was completely swollen shut. I thought I had a normal, run of the mill stye. So I went to school, but was sent home immediately and told I couldn’t return without a doctors note. And long story short.. The swollen eye completely snowballed into an illness that took over my entire body, and stripped me of who I was. It made me lose the entire first layer of skin on my face. Soon after the eye swelling, my skin started scaling, and eventually falling off. I looked like a very serious burn victim (which is what the pictures I’ve included with this message is of). I had a run around with dozens of doctors, all of which scratched their heads at me. I was a medical mystery; no one could figure out what was wrong with me. I was eventually told that there’s a possibility that I could have Lupus, which is a very serious autoimmune disease that can be very, very bad if not treated properly. Hearing at 16 years old you could have a debilitating illness that will stick with you for the rest of your life is absolutely devastating. During all of this, I still had to go to school. People pointed, laughed, questioned, etc. I was the talk of the school; “what the hell is wrong with that girl?”. It was absolutely horrible. Going out in public was absolute hell for me. I couldn’t step out of my house without being stared at. And while all of this was going on, I think it all got to the boy I was dating, and he started being extremely mean to me. He cheated on me. Broke up with me. Got back together with me (stupidly, I took him back), and he cheated again. Basically, I was battling this horrible illness, my relationship was falling apart in front of my eyes, I was made fun of everywhere I went, I still had to go to work, still had to keep up with school, still tried to keep up with a social life, and worst of all- I lost myself. Physically and emotionally. Looking at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t see myself anymore. I was not the girl I was once before. My hair was falling out, my face gained weight from all the medication I was taking, I lost my first layer of skin, etc. And I lost myself in an endless rabbit hole of depression and anxiety. It was the hardest thing I have ever faced in my entire life. But I’m happy to tell you, that because of you Taylor, I came out on top. RED came along at the absolute perfect time in my life when I was going through all of these horrible things, and I listened to All Too Well every single day for more than a year straight. RED helped me through everything I was facing, and it helped me put on a brave face every single day, and get up and keep on going. Keep pushing. Keep trying. It helped me stay strong.
I’m happy to tell you, Taylor, that I’ve successfully fixed my 10th grade English failure, and I’m now allowed to graduate in a little over a week, on the 23rd, because I made it up. And I’m happy to tell you that I got though the depression and I’m doing much better now; I’m still sick (in remission right now though) and I had another surgery this year (on my foot), but I got over my old relationship. I got over being sad. I overcame the bullying. I overcame the anxiety. It took me a while, but I finally got up, dusted myself off, and found the true meaning of life again. I’m also in a healthy, happy relationship now! And like all the other albums, 1989 came along at the perfect time in my life. It really gave me that extra push to find happiness again. And I’m extremely happy to tell you that instead of listening to All Too Well and crying every single day, I listen to Clean and smile every single day.
Taylor, I can never, ever thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. For helping me through the darkest times in my life, and showing me what real happiness is. And thank you for helping me find my smile again (pictured here)! I honestly don’t think I could’ve done it without you. I love you so, so, so much! I will see you tomorrow for Philly, night 2, and I can’t wait to hopefully meet you someday and thank you in person for everything you’ve done for me!

Shannon :)