cd changer

How do you like to listen to music?

Earlier today, I happened upon a 5-disc cd changer (charmingly antiquated technology) that I have now added to my cobbled together (and almost entirely free) stereo setup. Navyy was skeptical, noting that I can play everything digitally anyway, but I’m glad to add yet another option for playing music.

I enjoy the ease of digital music, no question. I remember the novelty of Napster (even with a 56kb modem it was amazing to have the entire catalog of music available), I like to browse music on Spotify before I go out and buy it, and I’m grateful for the portability of my iPod. But digital is not my preferred way to engage with music.

I grew up with records, and I love the format. It’s not about sound quality for me, but about the feel, the tactile act of flipping a record, the big art, etc. I also like records, because unless you manually skip songs (or sides), it’s a format that asks you to actually listen to an album as an entity. 

The addition of a CD player doesn’t change what I can listen to, since all of my CD collection is digitized as well, but I think that as with the record player, having to physically pull out discs will encourage me to listen in a different way. And that’s worth it to me. Even if it means adding one more clunky piece of (somewhat redundant) equipment.

TL;DR: LPs > CDs > MP3s

Just don’t expect me to add any other formats from here. Lots of love for the people who enjoy cassettes/reel-to-reel/8-tracks; I just don’t feel any need to head down that path.

I don’t suppose,“ I asked hopefully, "that this is the full military model?”
“It has individually heated seats and a six-disk CD changer,” Thomas said.
I scowled. “Uh-huh. Those are way cooler than silly features like armor and bulletproof glass.”
“Hey,” Thomas said, “it’s not my fault you have special needs.
—  Thomas and Harry in Small Favor: The Dresden Files

Production Designer Arwel Wyn Jones shares some of his recommendations for getting the look of Sherlock, the BBC’s phenomenally successful remix of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novels starring  Benedict Cumberbatch.

The fictional flat at 221B Baker Street has won many fans as the strangely stylish bachelor pad of Sherlock Holmes. Jones spends months sourcing, mainly second-hand, furniture before artfully assembling the interiors at the studio in Cardiff. The most striking thing about Jones’ set is the remarkable attention to detail - tiny pictures are crammed around the house, plenty of maps, books and sheet music cover the surfaces, and dotted around the living room are vintage Guns and Ammo magazines.

But it’s the  interiors of Sherlock’s London home that has been attracting attention, with its distinctive blend of modern and Victorian furniture.

The accessories are eclectic and replete with tongue-in-cheek British iconography, including framed maps of the British Isles and vintage style Union Jack cushions. Mrs Hudson’s tea set of Alice in Wonderland was originally designed for Tate Liverpool by Ali Miller, but is still available. Miller’s Home Sweet Home design of Britain and Ireland makes a regular appearance.  A design classic since release in 1996, the Bang and Olufsen BeoSound 9000 now looks vintage with its six-CD multi-changer unit, mounted on the wall in Sherlock’s bedroom.

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Manifesting Story

Okay I have such a story to tell! First off, if you came here with doubt, worry, struggling, just stop…realize the universe is taking care of you! 

Last week I was faced with so much resistance, I mean a lot of self work where I felt in a very low place. I couldn’t find my intuition, we were dealing with having no vehicle due to the accident and I just wasn’t feeling my highest vibrational self which isn’t my norm. I’m sure i mentioned my car worries and Thank you for those that wished our family manifestation wishes.

I set the intention Saturday by praying to the universe, we need to find a car this week that is affordable has everything we enjoy and is a nice car to drive. We also wanted to save our money because this year is our wedding so I was putting it out there that it needs to be around 6,000 or less.

Put the intention Saturday, found it Monday by accident on craigslist by typing in “mazda” on a whim, Test drove it Tuesday, super nice guy selling his daughter’s car, guess what her name was? Ashley. Crazy synchronicity around the whole thing. 
Wednesday we bought the car! Bose sound system, power everything, heated seats, six cd changer, tints, the works. it’s amazing. I didn’t even know all the specs until I got to drive the car, he didn’t include that in the description. Even better the guy gave us a huge deal selling it for 4,000 with only 80k mileage! If you don’t know cars, that’s like a SUPER awesome deal for what it is worth originally

I decided to calculate our costs from the reimbursement, the extra money left over was about 1,000 {my SURPRISE 1,000 from treasure hunt game I posted on our fb group i’ve been looking for!} Then i decided to calculate our total amount of savings from income tax and the extra money left over which is over 8,000. In October I wrote a check on paper from the universe of abundance {the gratitude challenge those who did it with me in October} for PRECISELY 8,000!!!!

Also when I did the vision board exercise around new years, I put a car on it because on a whim i thought having a new 4door car would be great for the kids. I grabbed the first one I saw, a MAZDA. That’ all i remember from the car intention.

What car did we get? A Mazda 6 ;)
How freakin cool is that.
Oh and I really was tired of looking at the same boring black, white and silver cars, so I also kept saying “I wish we could find a cool colored car…”
it’s orange! hehe 

All of our Manifestations started to come true once I let go of the resistance!
So much gratitude and abundance flowing in <3

So my point is, don’t give up! You are made for great things if you set the intention to receive them.
 And if you are feeling resistance just know that you are on the point of finding possibility and feeling good again.

Believe in you, Believe in your universe <3