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A Playlist Inspired by Berlin/Los Angeles

Music, like film, has connected—and continues to connect—Berlin and Los Angeles.

Whimsically recognizing this musical connection between Berlin and Los Angeles, then-council member Tom LaBonge created a mix CD to celebrate their sister-city partnership in the 90s. Today, in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the partnership–and in conjunction with our exhibition Berlin/LA: Space for Music—we assembled a playlist of our own. Composed of 22 tracks, the playlist is a collection of iconic songs about Berlin and Los Angeles from American and German artists alike: from Marlene Dietrich’s “Left My Suitcase in Berlin” to Dawes’s “Time Spent in Los Angeles,” to Nena’s “99 Luftballons.” Enjoy!

On view at the Getty Research Institute through July 30 is Berlin/Los Angeles: Space for Music an exhibition that examine two key architects in these sister cities. 

APH: a small fluffy scene from an official drama cd

The nations finished celebrating America’s birthday. On their way home, all of them shipwrecked. This scene is when they all try to sleep.

England: S-Say, America…

America: What is it, England?

England: In this place, days are hot.. but it gets pretty chilly at night.

America: I am forced to agree with what you said.

America: …..England?

England: ..It’s so cold…

America: ….I won’t do anything for you.

England: Be quiet! It’s not like I’m counting on you! I’m not counting on you at all! So get to sleep, you idiot!

Italy: *mumbles*

England: Ah, Italy, I’m sorry! Did I wake you up?

Russia: If you keep on fighting so loudly, you’ll manage to wake everyone up.

Lithuania: R-Russia-san! Everyone was pretending not to hear anything!

England: W-What? Everyone’s awake, after all?

France: That’s because…you were having a lovers’ quarrel here.

England: Don’t say it was a lovers’ quarrel!

Japan: Well, it’s not like we were peeping and such..

Austria: It interested us.

Germany: Yes, so don’t mind us and please carry on. I’m going to sleep.

Taken from Drama CD 1, Track 8.

DIABOLIK LOVERS 5th Anniversary Project Start-up:

→DIABOLIK LOVERS Sadistic Celebrate


Sakamaki Ayato [cv: Midorikawa Hikaru] \ Sakamaki Kanato [cv: Kaji Yuki] \ Sakamaki Laito [cv: Hirakawa Daisuke] \  Sakamaki Shu [cv: Toriumi Kousuke] \ Sakamaki Reiji [cv: Konishi Katsuyuki] \ Sakamaki Subaru [cv: Kondo Takashi] \ Mukami Ruki [cv: Sakurai Takahiro] \ Mukami Kou [cv: Kimura Ryohei] \ Mukami Yuma [cv: Suzuki Tatsuhisa] \ Mukami Azusa [cv: Kishio Daisuke] \ Tsukinami Carla [cv: Morikawa Toshiyuki] \ Tsukinami Shin [cv: Morikubo Showtaro] \ Kino [cv: Maeno Tomoaki]

The First CD of this series:


Release date: Undecided
Price: Undecided



Peter // Daughter

But the Lost Boys have all moved away

and one of them is locked up

I know you think you’re still a child,

But I couldn’t give a fuck; you’re twenty one.

I ripped this track from one of my older records this morning. Back when the band was just after forming, Daughter recorded this track. They released it on Mojo presents - Communion, a CD celebrating new songwriters, one of which was Elena Tonra. Although it was never re-released on an EP as the band wasn’t signed to Glassnote of 4AD records yet, you can still find copies out there.

I hope you love it as much as I do.


SHO! O(≧▽≦)O He’s pretty much Voltage’s version of Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke with a mix of Otoya from Uta no Prince-sama. The ultimate nice guy. (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)  Sho is super nice to the MC from the start and falls for her almost immediately. 

I definitely recommend him. (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ There’s still a little time left, so check out this celebrity darling

Pfftt. -High-fives myself-

Yagami Riku (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)/Fujiwara Takeru (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

Radio of Stride Step 42 ~Mini Drama~

This is the mini drama from Step 42 of Rajisuto! In this episode, Riku and Takeru have a snowball fight.

Please enjoy! (^-^)


Riku: Fujiwara…
Takeru: Yagami…
Riku: The snow has piled up quite nicely this year, too.
Takeru: Yeah.
Riku: I won’t lose this year!
Takeru: The only thing on my mind right now is winning.
Riku: Heh, you’ve got guts.
Takeru: Hn, of course.
Riku: Then, let’s start the match…
Riku/Takeru: …Fight!
Riku: Unleash your might, my right arm!
       Special Sure-Hit Attack: Snowball Bazooka!
Takeru: Heh! That’s useless!
       Kadowaki-senpai-style: Wings of the Giraffe!
Riku: Eh? What about a giraffe? (gets hit) Wooaahh, that’s cold–!
Takeru: In Dobutsu Shogi, the one who has the second move wins.
Riku: What does this have to do with shogi!? Nnn, damn…! I’m not yet done!
       Take this! Hasekura-senpai-style: Super Giant Snowball!
Takeru: Heh! If you make it too big, there’s no way you can control i– (gets hit)
Riku: Hehehee! Of course I can control that big snowball~ I’m also good at basketball, volleyball, and soccer; did you think my pitching level is just the same as yours, good-at-nothing-but-Stride Fujiwara-kun?
Takeru: …I am good at Stride, and that’s that.
Riku: Heh! Say that only when you’ve won.
Takeru: Yagami…
Riku: Fujiwara…
Takeru: Round 2! Restarting the match…
Riku/Takeru: …Fight!
Riku: (yells) Break through, my thousand blades of ice! Thousand Snow Blade!!
Takeru: O, winds of winter! I summon you; gather in my hands!
       This is your end! Fairy of Snowstorm!!!
Riku: Ah-! You evaded my slash attacks!?
Takeru: You’re quite the challenge, Yagami. But don’t think that’s the last of my wind-control abilities!
Riku: (throws more snowballs at Takeru and yells, but misses) You’re standing upwind of me! That’s unfair, Fujiwara!
Takeru: Positioning is also a tactic. This attack will finish you!
Riku: –No, I’ve got you now! Eat this!
Takeru: Hah, do you think that wild pitch will hit– (gets snow dumped on him) Huh–! You…you aimed at the snow on the trees…!
Riku: Right on. Evade while you still can, Fujiwara-kun.
Takeru: Nnn–shit–! (gets hit) …One more round!


Riku: Some time after, the captain found us again, like last year. “Stop messing around!” he scolded us.
Takeru: And this year, Sakurai saw what we were doing.
Riku: “What’s a ‘Thousand Snow Blade’?” she asked, beaming.
       …I was so embarrassed I could die.

Dobutsu Shogi (animal chess)
- it’s a small shogi variant for children. The board is only 3x4 in size, and has four pieces per player, with animal illustrations on them instead of kanji (and yes, a giraffe is one of them :D). Apparently, the one with the second move always has the advantage in this game. For a clearer explanation on this, you can check this Wiki page.