Christmas EEEEVE!

And I’d like to take this chance to say two things:

- Firstly, tomorrow there might be a video filmed and quickly edited for Christmas for CCYT. Keep your eyes open for that. It’ll be something you’ve seen before, but slightly different. ;)

- Secondly, I want to get all mushy. So I’ll put it under a MORE tag:

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I've just explained how important making stuff for CCYT is to my mother and step-dad...

… They were so supportive.
Apparantly they were going to clear out the PC downstairs and get rid of it, BUT now they’ve said I can use it to make stuff. To record videos. AND there is apparantly a custom video card that they’ve acquired from someone (think step-dad’s brother) who got it from a guy who’d gotten it set up for gaming but then decided he didn’t need it? It’s broken, but only in a small way that can be fixed by my step-dad.

… Guys, I might be able to make some videos! :D

WOW! 100+ subscribers and only yesterday we were celebrating 50! To everyone who has come to watch the Duncan speedpaint video and decided we’re good enough to stay with, to those of you who’ve left comments, for those of you who’ve decided to check out our other stuff… just thank you so damn much for the love and attention. And obviously, major thanks to Lalna/Duncan of the Yogscast, who decided the video was good enough to like and thus share with his fanbase. As a fairly new and still very small Youtube channel… well, it means so very much to us. Much love to you all. <3 ~Everyone in the Crew
—  (A long and gushy channel post for the 100+ subs)
(god I can type sometimes. ^.0;; )

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Classy Crew…
This is your CCYT Editor telling you that we have officially reached ‘leet’ level.

(okay, it’s not THAT great but it still makes me smile a little. :) )

Everyone who wishes to be involved with the Classy Crew Youtube channel (pretend this is a reblog)


Can you please send me an ask/Fanmail to let me know?
I want to get a list, and then at some point in the future, set up a big Skype call for us all to talk about the channel, what we want to do and to most importantly:
Get it organised

Mostly I want to discuss a posting schedule for videos. I don’t think one a day will work, but I want everyone to talk about it.
This is, after all, a group project.

Thank you. :D

~ Cyborg

ADDED: We’ve 9 people on board so far. After another two days, we can start looking for a time we can all call.


Cyborg Plays: Faster Than Light (Part 1)
(by ClassyCrewYT)


Tekkit Part 1 - Creep Sheep!
Boop & Cyborg begin a new adventure in a far-off piece of land in Minecraftia and Tekkit!