Koenigsegg x 2 by Ted 7
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And Agera R and the CCX in Southern California

Inktober 2016!
Day 7: Lost
Media: That blasted leaking pen again & a little help from drawing pen
Soooo, this might be the continuation to 707’s Bad Ending 2, or not. You decide. The car was far from perfect, yes. I’m tempted to redo the whole thing to fix the car. It’s been 7 years since I drew one, so I might as well learn how to draw one again. The car is a Black Koenigsegg CCX, a Swedish sport car. I really like their design, and it seems like a car Sae Young would drive XDD Thank you for bearing with me as always!

Plumbogummite specimen from China. Nearly as fun to look at as it is to say, Plumbogummite is a rare lead phosphate that has become more widely available in the last year or so due to recent finds. It’s name comes from Latin and alludes to its lead content (‘plumbum’) as well as its peculiar surface luster, which sometimes appears to have a resinous coating ('gummi’). This particular specimen displays a great color range, from blue to canary yellow, and has a fascinating formation, including a few crystals with readily visible hexagonal structure.
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CCX-417, $378