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Ok so apparently everyone is doing a thing where they’re like…….taking a walk down memory lane and either feeling nostalgia or having war flashbacks and yeah I got tagged in that. SO. I’m gonna start by saying I have had way more muses than this. However, these are the only three muses that truly influenced me, and I’m just gonna go through each. Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave all of them on a positive note ( pointed coughing @ the curly headed fuck on the left hand side ) but I had a great time with all three of these boys, so here we go! Dionysus was my first ever muse on tumblr, and he was supposed to be the muse that I was always going to have no matter what. I wrote him for a long time ( about 2 years ) and I had a lot of experiences, both good and bad. Nothing specific caused me to leave him, but it wasn’t really positive for me because the atmosphere stunk and I was desperately trying to force a muse that I just wasn’t enjoying writing anymore. So, I finally put him down and was convinced that I may just leave RP in general. However, I figured I may as well try a different muse and see if I had fun and…ta-da! I made an Edward Kenway. My love for writing was restored and having Edward helped me enjoy having a human muse. It opened me up to seeing and accepting flaws, to simply coming to terms with the fact that some people are just not perfect, and just to having a good time. I don’t really have anything bad tied to that muse, and I hope to return to him soon. THe last muse on this list is Edmond – that’s my main squeeze. I originally made this blog because I loved the character and was disappointed to be completely alone in the fandom, and having no friends who knew the story that this blog was tied to. Having a lot of muse for him didn’t make a difference  when I had no one to share it with, really, so I abandoned him quickly and didn’t return until some of the friends I’d made on EDWARD ( thanks m80 ) encouraged me not to give up on him. So I came back, and…the complete opposite happened! He blew up, I met a TON of amazing people, and I even have a couple canon partners, too! Anyway, this character makes me think and gives me hope/inspiration and just generally makes me deeply happy, so…HERE I AM.

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RULES. name ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms, then tag ten people and repost.

sam winchester — supernatural
nick miller — new girl
tony stark — marvel
darlene — mr. robot
ben wyatt — parks and recreation
linda belcher — bob’s burgers
rosa diaz — brooklyn 99
maggie greene — the walking dead
stitch — disney
kaywinnet lee “kaylee” frye — firefly

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starter for ccwboy !!

her pen taps against the puzzle book in her lap, and she sighs. the numbers just don’t make SENSE to her right now: her mind is elsewhere and has been ever since napoleon came into the room. it isn’t that his presence is always distracting, but lately – ever since their relationship stopped being strictly professional, she thinks – he’s been impossible to ignore. silence feels like TORTURE for her tonight. 

             “i need to ASK you something.”

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so i don't really know if i really deserve a say in your rep. as i haven't followed you for v long and we've never spoken bUT; i wanted to say that your anakin is one that i personally enjoy reading a hell of a lot! when i see you on the dash, i always stop for a little gander before scrolling past c: you seem really dedicated too, like, so much, and that makes me happy; that a muse can inspire loyalty like you have for anakin! okay, just figured i'd say so. even if we never talk, ur cool !!

                                              WHAT’S MY REP?   

you’re cool to for taking the time to actually READ what I write, it means a lot to me! I’ve always had this deep affection for Anakin growing up and to actually do a more in depth portrayal than I have in the past has made me love him even MORE! he’s such a wonderful and interesting character and loving him and playing him is a joy 

starter for ccwboy !!

    “i had things PERFECTLY under control in there, napoleon.”

heels click against the floor as she storms into the apartment, jaw set, back still turned to him. it isn’t often that she gets frustrated, but this – putting himself in danger, just to protect her from one that isn’t real? she’s FURIOUS.

               “you had no right.”

                   ❝          are you sick? you have not spoken word in at least an hour. 

          to an outsider the comment might seem OFFHAND, but there is calculated method in the jibe that’s thrown to his colleague sitting opposite. he can sense the DISAPPROVAL roiling off napoleon’s shoulders in waves, knows that this is a BOMB best handled in a place no curious ears can reach.

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                    ‘ Hello, yes, I’m Harold Wren from the accounting firm. I was told to drop these papers off with you and ask a few perfunctory questions. Nothing too time consuming if you have a minute? ‘

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TASTES:  alcohol. the harsh burn of straight vodka upon your tongue, the warmth that follows deep in your chest. 

SMELLS:  the faint lingering of smoke. car exhaust. motor oil. soft and sweet perfume. the smell that comes after rain. 

SIGHTS:  a desk consumed by papers. a frame that surrounds an old  &  worn photograph. an engine of a car; a figure hunched over it. an open tool box, greasy fingerprints top the faded paint, a dimly lit narrow street after dark, devoid of any people. over-sized sunglasses. cars, a Jaguar MK9. bruised hands resting upon a steering well. grease smeared upon navy coveralls. dark, heavy lashes kissing the skin of cheekbones. shop windows, showcasing dresses, handbags. monochrome photographs. a blade strapped to a lace holster. a gun concealed within a handbag. bottles of vodka atop an intricately organised shelf of delicate glasses. high walls, barb wire. a city in ruins. empty bottles of vodka. 

SOUNDS:  the revving of a car engine. the thud of a trunk closing, the slight creak of the hood when opened. soft clinking  — tools attending the innerworkings of a car. gentle humming. tunes playing from a record player. liquid being poured into a glass. a child laughing gleefully, then abruptly stopping. a voice that sounds familiar singing to you, telling you stories. rubble cracking and crumbling under foot. 

BODY:  thin fingers. worn palms, strong hands. doe-eyes, framed by thick lashes. blossoms of darkness under your eyes. a sharp glare. full lips. lithe form, taut muscles. loose strands hairs caressing a sharp jaw.  a stiff  &  rigid stance. delicate wrists. bruises atop the sharp curve of knuckles. 

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*heEAVY BREATHING* iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii NO NONONONnonoNO DIS IS NOT OKAY !! wATER YOU DOING? YOU’RE MY TUMBLR CRUSH??? HOW DARE YOU CONFESS BEFORE I DO????? I’m not wORTHY OF YOUR LOVE ! I’m JUST GONNA KEEP ON STALKING YOU FROM AFAR ( I’M very fond of my dark corner, it’s cozy and THERE’S FOOD ಠ‿ಠ  ) it’ll pROBS TAKE me awhile to build up the courage to approach and write with a KOALA TEA ! ( YOUR NAPOLEON GIVES ME LIFEEEE ) sO YEAH GOOD FUCKING BYE I’M NOT OKAY 

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RULES: name ten favourite characters from ten different fandoms, then tag ten people and repost !!!

#1 - illya kuryakin - the man from uncle
#2 - natasha romanoff - marvel 
#3 - d’artagnan - the three musketeers
#4 - james moriarty - sherlock holmes
#5 - hermione granger - harry potter
#6 - effie trinket - the hunger games
#7 - elliot alderson - mr. robot
#8 - sam winchester - supernatural
#9 - kala dandekar - sense8
#10 - finn - star wars

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