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Lost | Jumin x MC Fanfic

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe)

Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

Summary: You lost Elizabeth 3rd and Jumin said something that hurt your feelings badly. The idea of the story is per requested by these two lovely people:

Genre: Since it was requested to be Angst. It is dundundununnnn Angst!

Author’s Note: I hope I did some justice!!! Omg I’m so sorry Jumin is my bby and I hurt him badly I am hurt too. No spoilers ahead! I just thought of a scenario between Days 7-9 where in canon, she really went missing. But I took it from there~~ and omg thank u for loving the way i write!!! These asks gets me through the daysss

“Elizabeth? Where are you?” Your voice is the only sound that could be heard on these empty hallways. “Hey… It’s time for your meal…”



You pondered at why no white haired furball is prancing towards your way at this time of the day like the usual. Where is she? You started looking from every nook and cranny of the penthouse only to find nothing. Now, now, where did that cat go?

Your heart raced enough for you to feel it pounding violently against your chest, growing afraid of what might have happened. Different ideas started forming inside your head from the bad to the worst ones. You didn’t give up though, you tried to look for her once more as that it’s now time for her lunch meal. You promised Jumin you’d look after her while he’s going on a business trip to Hong Kong today and he was relieved since you didn’t want to come and he couldn’t possibly bring Elizabeth 3rd with him. Two of his most prized possessions in the world are together under his roof.. what could possibly go wrong?

Seconds turned to minutes as you felt a cold sweat break into your forehead, panic growing inside you. Where did she go? She was just here this morning! You asked one of the securities if they’ve seen her run or prancing around but to no avail.. they saw nothing. You even asked them to take you to the CCTV room of the building just to check every corner of the house.

Still, no luck.

What are you going to do?

Jumin’s flight is scheduled to go back at tonight and you promised to welcome him together with Elizabeth 3rd on his door steps.

You felt panic rise up to your head as you frantically jogged back to jumin’s penthouse with trying to find her once more racing up your mind. It’s still a quarter to one; there’s a lot of time left.. but your hopes are slowly being burned like a candle that’s gone small at the possibility of finding the cat within the building premises today. What if she escaped once more? Or she jumped from the penthouse to the ground? That couldn’t be! It’s too high up! Cats do have the tendency to land perfectly on their feet but still! What if she’s been stolen?

What will you do?

It’s been three hours… three hours of desperation and no luck involved in finding Elizabeth. The worst of the worst has already been bugging your mind. It’s now time for Jumin to know. You lost Elizabeth… you’re careless.. you don’t deserve to be with him. How can you lose a domestic pet inside its own habitat anyway?

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  • your very own walking sunshine!
  • like you wouldn’t even need the lights when he’s around,,
  • hECK, you’ll need to lower the brightness of the screen whenever you’re skyping with him like,,
  • “damn boi. how are you doing that every single time?”
  • and seokmin’s just like, “it’s simple. just smile! like this!” and he flashes his perfect set of  teeth, and you’re like blinded by that ADORABLE-BUT-MATURE smile you had to shut your laptop.
  • okno.
  • seokmin is the kind of man (or toddler) who likes to bring you to places where either he can:
  • (i) make you smile.
  • (ii) help you release your stress.
  • (iii) give you crazy fun!
  • so after this difficult exam that took a toll on you and diffuses out every positive energy within you that leaves you look so distressed, seokmin just holds your shoulders and bends down to your height and says,
  • “jagi, you’re not okay.” it’s not even a question because he KNOWS you are not okay. his radar knows you so well.
  • and you’re like, going for an anime depressed pose on the floor with the the light only shone on you and you’re like,
  • “wHAT IS LIFE.”
  • and seokmin chuckles and picks you back into a stand and grins, “do you know what medicine can heal you at the moment?”
  • “what?” you’d ask curiously.
  • and this ominous, wide grin replaces seokmin’s face before he says, “singing.”
  • “what? ok, come on, seokmin. singing is your thing. i’m just a tone-deaf walrus.”
  • “says who? i thought you sound great!”
  • and before you know it, you are forced into the noraebang with your hyperactive boyfriend shoving one of the microphones to you and he’s like,,
  • “sooo, what song shall we duet today, hmm?”
  • and you’re also wondering.
  • instead of going for ballad like how seokmin usually go for, you two go for bigbang’s “bang bang bang” and it went hella crazy like you couldn’t stop laughing at seokmin’s funny expressions and gestures.
  • you swear at the end you are crying out blood but your smile wouldn’t stop faltering.
  • “well,, darling, when you play too much on your computer, you’re bound to find yourself on the wrong side of the internet.” he says with this creepy grin on his face.
  • “… nah, i don’t wanna know.”
  • then after spending hours singing until you two could barely find your voices, seokmin brings you to eat some street food and like he wouldn’t stop placing food in your mouth.
  • “seokmin, stop. my mouth is full already.” you say in a muffled voice as your cheeks got all bulgy with all the food shoved inside.
  • and seokmin’s like, “i can’t help it, sweetheart. you look as adorable as a hamster that i could watch you eat all day.”
  • you: “i don’t know if i should feel flattered for being compared to an animal…”
  • seokmin: “well, i would compare your beauty to flowers but you’re prettier than any of them.”
  • you: “… so i am no better looker than animals?” ( ̄。 ̄)
  • relationship with seokmin would be like the greatest thing that ever happened in your life.
  • seokmin is definitely handsome with a mature appeal, gorgeous sun-kissed complexion, and a tall height to boot.
  • but what draw you to this guy was his friendliness, his great sense of humour, and the way he always try to make people put a smile on their face.
  • when he’s with you, he makes you feel as if you’re the most beautiful girl in the universe, treating you like his queen, his muse, his everything.
  • at nights, it’d be as if he could see you because if you can’t sleep, you’d find your phone ringing and surprise-surprise, seokmin’s calling.
  • and when you pick up, he just chuckles, “can’t sleep, huh?”
  • “how’d you know?” you ask back.
  • “i don’t know. i just feel like you’d be awake right now. lucky guess, probably.” you can just imagine him shrugging proudly.
  • “are you sure you didn’t install some kind of invisible cctv in my room?”
  • “oh, baby. if you want me to see you naked, i’d do that ages ago.”
  • then he’d laugh so hard but afterwards, he sings you a lullaby and like, his soothing voice is just so effective in pushing the insomnia off your being.
  • and a few moments after, you’re knocked out completely.
  • at school, seokmin would always make sure that you don’t push yourself too hard to the point that you’re losing your smile.
  • like if he sees you with your laptop perched up on your lap in the corner of the library with books strewn all around you, he’d immediately squat down in front of you, slams your laptop shut, puts it away, and literally pulls you in his arms.
  • his arms are like your home and shelter, they make you feel relaxed and all the tension in your body uncoiled.
  • “did she-devil make you work on another history assignment? my poor baby.” he pouts, running his hand down your tresses to your waist, all the while shushing you into slumber.
  • “i lost so much sleep because of her.” you complain, sighing out your frustration.
  • then seokmin leans against the bookshelf with you still in his arms and kisses the crown of your head, “then sleep. you deserve it.”
  • “but i haven’t finished my work yet–”
  • “close your eyes for sixty seconds.”
  • “but–”
  • “just close them. one… two…”
  • and at the twelfth second, you’re out like a light.
  • then wonwoo comes over the next hour looking for a space to read and when he sees you two, he’s just like, “… do i need to know?”
  • seokmin just grins and gestures for wonwoo to keep quiet, before proceeding to stroke your back in a lulling manner.
  • and wonwoo just shakes his head and walks off, “i’m done with you lovebirds.”
  • another reason why you’re so in love with lee seokmin, is the fact that he gets along well with your parents.
  • it wouldn’t even be weird anymore if you’d find out that the kitchen’s noisy because of his presence.
  • and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him cooking with your mother, or playing video games with your dad.
  • the second he enters your room though, he corners you into the wall with his hands placed on either side of your head.
  • grinning, he says, “you know, i make a pretty good husband too.”
  • before he could make a move on you though, you already have your fingers pinching his ear and pushing him to the side with a sarcastic grin.
  • “my dear parents are still downstairs, if you haven’t noticed. now let’s get down there before your naughty hands wander elsewhere.” dRAGS HIM DOWN STAIRS.
  • “god, i hate you.”
  • “i love you too, baby.”
  • it’d be the sweetest, greasiest, loveliest relationship filled with smiles and laughter because when your boyfriend is lee seokmin, how can you not smile?

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[dr]OUTLANDER Fic: Blind Date - Part 2.

Anonymous said:
Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing fics, you are a hugely talented writer. 😊 Will you consider continuing the Blind Date story? Pretty please?? 😊😊

Anything for you glorious human. Have another chapter. Thank you to the wondrous @outlandishchridhe for editing. She always has my back.

The first part can be found: HERE.

Claire didn’t loiter to watch the end of the filming after Jamie had been called back. She’d actually enjoyed talking to him for the short while that he’d joined her on the floor of the studios and if he was chosen –well, it was safe to say she didn’t want to watch him and the twee blond girl behind the slider chat up a storm for the cameras.

Taking herself off, she walked the almost silent halls, dodging the random crew member here and there until she found the large (catered) green room. With it being so late on, nobody else was in there and stuffing her face with biscuits seemed infinitely more tempting than the drafty recording set.

Settling herself on the comfy sofa, Claire toed off her shoes and began rubbing her feet, shifting her visitors badge from around her neck before pouring herself a warm cup of tea.

Leaning her head back, she closed her eyes and inhaled a rather large breath.

“The producer said I might find ye here,” a deep voice broke through the quiet.

Jamie’s voice.

Squinting, Claire opened one eye to watch as he entered the room, closing the door behind him.

The settee depressed with an almost silent creek as he sat beside her his arm coming to rest incredibly close to her head.

“She didn’t pick you then?” Claire asked, knowing the likely answer since he was hiding away with her here, instead of lapping it up back on set. She just needed to make sure before she dove head first into something she *might* regret later.

At least if he was still –for all intents and purposes– single, and he rejected her, she could accept she wasn’t stealing someone else’s potential partner.

“Nay, she didna.”

Letting him eye her for just a second, Claire took another breath before leaning over and taking his lips against hers. He didn’t resist, almost guessing her movements to a tee. Their mouths moved fluidly against one another, Claire’s hand getting lost in Jamie’s longish curls as she twisted to push herself close to him.

Their tongues met as the eager pair slid closer and closer until Claire was almost sat astride Jamie’s hips.

“No’ here, Claire,” he sighed, holding her chin softly in his palm as he glanced towards the door, breaking their contact. “I have a dressing room that’s private.”

Claire nodded, a sort of fuzzy haze surrounding her as Jamie rose and took her by the hand.

Leaning down, she picked her shoes up from the floor but carried them rather than putting them back on, as he guided her towards the small room off the main corridor.

Slamming the door closed behind them, Claire pushed Jamie against it, her hands pinning him to the chipped painted surface.

“I don’t usually do this,” she panted in between kisses, her heart thrumming in her chest as she ran a finger along his chin and down his neck. “I promise. You just–”

“I ken,” he interrupted, feeling the self-doubt rising within her as she spoke. “I feel the same. I dinna go around snogging random women, either,” he whispered against her lips, noting the faint pink tint to her cheeks as she tilted her head and licked her lips, tasting his subtle musk against her flushed skin.

“Good to know,” she murmured, her eyes closing as they joined once more.

The soft sound of their caresses echoed around the tiny room as Claire began to undo Jamie’s shirt, the heat building, pulling her under.

Stumbling, she almost missed one, her brain catching up with her body as she tried to shift away.

“J-Jamie…” she stuttered, blinking her eyes open as the harsh lights came back into focus. “I’m not even off the clock yet! I could lose my license to practice.”

Her ramblings were severed by a loud banging as someone began pounding on the door.

“Mr. Fraser! We just need you back for one more shot! Back on stage in five please!”

“A-aye, o’ course…” Jamie returned, his eyes holding Claire’s as he spoke.

He waited then, not wanting to continue until he was sure nobody was listening the other side.

“That willna happen, Claire. Dinna fash. Just, please,” he begged, his head dipping slightly as he took her hands in his and gripped her fingers, “dinna leave wi’out me.”

Abashed, Claire nodded, following Jamie back out into the hall and towards the open set arena. She watched, her head bent forward to hide the emotions playing out on her own face, as the cast and crew viewed them with mixed expressions.

She had a feeling they all knew what had transpired between Jamie and herself and she by no means wanted to stir the pot.

“Right!” the director yelled, holding a very old looking hat between his fingers. “Back on cue. Finally.”

Standing off to the side, Claire hid in the shadows, desperate not to bring any more attention to herself as the final cut of the show was shot and the producers -finally- wrapped the guests.

Tapping her foot against the polished lino, she waited for someone –anyone– to come and relieve her of her duties. The combined close warmth of the place was starting to make her feel light headed, along with the heady mix of Jamie, the scent of him still lingering on her tongue.

“Dr. Beauchamp?” a small, timid voice called. Claire almost didn’t hear the meek young man who stood next to her, headset in hand, the bags under his eyes large enough to hold a full weeks shop and possibly more. “They’ve said you’re free to go now, t-thank you.”

Nodding, she turned on her heel, eager to be away. Sweat gathered on her palms as she collected her medical supplies and headed for the service entrance. Part of her knew she should wait around for Jamie, but a more prominent part wanted out. Something told her the green room footage wouldn’t make pleasant viewing, at least not for the pair of them anyway.

The cool air felt good against her burning cheeks as it blasted her on exiting the building. She hadn’t even stopped to sign out of the exit book at the front, but nor did she think someone sensible would be manning it at this hour. It would probably be an off-duty security guard, and she was sure they wouldn’t even bother about one random lost doctor. If anyone asked, she’d feign an emergency. Joe would stick up for her.

Rounding the corner into the staff car park, she pulled out the keys to her little Fiesta, the tiny blip resonating through the near-empty space.

“Here was me thinking we had something in there,” Jamie jested, stunning Claire as she jerked her head up, eyes wide in shock. “But here ye are, running from me.”

Smiling, Claire shrugged her shoulders, her hair slipping further from it’s loose binding.

“I wouldn’t say running,” she returned. “More like a slow amble if you ask me.”

“Aye,” he replied, his voice low, husky. It seemed to vibrate through the floor and up into the soles of her feet.

“I’m sorry, Jamie, it wasn’t you. I hope you know that. I really did want to stick around and talk, at the very least,” she began, a hint of regret swirling in the air around her. “But that place…I don’t know, I got the feeling they *knew*.”

“They did,” he stated, rather cautiously, pushing himself from the bonnet of her car and walking steadily towards her. “The green room has CCTV, a live feed to the floor so the runners can see that the guests arena starved.”

Claire nodded, her whole face turning bright red in the dark night as she imagined them all watching in wonder as she and Jamie almost dry humped right before their eyes.

“Dinna fret, aye? I spoke to them about it. To protect ye. Naybody is fashed about it, Claire. Happens all the time –apparently.”

Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he brought her softly against his chest and rubbed her arms in quiet support.

“Thank you, Jamie. Truly. I honestly would have had to go back in there and explain if you hadn’t sorted it all.” Nuzzling her face into the plush liner of his jacket, Claire lost herself for a moment, letting her embarrassment dissipate.

Finally, realising where she was, she pulled away, her face a more normal colour again.

“I dinna mean to sound sae forward,” Jamie started, his eyebrows drawing together as if uncertain as to whether to broach this question or not.

“Out with it!” Claire pressed, letting an undertone of humour creep into her words.

“Weel.” Rubbing the back of his neck, he shifted from one foot to the other, the asphalt beneath his shoes making a low scratch as he built up the courage. “I have a hotel room, provided to me by the show. Would ye care for a night cap –wi’ me?”

Blushing once more, Claire nodded, not trusting her voice as she held out her hand to him.

“If it has parking, I’m definitely in,” she returned, her eyes alight with hope as she tugged him towards her car.

“Aye, Claire,” Jamie replied, pulling the large keyfob from his pocket. “I believe it does.”

I Spy:

Band Member: Luke

Type: Spy AU

Description: Your entire life was based on a web of lies, your only purpose was to reveal the truth, your methods of attacked based on invasion. You needed to leave the SSP for your own sanity, but how could you when you’d fallen in love with Luke?

Your name had been erased years ago. Your childhood before the spy agency was classified and sealed even from your eyes. You were hardly able to recall your life from before anyway, not that you’d ever want to remember it. You just knew whatever your life had been before thirteen was a pitiful existence. You knew when your birthday was before, though now you celebrated the day you entered the SSP programme instead, and your parents, whoever they were, were long gone. Your leaders had told you to forget about trying to remember a biological family during the first few days, the SSP was your family now. They were the only things you knew for sure. You remembered a crying woman with long hair telling you that it’d be alright if you just let the waves of sleep take you. Who was she? Who had she been to you? You doubted she was alive anymore if she even existed, the lines of reality and childish make believe were blurred in your memory.

Your name was something that changed as frequently as the weather. It depended on what mission you were on and who you had to get close to. You could be anybody from anywhere. But the SSP gave you a code name, one that made you feel like part of their family, they named you Sparrow since you were swift and wouldn’t shut up for the first month. You knew it was meant affectionately but yours was the oddest name of the bunch. The rest had simply gained standardised names that had no real meaning to them other than they liked them.

The SSP were government trained spies and assassins. You were part of a small trial of younger spies and after that, you didn’t need to know anything else. You didn’t question whether it was immoral or invasion. They trained you to be the best and that’s all you were focused on being. You could speak seven languages, your team could each take down an army singlehandedly and you could already hide forever when you joined. As a kid, that was an advantage when playing Hide and Seek with whatever neighbourhood kids you could find, you used to win regardless. You remembered that too, the rare glimpses of childhood made you feel more human opposed to the machine you felt like you had become. Some days you scared yourself about how ruthless you were with your information. Blackmail had become second nature to you, twisted plans formed in your head as you lurked in the shadows or hid in plain sight.

Yet you kept going despite how you feared for your values. Each mission meant a different town, a different you. At the moment, you were in New York City. Of course, there’s a new story. Now, you were Gracie Cunningham from England on a last minute holiday to escape your failing relationship. It was the perfect story. You simply ordered food to your room, played depressing songs and monitored the movements in the hotel room next door where a Paul Edmunds had checked in to do a dodgy gun deal. This afternoon, you knew he was being picked up by the FBI.  

You reached for the phone and was about to call for room service when a knock came at the door. You frowned, nobody was on your mission and you’d made a point of looking god awful in the corridor when you had to follow Edmunds from the hotel. He’d given you a sympathetic look and asked if it was boy trouble. The FBI didn’t even know you were the reason for the tip off and you intended on jumping ship at the first flash of a badge.

You tucked your gun in the back on your jeans and looked through the spy hole. You sighed heavily and opened the door to Luke, a boy from your team. His unplanned appearance made you wonder what had gone wrong or if they’d found out what your intentions were.

“Gracie, we need to talk,” he said in a voice louder than normal.

You knew from the look on his face that Edmunds was in the corridor. The guy hadn’t developed a knack for subtlety, you’d noticed over the last few days when Edmunds had mentioned he had a son you might like to meet.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” you spat back, playing along with whatever the hell this was.

“Just let me in, we can make this work, babe,” he pleaded then pushed by you.

Edmunds dropped back into your view and looked at you with concern.

“Are you okay, Miss?” he asked.

You nodded and faked a few tears. “He’s my boyfriend, the cheating dickhead I came here to avoid.”

Edmunds didn’t look happy to leave you but you smiled weakly before shutting the door.

You turned to Luke with a glare. He was from your unit in the SSP, the room next door to yours which made it that you were close. He had your back and you had his, that’s how it had always been since he’d joined. Except in recent months, it had changed for you. Maybe it was because you found him so captivating when he spoke or the way his blue eyes shone when he laughed. But it was probably the way he said your name in his softest voice he reserved only for you in the early hours of the morning.

Luke’s hands moved quickly as he signed to you that the leaders were concerned about you. Playing the guitar helped him to remember the sign language after you pointed out the chords weren’t much different.

That’s a joke, you signed back before you pointed to the adjoining wall. You turned the music off and started to brush your hair into a bun.

“I can’t believe you slept with my sister!” you shouted then shot a smirk at Luke. “And now she’s pregnant? Why the hell would you do that to somebody you claim to love?”

He glared at you but he didn’t miss a beat. “You look so similar in the dark!”

“That’s disgusting, Luke,” you muttered before shouting obscenities at him again.

Your fight went on for another half an hour, by the end of it, you were even arguing as you cleaned your camera and Luke was flicking through the CCTV cameras in Edmunds’ room.

You turned to the mirror again and checked you looked like a wreck. You felt Luke sliding a diamond ring onto your ring finger. You raised an eyebrow at him but then tried not to let him see your embarrassment.

“I feel the need to get down on one knee and do this properly.”

He smirked at you then gave you a small laugh when he saw you trying to fight off a blush. He pulled the new passports out of his back jean pocket and handed you one.

“So what’s the story this time, Sparrow?” he asked, biting an apple he pulled from the complimentary fruit bowl.

You quickly checked the name in the passport and frowned when you saw that the name had changed. You weren’t supposed to be using this identity to escape but you recalled which story it was. Now Luke was here, you couldn’t use the original cover anyway. That identity was a loner type, good for long plane journeys. But now you had an added obstacle of trying to shake him off before running.

“I’m Alice Green from Newport. I’m getting married to my gorgeous fiancé in England next month. He’s called Rob, we’ve been together for 4 years, and we met on a cruise. I’ve just discovered I’m pregnant and we’re really excited to be parents which is why we need to get going or we’ll miss our flight to announce the news Rob’s parents, officer.”

You threw a sickly sweet grin at him for good measure. Luke rolled his eyes at you but nodded anyway.

“Like we’re going to get caught in here,” he said like he was already bored. He then flashed you a quick smile. “But good, convincing. Nobody could take you down with that pretty smile.”

You frowned at him then smacked him squarely in the stomach though he tried to dodge it.

“Don’t toy with me,” you said with a pout. “I’m a very delicate pregnant lady.”

You patted your stomach mockingly then picked up your bag; your things had been packed for hours. You sighed as you caught sight of yourself in the mirror again.

“Will we ever be able to be ourselves?” you asked him under your breath.

You opened your mouth to add to it but you knew somebody was listening. You could feel it; it felt like pins in the back of your neck. These days it felt like even the walls had ears. It was hard to get a moment away from the others at the SPP house. Everybody was everywhere and had no sense of privacy after invading everybody else’s.

Soon I hope, he signed with his free hand loosely.

You’d mixed a few forms of sign language to create your own little language a few years back when the others kept catching on to your talks. Living with spies was no walk in the park, especially when you acted like siblings and fought full on wars between each other.

“Sparrow, you’re getting worse,” he mumbled as he straightened a strand of your wig. “I’m worried about you, Row. You couldn’t make it any more obvious if you tried.”

Your heart stopped. He knew what you’d found out. Luke knew you wanted to get out, which meant he knew the impossible. You’d been sure you had been careful to cover your tracks. You took in a deep breath, readying yourself for the fall out. Nobody simply walked away from the SSP, you either died serving or became a mentor.

“You’ve been trained to be suspicious. No one is watching us,” he said softly. “I think three jobs in a row were a bad idea after you were ill, Row. You need a break.”

Your heart resumed its beating as you convinced yourself he was still clueless. You silently prayed that it would stay that way until you finally got away. You couldn’t handle the images of how upset he’d be if he found out. He was happy enough to still think the flu had knocked you off of your feet and you weren’t going to correct him.

“So why are you here?” you asked. “It’s not that I’m not happy you’re here but it doesn’t exactly fill me with joy because I know they’ve sent you. I’m guessing you’re my beloved Rob, right?”

Luke sighed and sat down on the end of the bed. “They’re worried about you, Sparrow. They think you’re overworking yourself so they want you to come home which is why the whole story has changed.”

“Great, they don’t trust me to come home by myself now?” You sighed. “I’m fine, honestly.”

You nervously tucked your hair back behind your ears. You couldn’t hang around here with Luke watching your every move, you already felt guilty enough without his presence reminding you of what you were leaving behind. Once you were on the run from the agency, you no longer had a family or any sense of who you were outside of being a spy. You wanted to find out about yourself, you wanted to know what you enjoyed apart from knife training, what scared you in the real world though they’d trained you to be fearless, what kind of movie you liked to watch when you were sick.  And your window of disappearing was closing rapidly because as soon as they placed you on rest, you were expected to spend time at the house under the watchful eyes of the mentors until they knew you felt good enough to pick up another job.

“They want you to head back tomorrow,” Luke said slowly. “They’ve arranged for you to stay here another night then you can fly tomorrow.”

“No,” you said quickly.

Luke had this painful look in his eyes. “Row, look, I know you want to keep—”

“No, I need to get out of here before this job comes back to bit me in the ass, okay?” you said firmly. “The FBI don’t really take kindly to undercover spies in their country so I’d like to be far away before they realise.”

“You’re due for your psych evaluation and your rest time. You’ve done nothing but work lately, take a break. See London without the camera lens and the threat of being found out. Be Sparrow for a little while.”

You shook your head and shrugged on a jacket. You pointed at Luke as you spoke.

“Sparrow is a spy,” you remarked. “I can’t be Sparrow without being a spy, Luke. I don’t know who I am without the agent part in front of my name.”

“Then find out,” Luke argued back.

“I can’t,” you spat back. “I can’t when you’re all suffocating me in that fucking house.”

You stuffed it with the things out of the mini fridge and tried to pretend Luke’s eyes weren’t burning a hole into the back of your head.


“Nothing,” Luke said quietly. “I’ve just never seen you go off at me like that, everybody else but never me. What’s wrong, Row?”

You turned to Luke and realised there was no way of explaining what was happening without telling him you were leaving. You bit the inside of your cheek.

“I just want to get out of here,” you muttered as you busied yourself with picking a new outfit from your bag just for something to do.

“You don’t get nervous about jobs so don’t try to pull that shit,” Luke said in a low tone.

You turned to look at him but your bag fell from the bed, its contents spreading across the floor. You dived to start gathering it up, you couldn’t let him see your things. But he’d already seen what you didn’t want him to. You knew from the confusion on his chiselled face.

The plane ticket that was taking you to Canada was already in his hand.

“Why do you have this?” he asked you.

“It’s nothing.”

You kept moving, avoiding Luke’s eyes since he knew you better than you’d ever thought possible. But he pulled your arm and forced you to face him. He rested his hands on your shoulders and stared at you. Your heart thumped against your chest.

“Come on, Row. Why do you have a ticket if it’s nothing?” Luke said sternly. “Why do you have a plane ticket to Canada when you’re coming back home with me?”

“Because London isn’t home anymore,” you murmured before biting your lip. “I don’t know, Luke. I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“I want you to talk to me! You’re distant and, I don’t know, a little jumpy. We tell each other everything, right?”

You nodded weakly. You didn’t deserve for him to be so kind to you when you were planning on abandoning him.

“Can you remember when they gave me the sleeping pills because I couldn’t sleep? Well, I remembered something about the woman who told me to go to sleep. It was one of the nurses who looked after me when I had the flu. She was crying and somebody told her to get on with it. They gave me something then were surprised when I woke up. The program tried to kill me, Luke. I remember some agents arguing over what to do with me when I found them in my old house.”

Luke shook his head, he’d always seen the SSP as a happy family. You saw the disbelief in his eyes and it echoed how you had felt when you’d found out.

“No, you must have been dreaming. You haven’t got any proof,” he stuttered. “The SSP wouldn’t kill you or your family. They saved you.”

He walked away from you and raked his hands through his hair.

“I thought the same but then I dug into the records, I got one of the hackers to look into my file and I found out my real name. I had a family—”

“We all had families!” Luke shouted at you. “But that doesn’t matter now, the team is our family.”

You felt the tears sting your eyes. “I had a family and the agency killed them, that’s what I saw. That’s why the mentors like me so much, they feel guilty, Luke. I know what they did and I can’t look them in the eye anymore. I wanted to tell you when I found out but I know you’re happy in the program. I’m not anymore.”

Luke gave you a blank expression as his mouth fell open to speak but words failed him.

“I’m escaping, Luke. I’m walking away from this life.”

He stepped forward and shook his head fiercely. “You can’t. You can’t leave me, Row.”

You saw the tears in his eyes and you took his face in your hands.

“I have to,” you whispered to him. “You could come with me?”

You smiled faintly when you saw the flicker of horror in his eyes. A life without the SSP wasn’t something Luke had ever imagined. You knew from the late night conversations in your bedroom that he planned to help other teenagers blossom into spies and that’s how it was going to be. You knew that from these plans, he wanted you by his side like it had always been.

You pressed a kiss to his cheek and stood back.

“I know you can’t,” you said softly.

Luke grasped your wrists and tilted his head. “Stay, okay? We can transfer, we’ll get away from them. Just don’t leave me, please just don’t leave.”

You sighed as the tears graced your cheeks. “I can’t. Please don’t try to stop me.”

He bit his lip ring then stood back from you. He avoided looking at you.

“Just give me some time before you tell them, okay?”

Luke nodded though you knew you were asking him to defy every rule they’d ever taught you. You walked over to the window and smiled at him before climbing out of it onto the fire escape.

“Bye, Luke. I’m sorry.”

You began to run down, your bag hitting your side as you descended the stairs. You tried to swallow the lump in your throat and ignore the shouts from Luke for you to go back to him.

Are You Trying To Kill Me? [Cjamm]

Artist: Cjamm | Word Count: 2.565 | Soulmate!AU (3/?)

Soulmate!AU - You feel the pain inflicted on your soul mate’s body.

Third soul mate scenario with my boy Cjamm! Hope you like it:)


For every scars and wounds he had on his body, Sungmin was so sure that his soul mate must’ve been an athlete. She could be one of those martial art athletes, probably because of the thousands of wounds he had got because of her.

Okay, maybe he was exaggerating.

But over his 23 years of living, he only had one broken bone caused by himself. The rest, which is a broken nose, ribs, right arm, left arm, and right leg, were all because of his soul mate. Not only that, the wounds because of being punched and kicked painted his body more than his tattoo. It’s embarrassing for him when he had to go to the supermarket with a purple wound on his right cheek, when he was sure he wouldn’t do that bad in a fight!

Sungmin hated it when his friends and label mates would laugh at him when he would meet them while he was limping, or he had a cast on him. They all guessed that his soul mate must be in some sort of gang, because there were fresh wounds every day.

His pain started turning intense when he entered his early twenties. That’s why he had a guess that maybe his soul mate was an athlete, and was starting to compete in tournaments. But that still didn’t make sense too, Sungmin knew as much as an athlete sucked, they couldn’t do that bad. His soul mate could have been the reason of his death, and that’s the reason why Sungmin isn’t really happy about the whole soul mate thing.

But today, Sungmin felt surprisingly normal. Hell, even this week has been especially calming for him. He didn’t hurt himself at all, and so does his soul mate. Maybe today he can get to write his verses in peace. Sungmin hopped out of bed, and got dressed to go to the studio.

“There’s a movement in Hongdae,” Detective Ahn says, and you jolted up in surprise, “He’s moving back and forth at the Hongdae station.”

“Why is he turning his cell on?” You were leaning more into the computer screen, “Isn’t it obvious that we are tracking him down with everything we can?”

“What if that’s not him?”

“What if it’s a trap?” You said, your eyes shifting from the Detective Ahn and the computer screen.

“But what if he actually sets something off today?”

“So should we just send someone in, just in case?”

“Yes, that’ll be good. Is it okay if I send you out this time, Detective (Last Name)?” You nodded, and quickly headed to your desk to grab your coat and hat.

“I’ll be bringing out five men with me, is that good?”

“Make sure they are armed and brief them first before heading to the location.”

“Alright, I got it.” You were about to head to the door when Detective Ahn’s voice stopped you.

“Make sure you don’t hurt yourself this time, (Name),” Detective Ahn lets out a chuckle, “You wouldn’t want your soul mate to suffer more, right?” A groan escaped your lips and you flung the door shut, ignoring Detective Ahn’s laughter from the other side of the door.

In the age of 21, you started working as a Detective in Seoul, working with Detective Ahn from the start. It was a known fact between your work mates that you were way too kind to be a detective, because for every wound and pain you got, the first thing that came to your mind was your soul mate. And it was something that your work mates liked to tease you about, because not only have you not met your soul mate, but you were giving him a hard time too.

This week was suspiciously calm and there were only normal crimes like theft, drunk driving, street fight, etc. But suddenly, a bomber that was active a few months ago decided to show up to the public. It was odd, because he brought his phone with him, which allowed the police track his location down. But everything about his arrival at Hongdae was strange, and you had a bad feeling about this.

The police car parked a few meters away from the Hongdae Station, in a secluded section away from the public’s eyes and a blind spot for CCTVs. The six of you got out of the car, and you gathered them all for briefing.

“Listen up guys, I’m not sure myself if the one that is in the station is the bomber himself, or someone that he sent to lure us in. But act normal, don’t make yourself obvious to him, but in a range where you can see him clearly. Make sure the communication never cuts, and follow me and Detective Ahn’s order. Officer Kim, I’d like you to go to the CCTV room and give us updates on anything suspicious. And send all of us the information, don’t miss anything out. The HQ should help us pinpoint his location too.”

“Your lyrics are great as usual, Cjamm,” Kush said, patting his back, “Should we try recording now? I already checked Reddy’s lyrics.” The producer motioned to Reddy who was talking on the phone at the corner of the studio.

“Sure.” Cjamm went to where Reddy is and tapped his back, mouthing him to get ready. The man nodded and bid goodbye to the person he was talking to, and joined Sungmin at the recording room.

“Who was that?” Cjamm asked curiously, “Your all smiley and shit.” He had a mocking smirk on his face, and Hongwu’s lips turned into a smile as he avoided meeting his eyes with Cjamm’s.

“Isn’t it obvious? It was her.”

“Ah, it must’ve been nice to meet your soul mate.”

“Maybe you should start checking people that work at construction sites, there’s a chance she could work there with all the physical pain you got.” Hongwu joked, and Cjamm had to hold his need to smack him, because really, he doesn’t need another person teasing him about his soul mate.

“Alright, you guys ready?” Kush asked, receiving a nod from the two, “Alright, I’ll play the music.”

Cjamm’s head bobbed up and down, feeling the beat of the music. His right hand held his phone where his lyrics were written, and he took a deep breath when his part of the song came.

But his voice never came out.

Feeling a sharp pain on his chest, his hand flew up to it, clenching it tightly. His legs tumbled back, and his vision started blurring out, and before Sungmin knows it, he blacked out in an instant, with panicked voices as the last thing he heard.

“Catch him right now, (Name).”

“Are you serious?!” You yelled whispered at Detective Ahn, your eyes following the guy’s every move.

Whoever he is, he wasn’t boarding any train at all. He had been lounging in front of the lane to Myeongdong, not moving for the whole 20 minutes you had been there. But he was on his phone, seemingly talking to someone to make himself look busy, but the HQ was sure he wasn’t calling anyone at all. Everyone was on edge, because everyone had no idea what he’s up to.

“Yes, this is an order from the higher ups too,” Detective Ahn sighed, “Bring two guys with you, arrest him right now and make sure he’s clean from anything.”

“Alright, I got it.” You cut the communication with Detective Ahn and called the other two.

“Come over to my spot guys, let’s get this over with.” You ordered them, your eyes still locked at the suspect.

“We are on our way, Detective.” Seconds later, the two of them joined your spot, and you made sure the suspect was still at the same spot.

“Take your guns out, and if he starts shooting, do not hesitate to shoot.” You said to them before making your way to the suspect, the two following suit behind you.

The seconds you spent walking towards him was making your heart beat faster, there was fear in your heart, because you didn’t know what to expect when the suspect turned around. You were preparing yourself for the worst case scenario, which made you bite your lips in nervousness. As you finally stood behind him, everything changed drastically in just a few seconds.

“Gotcha.” A gun was shoved to your chest, right where your heart is, and you blacked out the moment a gun shot was heard.

Sungmin’s eyes started to open, blinking to adjust the strong light that came in contact. When his visions have fully adjusted to the light, he was met with plain with walls in front of him.

What the-

“Guys, he’s awake!” Sungmin winced when he heard a shout, and the view of the white walls in front of him was blocked by a familiar face leaning close to him.

“Where am I?” Sungmin rasped, his voice sounded sore. He tried to sit up, but then he felt a sharp pain on his chest, and released a loud groan in pain.

“Take it easy dude, let me just adjust the bed for you.”

“Thanks Byungyoon.” BewhY chuckled and adjusted Sungmin’s bed, and now he was faced with concerned faces in front of him.

There were Reddy and Kush on the right side of his bed, and he remembered the two of them were there when he blacked out. There’s Zion.T and Seo Chulgoo too, and BeWhy’s girlfriend next to him.

“Your soul mate sure is something, Sungmin.”

“What happened to me?”

“Somehow, your soul mate got a bullet lodged a few centimeters from her heart.” Sungmin’s eyes widened and he held his breath, not believing what he heard from his high school best friend.


“But the chances of you finding her is higher now, take a look at this.” Zion.T, who was near the TV, turned it on, where breaking news was being aired right now.

“The culprit of the Hongdae bombing hasn’t been found yet, it appears to be a suicidal bombing, as the culprit sets the bomb off when he was confronted by a detective and two officers. There were no victims lost, but the detective got shot right before the bombing, and is now at the Seoul National Hospital.”

No. Way.

“She’s in the same hospital as us?!” Sungmin started freaking out, but the moment he started moving, his voice turned into a pained cry again.

“Yeah, she is,” Reddy answered him, “But I don’t think we can meet her now,” He frowned, glancing at the door.


“There are so many reporters out there, waiting to interview her. So I don’t think it’s the right time to go see her.”

“But I’m worried!” Sungmin cried out, “She almost got her life taken! I want to make sure that she’s alright…” The sadness was evident in his eyes, his palms were fisted and his knuckles started to turn white.

Everyone in the room erupted into a laughter seeing how worked up Sungmin was. He was staring at them all with confusion in his eyes as they all got up from their seats.

“Just chill, lover boy,” Kush’s hand ruffled his dread locks in a playful way, “If you are up now, so is she. I’m sure she’s a tough one.”

All of them left him because the visiting hours were over, and he was left alone in his ward. Sungmin’s thoughts were keeping him awake, and he couldn’t sleep peacefully with the thought of his soul mate being in the same building as his. It was 2 in the morning already, but his eyes were wide, and every time he started to close his eyes, he we would be reminded of her.

Fuck this, he thought, as Sungmin started to climb off his bed, biting his lips to endure the pain he felt on his chest. As he slipped his slippers on, he grabbed his wallet and slipped out of his room, being sure that there were no nurses around him. He found a vending machine near his ward, and he was more than happy to see that they had his favorite drink in it.

Sungmin carefully crouched down to grab his drink, but when he got a grip of him, the pain from his chest twitched again, and the can fell down the floor and rolled away from him. His eyes followed the movement of it, and it landed next to someone’s feet, a girl’s to be exact. Then, she picked it up, and Sungmin’s eyes followed her movements, and he was shocked to see her face.

She was pretty, like an angel, although she looked very tired right now. Her hair fell down perfectly, and it didn’t look like she even tried to. He didn’t know why, but he felt a strong attraction for this stranger in front of him. Sungmin fixed his posture and walked closer to her, holding his right hand out for his drink.

“Ah, thanks for the help.”

“Yeah, you’re—“A wince escaped her lips, and her hand shot up to her chest, holding over the part where her heart is softly.

Sungmin’s eyes widened when he eyed where her source of pain was. It was from her heart. The exact same place he was wounded at.

Could it be?

“Excuse me—” Sungmin’s words seemed to disappear when their eyes met, and you seemed to finally get the idea of why Sungmin’s eyes widened for a moment.

Oh my god.

As your eyes met the eyes of the stranger you’ve just helped, your heart started to beat faster, and you stomach felt weird. There was a feeling in your heart telling you something about him, there was something about him to you. Your eyes trailed down and you can see his left chest throbbed a little. It seemed like it was bandaged over his heart, the same place where you were shot earlier.

“Is it really you?” You asked, your mouth fell down and your eyes were wide in shock as realization dawned into you.

“I am,” Sungmin whispered, his hand finding his way to yours, “And you really are my soul mate.”

You felt like your heart wanted to explode in happiness, as your lips couldn’t help but smile wide at him, and you felt like you were on top of the word. And you didn’t wait any longer as you dived into his arms, careful not to hurt his chest, something you’ve always wanted to do ever since.

“Oh my god, it really is you!” You squeaked, peeking from behind him to see his face.

His soul mate was so cute, Sungmin thought, as he was the reason of why there was happiness in her tired face, and his heart was racing to the clouds. He chuckled at your cute response and wrapped his arms around you, his head resting on your head, inhaling your scent.

“Are you trying to kill me though? I never knew someone could be injured so much.” Sungmin’s teasing made your cheeks turn to different shades of red, and the guy seemed to have found another hobby that he loves to do.

“Shut it! It’s a part of my work, you know.”

“Yeah, I know. But I’m kind of disappointed to be honest, since I thought you were involved with some gangs.”


We didn’t realize (KBTBB Group)

Lol so guess who finally found some inspiration/stopped having writers block/finally got too frustrated with my essay to continue?!?! That’s right! This girl! *points to self* (Also, I recently watched ‘The Duff’ and IT IS AMAZING. I OFFICIALLY LOVE THAT MOVIE AND I WOULD BUY THE DVD IF MY PARENTS WEREN’T AGAINST SWEARING AND DIDN’T ASSUME I HAVE THE INNOCENCE OF A 5 YEAR OLD) but anyway, this request was from a long time ago but I suppose I never really knew what to write (tbh, I still don’t XD OOh! and I’m 17 away from 900 (followers) whooooooooo XD) so here it is!



Prompt: Can I request a group KBTBB where the bidders are watching MC in her bedroom on the monitor and they notice huge scars going down her back and legs? And they end up finding out that MC was in a horrible accident when she was younger resulting in her losing her mom dad and sister? And for the following days they keep watching her on the monitor & see that everytime she sees the scars she cries? and the bidders comfort her? Sorry so long!!😺😺

Also, before I start, can I just say that installing cameras in someone’s room is wrong and creepy? (I know that goes without saying but still) and to anyone who may have lost family members or people dear to them, I’m very sorry for your loss. Know that the person (or people) who were cruelly taken away from you will always stay with you and watch over you. ^ ^ I wish you happiness in life not only because you deserve it, but also because I’m sure your deceased loved one would have wanted to see you smile.


It had started just a few days ago. Eisuke was checking CCTV footage when he noticed that there was a camera…in your room. He wasn’t a man of no morals so he knew that he had to have it taken down immediately but just as he was about to send out the orders, you began to change. As you pulled your top off, back towards the camera, he noticed a long, dark scar the stretched down the length of your back. He was speechless. “Oh? What’s this boss? I come here to check on you and I catch you watching the pretty lady get chang-” As Baba came up behind Eisuke’s shocked form, his body tensed up in surprise as he too saw the scar that damaged your skin. It wasn’t ugly, or unsightly but it pierced their hearts with the curiosity of how you could’ve obtained such a painful looking scar.

The next day, they showed the others who each, in turn let their mouths hang open, unsure what to say or do. “What could have happened to Koro…” “The poor kid…” *click* “Whoever did this is going down.” Hastily telling Soryu to put his gun away, Eisuke turned to face the others, a new resolve in mind. “You know what to do right?” Nodding simultaneously, the bidders walked out of the room, each knowing what they need to do.

A few hours later, they met up in the lounge of the penthouse to report back. “Alright. Now that we’re all here, I’ll start things off.” Rising from his seat, Eisuke addressed everybody before he began to share what he had found. “_________ grew up with her mum, dad and little sister. It seemed that they were a very loving family and though they weren’t that financially well off, they were…happy.” “Apparently,” Baba continued, “When she was 5 and her sister was two, the pretty lady’s dad won a competition and was able to take the whole family on a trip.” “The kid and her family were overjoyed or whatever and began packing immediately.” “But on the way there, poor Koro and her family got involved in some kind of car crash. Judging from the reports, it was due to the heavy rain and wet road on the way to the airport.” “Though the other car survived with injuries, _______’s parents and her sister…died.”

As Soryu finished off the story, the end was greeted with silence. A silence that was only broken when you entered the room. “I’m here to clea- huh? What’s with the long faces?” You giggled in amusement at the sullen faces all around, each one reflecting pain and worry as 5 pairs of hurt eyes looked back at you. “G-guys?” Forcing a smile, Baba walked over and flung an arm around you. “I-It’s nothing pretty lady, but how about you and I go out for a date?” Feeling relief rush through your body after his normal advance, you shrugged him off with a laugh and made your way to the first room you needed to clean. “I don’t think so Baba, I gotta clean.” They continued to stay silent as you walked away, laughing quietly to yourself. “I thought she was just another ditz who didn’t understand real pain…” “but she knows too. She knows how hard it is to lose your loved ones at such a young age…” Each of the bidders found a new sense of respect well up inside of them. Hearing about your pain hurt them so much more because each of them knew pain too. They knew how hard it must’ve been…and so, they made plans for the next day.

~The next day~

They had all gathered into the CCTV supervision room yet again and were watching the screen intently. Eisuke had given you the day off so after some grocery shopping, you had gone straight home to get some well deserved rest. “Ok. If we all did our parts then everything should go as planned.” Staring intently at the screen, they watched as you threw yourself on your bed after an exhausting morning, only to be forced off the mattress by a sharp knock at the door minutes later. Holding heir breaths, they watched as you opened the door to see a box at your doorstep and chuckled fondly as you looked around outside your door to see if anyone had put it there by mistake. Gently, you lifted the box and took it into your room, putting it down on the floor with caution, curiosity and excitement filling your eyes.

The sparkle in your eyes was immediately clouded over when you saw what was inside the box. They watched as tears began to fill your eyes, falling steadily as they streaked your cheeks. Silently, you lifted up the items one by one. The first was a picture of your parents and sister, laughing together as they prepared for your 5th birthday, it was a photo that you had never seen before but the love and warmth in their expressions touched your heart. Turning the photo over slowly, you saw, written on the back in your mother’s swirly handwriting were the following words: “Preparing a birthday surprise for our darling _________. The little one made a fuss at first but she immediately lightened up when she realized the surprise was for her sister <3″ “…Mum…” you hugged the photo to your chest as you remembered her warmth. The second item that you held up was a plastic tiara that had been given to you for your fourth birthday. You remembered how that time was a rough place for your family as your little sister had just turned 1 and so the financial situation was…less than desirable…and yet, your parents had worked extra hard to get you a present. On the back was engraved the words, “Our Princess~” Fresh tears filled your eyes as you remembered the dark circles that had decorated your fathers eyes as he set out to work more shifts. He never said a word to complain and when he had presented you with the gift, love and care in his eyes, he had simply shrugged saying: “I would work for a thousand hours in a row if it meant that I could make my princess smile. Now, as you held the child’s accessory in your hand, remembering your fathers image, you stroked the glued on gems, whispering to the memory of him. “Oh Dad…I would throw away all the jewels in the world…if only I could see you again…” The third item was a drawing. By your sister. “My sister,________.” was the label. It was nothing but a child’s scrawl but to you, it was a masterpiece. You could almost see the pride in her eyes and her anxious expression as she gave it to you, desperately willing you to like it. Oh how you missed her. There were so many things you could’ve shown her, so many talks the two of you could’ve shared…Gently, you stroked each line of felt tip with your finger, imagining how intense her look of concentration must have been as she drew it for you. Quietly, you laid the drawing to the side, scared you would ruin the paper with your tears. The fourth was a blanket. It had been carefully knitted by your mum, her love for you poured into every stitch. Muffling your cries, you nuzzled your face into the soft fabric, savouring the faint smell of home that was still woven into the wool. Carefully, you wrapped the small fabric around your shoulders. It was made for a 5 year old version for you and so barely covered your back but as you draped the material over your shoulders, you could almost feel the warmth of your mother’s embrace, wrap around you. Wiping your tears away desperately, you lifted up the last item. A letter. A letter that you never received. Cautiously, you removed the paper from its envelope and began to read.

[______, our dear child,

You’re already five now, growing up to be a big girl. We’re so thankful to have a wonderful daughter like you, and your sister is so lucky to have you prepared to guide her when we can’t. You’ve always been a considerate child, constantly putting others before yourself. You need to do things for yourself sometimes as well. We don’t know how much of your life we can spend with you, but never forget, that no matter what happens, we will always love you and your sister more than anything in the world.

Love, Mama and Papa]

As you read the short but heartfelt note, your shoulders began to tremble as fresh tears welled up in your glistening orbs. Hugging the letter, you let yourself cry out for the first time in years. “Mama! Papa! My dear baby sister…I miss you guys…I miss you, so, so much…” After you had spent a good few minutes, finally letting out the grief and sorrow you had experienced from your loss, you looked up to see there was one last note in the box:

[No matter what, you can come to us. We will be your shoulders to cry on.]

Immediately, you led from your room, knowing exactly where you needed to go. As you disappeared from the screen, the bidders leaned back in their chairs, unsure how to react to the scene they had just witnessed.


Before anyone could say anything, they could hear your distant voice, calling out to them from the penthouse lounge. Exchanging looks, they made their way out and appeared before you. Seeing them, you immediately ran to your boyfriend, burying your face into his chest as you hugged him tightly. “It was you guys…wasn’t it?” “…” You felt the other bidders crowd around you, sharing a group hug, each of them unsure what to do in such a situation. “…thank you. Thank you for bringing me back a piece of my family. They will forever remain in my heart but now, I can see them every day too…”


“We’ll always be here for you __________”


Aaaand done! Sorry you had to wait so long nonnie >.< Lol, the original anon probably doesn’t even follow me anymore XD *sigh* Oh well X3 Hope you guys enjoyed it ^ ^

…This is gon’ be really a real pain to proof read…isn’t it? XD

Stay Beautiful~


Well, starting with the fact that JI is not going to hawaii because of his injury.
And then these kxk cctv pics of a supposed date of both. Well, they are cctv pic, or photos that only people with access to the restricted area of ​​the cameras can see. To get these photos, the person must have access to this room. Disclose cctv pics is forbidden and if you get caught, you will have to pay a very high fine. So why risk that much?

”they have to try and get out of the room & the staff must watch them trhough”
Staffs doing that?…. I really dont think so. Only a few people have access to these cameras and why staffs need to be watching them this way? The person who posted these pictures are risking A LOT just to proove kxk is real.

But SM not longer confirmed that they are together? So why more rumors? Why kxk shippers need so many rumors if is already a confirmed couple?

Let’s assume then that’s something about SM. Let’s assume that they have acquired these pics. SM want to shoot themselves in the foot? If they already confirmed the kxk date, why they need more proof? Why they need to be all the time reminding us that?

Now another fact Ksoo also didn’t go to hawaii. Apparently he went to watch a musical.
He is not part of the musical, he went only to watch. He chose to stay to watch the musical. He is not hurt like JI or with eye infection like Chen_, he simply chose to stay.
And then the next day these kxk cctv pics appeared and Ksoo was seen with an upset expression.
I saw some people saying that these cctv pics are from the time of the photoshoot kxk + taemin_
If it is, why bring it again now? Saying it’s a date of ONLY kxk? too much despair?

The account that posted the photos deleted the tweet, so the intention was only to spread the rumor?
I honestly don’t have all the answers, as well as many of you.
But I will not blindly believe all that appears only because “it seems real.”

So my mum works at a big company here therefore I obviously asked her how CCTV rooms work. She said that only employees are allowed inside, they’re monitored at all times and you need a card to go into each room in the building (can’t say it’s the same in Korea tho) and that the screen shows all cameras in the building. Now my question is, how does a normal person manage to get inside said room and have enough time to get pictures 🤔 You know, not strange at all

Creepypasta #943: Supernatural Encounters And Hearsay During My Time In The Army

Length: Long

Hi everyone, I’m a soldier of Sergeant (SGT) rank, who has been here for quite some time. As most people know, we small fries are required to do a 24 hours guard duty by a rotating schedule every month. During the night, we tend to get extra “entertainment” which we do not call for. Here I’m just sharing a few unexplained encounters me and my buddies encountered.

Just so to explain how our guard duties work, there are 2 places in the camp which requires manning for 24/7 the whole year- one being which is the main entrance guard house, while the other being the central command operations room, which is in the middle of the camp in a building basement, where commands are issued. Both have access to all the CCTVs in the camp, including those that can be moved/rotated. 

The main entrance guard house is connected to a long stretch of deserted road which connects to the main road, that is at least more than a few kilometers away, and that road will pass by the central ops room. This means that any car from the entrance will need to pass by the central ops room CCTV (we can only see outside via CCTVs. The room is in the basement, and you will be amazed by the number of CCTVs we have in a army camp). 

Then after which there are branches of the road, partly due to the mountainous terrain. The camp is also surrounded by thick forest which has been here since the start of time, that adds on to the eeriness of this whole place. The guard house has 6 people- 3 awake, 3 asleep- and the central ops room has 3 people- 2 small soldiers manning the comms and 1 officer rank soldier sleeping (of course he is sleeping). We are authorised to mobilize a squad of 35 soldiers which is stationed in the camp on standby should there be any sudden attacks or riots and stuff.

The first strange encounter that we had was when I was on duty at the central ops room. The platoon was quite closely knitted, so we usually had quite a lot of fun after our commander went to sleep, communicating rubbish through walkie talkies and land-line.

It was nearly 0220 hours when a buddy on guard duty, Steve, reported the requested entry of a white Benz, and called control to ask if we were to allow entry of the car at such an unearthly hour. Through the comms, he told us that he saw that the white Benz had an officer ranked soldier driver in a uniform and he just kept insisting that he had something important to retrieve in camp and demanded the soldier let him in. Our boys didn’t dare to make the decision of allowing him to come in as it sounds awfully suspicious. Hence they radioed us. He did produce a camp-pass though, whose is identified as Major Jo (name taken out).

Our officer in charge, being the lazy type, told them to just allow entry, since he has the pass so it should be fine. Hence they allowed the car to come straight in.

Being the curious babies we were, me and my buddy in the central ops room, SGT Johnny, decided to switch to the CCTV to view the road to see which dumbass decide to come back in camp at 2am. The officer in charge, Capt Rogers (yes we call him Capt America sometimes) decides to join in the CCTV watching to see who made him lost his sleep. We waited at the screen, waiting for the car to come by the ops room.

And guess what?

It didn’t. The car, which is supposed pass by this particular CCTV in front of the building as there is only one road, didn’t appear after 15 mins, when it was just a 5 minutes drive away. Sensing that something is not right, we called the guard house to confirm the car’s entry, and re-winded the CCTV to see the car when it arrived at the guard house.

2nd surprise: There was no car to be seen on the CCTV. Private Steve and Private James was seen talking to empty air, and the spooky shit is that the car detector sensor lights that we had to gave us warning of incoming cars lit up like as if a car was there.

Capt Rogers decided to do this the professional soldier way and ordered a search, where the other 3 sleeping guards were woken up and ordered to search down the road towards us. My buddy and I conducted the search from the side towards the guard house.

Armed with flashlights, we walked down the road and just as we expected, we met each other in the middle of the road without incident, and no car, or even tire marks were seen. There are thick forest by both sides and in no way could a car go in without leaving a huge dent on the thick forest and no tire marks on the mud.

Steve and James swear that the car was there, and the 3rd guy on duty saw the car speeding by through the toilet window while he was washing his hands in the toilet. It cant be that 3 people are imagining things at the same time, right?

Few days later my Capt pulled some strings and asked around for a Major Jo that drives a white Benz, and what he told us was that there was indeed a Major Jo in our camp, but he passed away a few months back due to a car accident on his way to camp at night to come back to fetch some documents he forgot. And he drove a white Benz.

Credits to: glad_nicotine