Eu prometi que não iria me afastar de você, que não iria te deixar, muito menos te abandonar. Ironia não? Fico me perguntando o que foi que aconteceu para que terminasse dessa maneira. Sinceramente, sinto sua falta, cada segundo que passa, cada minuto, sem você para poder conversar, sem você para poder brigar, sem você para me fazer sorrir. Estou perdida, sem rumo, sem saber para onde ir. Apenas vivendo, na esperança - sim esperança de que a qualquer momento você apareça e diga que foi tudo um engano e que não deveria ter desistido, muito menos ter permitido que eu me afastasse.

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What We Have Become

Three years ago, we didn't even know each other.
Today, we're far more than comrades.
Perhaps... even more than friends.

(Art credit: episode 13 end card drawn by ノ村優)

Note: This is supposed to be a CCSS present, but for some reason I just couldn’t submit the photoset. Or maybe I’m just too dumb. LOL. Anyway - hope you like it nympshandcheese.


“I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second or third or fourth. But I remember the first moment I looked at you walking toward me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you.”  ~

Because Tumblr is a bit of a troll, I had to upload this on my blog. But I still hope you like it mightymorphine :) Happy Holidays, sweetie! and Happy New Year <3

Tudo que você me disse foi sincero? Eu só queria ter essa certeza! Porque sinceramente eu não consigo entender a maneira como essa amizade acabou. Assim, como um dia de sol. E de repente vem a tempestade. Tempestade essa que me fez desmoronar, me fazendo perder o rumo. Me tirando a visão. Me fazendo ficar cega. Porque é assim que eu me sinto. Tentando encontrar respostas. Respostas essas que talvez eu nunca vá encontrar. E será tudo em vão? Não quero. Eu não posso me permitir. Eu tenho que arrumar uma maneira, um jeito de fazer com que essa tempestade desapareça. Eu preciso encontrar um dia de sol, belo, quente, aconchegante e que nunca me deixe em dúvida de uma próxima tempestade!

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Educators say they were told last year that the new test would be more rigorous. But some say they weren’t prepared for the new assessments to take three times as long as the former test. The Journal Review reported that testing schedules distributed by the state anticipate it will take third-grade students nine hours and 25 minutes to complete the test. Fourth-graders can expect 10 hours and 40 minutes of testing, while fifth-graders will face 10 hours and 30 minutes of testing, the newspaper reported.

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Merry Cravatmas!!
7 facts you should know about new Common Core tests

How much will these standardized tests really change public education?

  1. Myth: Common Core tests will be much better than current exams, with many items measuring higher-order skills. Reality: The new tests will largely consist of the same old multiple-choice questions.
  2. Myth: Adoption of Common Core exams will end No Child Left Behind testing overkill. Reality: Under Common Core, there will be many more tests and the same misuses.
  3. Myth: New multi-state assessments will save taxpayers money. Reality: Test costs will increase for most states. Schools will spend even more for computer infrastructure upgrades.
  4. Myth: New assessment consortia will actually design the tests rather than well-known test manufacturers who have made mistakes in the past. Reality: The same profit-driven companies,  including Pearson, Educational Testing Service and CTB/McGraw-Hill, are producing the tests.
  5. Myth: Common Core assessments are designed to meet the needs of all students. Reality: Not yet. The new tests could put students with disabilities and English-language learners at risk.
  6. Myth: Common Core “proficiency” is an objective measure of college- and career-readiness. Reality: Proficiency levels on Common Core tests are subjective, like all performance levels.
  7. Myth: States have to implement the Common Core assessments.
    Reality: No, they don’t. 

Crimson Cravat Secret Santa // BEAUTY & THE BEAST

To: elefseya

From: Crimson Cravat Secret Santa — Aly 

Merry Christmas my little elfie ^-^!! Thanks so much for making this awesome headcanon and I really had a lot of fun drawing it. My only regret is the time constraints I had. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to draw all the scenes I wanted (let alone color), but I hope you enjoy what I was able to finish! And I hope you have a very happy and fun winter break!! (Sorry this is so late, I draw as slow as a snail)


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[ Elefseya’s corner (?): <3
Thank you so much for drawing this! It’s so beautiful! ;3; I really appreciate your choice for my secret santa, I love so much Beauty and the Beast and I always thought this story would be perfect for Mikasa and Levi too!
I mean… Now, whenever I’ll watch Beauty and the Beast I’ll always think of rivamika <3 <3 <3

Really, thank you so much, I loooooove you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ]

Sabe o que realmente me machucou? Não foi você se afastar, não foi você me tratar com indiferença, não foi você fingir não sentir. Foi simplesmente você dizer que tanto faz. Tanto faz? Tanto faz o que? Tanto faz sentir e não dizer? Tanto faz querer e não tentar? Tanto faz fingir que está tudo bem, mesmo sabendo que não está? Se pra você tanto faz cura a dor, faz esquecer, faz diminuir o sentimento. Se pra você eu me tornei um tanto faz realmente tudo em que eu acreditava, tudo em que você me fez acreditar não passa de um tanto faz. 

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Here’s your CCSS present. I’m so sorry for being so late. m(_ _)m.

I know you wanted AU but I couldn’t come up with anything interesting so instead you have dancing Rivamika. I thought about drawing Mikasa in a dress but my brother said that it doesn’t suit her and if it’s in canonverse she probably don’t have one either :)

Anyway, I hope you like it |・ω・`)

This. is. beyond. awesome.

I am so sorry for only publishingg this now but I only had my phone since internet and laptop hated me and now I finally have the chance to properly publish this.

It’s so awesome, I cannot stop staring at it. /the feels man/

Hello! This is my CCSS gift for amberateurcookies, and yes, I am your Secret Santa who gives her gift so late ;w;

I wasn’t so sure what to draw at first…so I’m sorry if this isn’t what you expected from me. There’s not much feels to go along with here; I’m just excusing myself just to draw them wearing fancy winter clothing, and to draw monochrome. owo

Anyways, I’m glad I get to draw this, I hope you like it, and belated Merry Christmas and Happy new year!! <3

A Rivamika Playlist for the Crimson Cravat Secret Santa.

“Glory and gore go hand in hand.”

{Listen} {Artist}

(i hope you like this mix, dear! merry christmas and more presents are on the way!)

How the Common Core State Standards Will Transform English Language Arts Instruction

These standards will likely lead to the greatest changes in reading instruction seen for generations. One of the biggest transformations will be to reading lessons, involving changes that will upset traditional approaches that have been in place for decades. These communal reading lessons have gone by many names (e.g., directed reading lessons, guided reading), but all variations include a group of students reading a text together under the supervision of a teacher, and it is that daily event that will change most.

they’re going shopping for christmas presents and levi is being grumpy and mikasa is being stubborn and the day ends up with the two of them arguing over whether blue or red would be the best coloured tshirt for eren and they get kicked out of the shopping centre.

p.s. i hope you had a really really good holiday! lots and lots of love, rob!!!


LOOKATITLOOKATIT! I got my Crimson Cravat Secret Santa gift and it’s awesome!!!

I love your art so much, it’s amazing <3 And the scene description! Perfect~ 

Thank you so much!

I think I might write a short with this as a prompt then

Eu disse adeus na insignificativa esperança de ouvir de volta um fica. E por mais que tenha sido doloroso ver você me respondendo de volta com um adeus, por mais que tenha me machucado, acabado comigo eu não parei de sentir. Por mais que houvessem brigas, desentendimentos, ciumes, dramas eu acreditei em cada palavra que você disse. E foi nessa esperança que eu permaneci aqui, por mim e por você. E mesmo tendo vontade de me afastar, desistir eu não o fiz. Mesmo que tudo tenha sido em vão, eu te amei, eu te amo de verdade. E o que eu sinto por você será carregado comigo, por onde quer que eu vá. 

▬ 3º dia sem ele

“Shut up.”

♦ ♦ ♦

Hi Rhianne~!! It’s me, your ccss!! :D I’m so sorry my gift to you is so late u.u However, I hope you still like it, and that you have a splendid New Year!!! 

- AHHH THANK YOU, DEAR!! It’s beautiful!! I’m sorry I haven’t said anything; I’ve been getting ready for the family party I’m at right now. But it’s so cuuute; I love it! I actually really adore your drawing style. :D