I have super good news for those interested in getting more of my charms, and it’s that I’ll be restocking them very soon AND there will be a bunch of new designs too! What will they be? Well, here’s a little sneak-peek… :D

dialbm  asked:

Your store says that the Yveltal charms are out of stock, is that true? T~T

Yes and no! I actually DO have more Yveltal charms–as well as Xerneas–BUT I’m missing the lariats and rings needed to fully complete the remaining charms. I’ve already ordered the missing components necessary to build them and when I get them, I will update my shop with more Yveltals (( as well as make a post about it )).

I honestly didn’t realize that Yveltal would sell out so quickly! But there’s still hope for those that want it! :>