Day 147/365

El Sentai Rojo and Charm Sentai Shinobi. TBH, I don’t remember what their real names are, but it’s thethirdrlm as the sentai El Russo Rojo and CCShinobi as the sentai Charm City Shinobi.

Aww Yiss.

So these costumes made their debut at the recent Super Art Fight(s) the Black Cat a few weeks ago. Here are some photos I took (eep opp ork ah ah) And I used this photo by discord-inc as a ref for Dann. this photo was my pose reference because I don’t know sentai well enough to come up with something good.  That also shows what their legs would be doing if I had drawn them. That said, would it be better had I switched them to be back to back?

also, let’s pretend there’s an explosion behind them, not just colored bands. I mean, this is a weak explosion drawing but  ehh, I’ve never tried a sentai pose and I wanted some energy. I thought of this one and it’s magical in every way, but it fits Sketch Hero more than these two.

Hmm….One last SAF sketch then on to something different. Maybe I’ll pretend I’m a real artist again and do some proper modeling and referenced art.


Keep your drawing hand strong, I’ll be back tomorrow with something new :D

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