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Random Tattoos V2 | 400+ Followers Gift!

  • Tysm for 400+!!!
  • This week’s tat theme is space!!! and stuff
  • 7 Swatches
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Recolorable, don’t include mesh or claim as your own
  • Randomly placed tats + an all over swatch.

Download Here: *click click*  (ad-free, SFS)

50 Followers Gift Pt. 1

Upper Back Tattoos - Base Game Compatible!

50 Followers Gift Part ¼

5 Swatches - 4 Main swatches plus a bonus secret swatch!

Base Game Compatible

Recolorable, don’t include mesh and @ me.

Plumbob tattoo has some color in the flowers, the rest are black line work.

Model - Mara Brent by me.

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More tattoos! Because we need ‘em. Of course you can use them individually because they’re real cute and I love how they turned out even though they’re super basic. Enjoy!

  • BGC
  • 2 Swatches
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Standalone

Don’t re-upload, claim as your own, basically don’t be an asshole ;^)



- D E S O L A T I O N - 

An Apocalyptic CC Collection inspired by the “Desolate” Story 
by @noonicorn

Everything has been tested in game and works, but if you have any trouble please send me a message. If you use anything, I’d love to see so please tag #kotiij!

I. War Paints

  • 4 War Paint Styles in their own package
  • Each War Paint has 5 swatches (Black, White, Red, Black & White, Black  & Red) 
  • Available for Teen - Elder Male & Female
  • Located in Tattoos Category
  • Custom Thumbnails

II. Blood Wounds

  • 3 Swatches + 1 Abdomen Stitch Swatch
  • Available for Teen - Elder Male & Female
  • Located in Tattoos Category
  • Custom Thumbnails

III. Infected Eye Contacts

  • 4 Swatches, (normal > infected > rage > null)
  • Available for Toddler - Elder Male & Female
  • Located in Face Paint Category
  • Custom Thumbnails

IV. Face Scars

  • 3 Swatches, different scar types + 1 swatch for abdomen scar
  • Available for Teen - Elder Male & Female
  • Located in Tattoo Category
  • Custom Thumbnails

V. Bandages

  • 4 Swatches, 2 styles w/ bloody version
  • Credits to @sourwolfsims for the original texture
  • Available for Teen - Elder Male & Female
  • Located in Accessory Category
  • Custom Thumbnails


Thigh Tattoo Collection!!! | 300+ Follower Gift Part One

  • I have a bit of cc hanging on my belt so.
  • Bad preview LOL they are cute in game
  • Custom thumbnail!!!!!!!!
  • Not much else to say but THANK YOU SM I LOVE YOU ALL ♥
  • Basic TOU please! Recolors allowed, don’t include mesh & don’t claim as your own!

Download here: *click click* (ad-free, SFS)


~~All I want to say is thank you, from the bottom of my heart~~

For the first followers gift, I chose our precious plumbob as theme. So yeah, this tattoo set is all around the plumbob!

  • 15 swatches
  • all genders
  • human, alien, vampire
  • custom skin compatible (thank you again @remussims)

Download: SimFileShare (no ads)

Poses by @by2ol

Big thanks to all cc-creators!



please don’t:

  • re-upload
  • claim as your own

These tattoos took a while to draw, so please respect my t.o.u.

Feel free to recolor, convert, use it as a base or whatever, but it would be kind if you’d credit me. If you need the original picture, feel free to ask, I don’t bite



If anything’s not working right with the file, feel free to send me a message.


I’m Veiny For You - Vampire Vein Tattoos

So my dear friend @rachirdsims asked me if it would be possible to make the vampire veins useable for aliens and asked me for help on the project. So here are all of the vampire veins that came with the Vampire Pack as tattoos. All of the face veins are the original textures that came with the pack. The arms/legs are textures I made myself using the other veins. Since I did use the original color that the original veins were made with, they might look reddish on the lighter skintones that are more yellow/peach based.

  • Teen - Elder
  • Male/Female
  • Human/Alien/Vampire Friendly!
  • Random Allowed
  • Tattoo Category
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Base Game Compatable
  • Works well with custom skins/skintones/overlays

So since I wanted full and complete customization with these, each tattoo is mapped on it’s own tattoo slot. Which means, you can use the mouth, eye, arm, cheek and leg tattoos individually or together, including left and right sides. (Left cheek with right arm and left leg - I hope I explained that right.)

These are the corresponding slots for each tattoo.

  • Left Cheek - Upper Arm (Left)
  • Right Cheek - Upper Arm (Right)
  • Eye - Upper Chest
  • Left Leg - Leg (Left)
  • Right Leg - Leg (Right)
  • Mouth - Lower Chest
  • Left Arm - Lower Arm (Left)
  • Right Arm - Lower Arm (Right)

Feel free to recolor these how you like, but please don’t claim as yours, reupload or include my textures in your download. 

As a sidenote, @rachirdsims has already recolored these you can find them here. 




Thank you all so much for this awesome support, it really means a lot to me, and I’m extremely happy when I pictures of your beautiful sims with my cc, I feel like I’m part of your world and I feel warm and fuzzy inside ❤️

This Space Bundle consist of 3 pieces of CC: an eyeliner, a lipstick and tattoo!

I love you like it, and make sure to tag me when you use it so I can reblog it and love it forever ❤️

  • Maxis Match
  • 35 colors from the Unnatural @wildlyminiaturesandwich ‘s Palette
  • + Black and White
  • Base Game compatible
  • Teen-Elder
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Disabled for Random
  • Available for Women and Men
  • Two Versions of the tattoo: Opaque and Sheer





If there’s any issue or you have any requests let me know!

Have a beautiful day! And thank you all again, I love you all with all my heart.

♥ Roses everywhere Tattoo ♥

- 31 Swatches 

the tattoo included:

  • different colors and positions

–> teen to elder and it works with all skins -  female and male <–                      


please don’t:

  • re-upload
  • claim as your own

♥ please respect my T.O.U. ♥

♥ please tag me @l0unacutex and show me your pictures ♥

- feel free to follow me ♥