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Have you ever done a top 10 list for outfits/monsters/whatever in CCS? I just really like your top 10 lists.

This is great news to me, because I love making them! Top 10 Clow Cards can be found here. Top 10 Cardcaptor Sakura outfits can be found below! 

10. I am here to grant your wish, unless your wish does not involve matching your hair accessories to your off-shoulder sleeves, in which case, get out of here (12)

9. In the future, everything is two-tone and everyone is battling trees (04)

8. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind, either. I know just what to do with you… better be… GRYFFINDOR! (15)

7. Just give me the biggest coat you have. (43)


5. In retrospect, I can see how the giant wad of cotton superglued to the butt was entirely necessary. (36)

4. Something about all this dark green and lavender together just screamed “tiny bat wings” (07)

3. Ambassador Epaulet has come to Earth, seeking resources for her planet’s dwindling supply of thigh-high boots (32)

2. Real princes carry 20 Pounds of extra fabric on their shoulders (42)

1. Sakura wears the clothes of her dead mother and never even knows it (16)

Honorable mention: BASIC ITEMS (06)


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Our hearts had joined and so, even if she lived in a different world, that time, we really were together always, always. I would never let go of this feeling, or my love for her.

For @iosakisaka, happy belated birthday ^^

974. Scorpius Malfoy is the one to revive SPEW and actually make it work. After all, who other than a Slytherin could be cunning and manipulative enough to change house elves' minds about their own desires?