A picture from last night’s “Evening with Shana Moulton” at the MoMA. The Museum screened several of Shana’s videos, and concluded with a performance with the artist and her collaborator, Nick Hallett. The two are working on their #CCProject, turning Whispering Pines 10 into a serial internet opera.

During the Q&A after the performance, Shana explained that the character that appears in her videos, Cynthia, is merely herself with a wig on. “It’s who I am when I’m alone in the bathroom looking the mirror.” Asked to explain what she was like in high school, Shana said that her best friend was Laura Palmer, the character from Twin Peaks. Indeed, much of her work is clearly inspired by Lynch!

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Photo cred: Elizaebeth Olson.

Another great artist for #InternationalWomensDay, Beverly McIver received a Creative Capital grant in 2001 and has been a friend to the organization ever since, even leading many of our PDP courses. In her #CCProject, “The Liberation of Mammy,” Beverly traveled to various locations in the southern U.S. to photograph and videotape African American domestic workers. McIver’s mother is a domestic laborer in this region and accompanied the artist when she traveled. McIver then created photographs of herself emulating her subjects and made a series of paintings from these images.

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Every day we’re bringing you an in-depth look at one project from our newly announced 2015 awardees in Visual Arts and Moving Image.

Titus Kaphar’s mixed media endeavors interact with the history of art from classical and Renaissance painters. The Jerome Project will investigate the criminal justice system through the trope of a common and traditionally African-American name, Jerome–the name of Kaphar’s father. After conducting a series of interviews with Jeromes, the artist will work with local high school students to create a body of work based on their lives and experiences.

The final form of the project will range from a series of paintings and sculptures to an experimental documentary, as well as panel discussions on mass incarceration.

Learn more about The Jerome Project on our website and stay tuned for updates!

Dread Scott’s #CCproject “Lockdown” is on display in the exhibition “To Shoot a Kite” at cueart Foundation. The show features projects by artists “who have set out to relay the severe conditions of inmates and expose this broken system.”

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Jae Rhim Lee “is an artist and entrepreneur who has long been intrigued by how people relate to their environment. So, to start the process of un-freaking people out, she created what she calls the Infinity Burial Suit. It’s a $1,500 outfit that incorporates mushrooms meant to break down a human corpse, cleanse it of toxins and distribute nutrients back into the soil. No one has been buried in it yet, but she said that a man who suffers from a chronic illness has agreed to be the first.

“’I want to propose a different way of thinking about death that moves us toward death acceptance,’ she said. ‘I think death acceptance is a critical aspect of protecting our environment.’”

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Jae Rhim Lee’s #CCProject was written about in the New York Times!

We are getting major nature fomo from Susan Robb Instagram posts. She is nearing the Canadian border as she continues her #CCproject Wild Times.

Susan is using her hike as a platform to question how we use social media: “I think we can do a better job of questioning the space #technology occupies in our lives, a better job of questioning the motives of companies that create the technology we use.”

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“The ‘wild’ I’m most interested in is the internal space, the interior dialogue, the autonomous sense of self. In the same way that geographic wild spaces are endangered, I believe the internal, personal ones are endangered as well. A person can feel the struggle and stress of modern life regardless of whether they live in a city or not. I think it’s formed by the cultural pressure we face to be constantly broadcasting, Snapchatting, Facebooking, tweeting etc… With this constant outward flow comes the danger of shaping one’s life in a way so that it is ‘liked’ by others.”

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Susan Robb is nearing the end of her #CCproject “Wild Times,” a five month hike along the #PacificCrestTrail. Here’s a #regram of hers from Three Sisters, OR. Check her instagram for more amazing pics!

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