I wanted to draw a comic about my cat, but then I realized everyone draws comics about their cats. Even my cat is sick of comics about cats. But worrying about what someone else has already done may stunt the great idea that you have dwelling within you.

So instead of completely chucking the idea that you found out someone else has done already, find a way to make it your own! Adapt it with a view or perspective that no one else has done before!

And don’t forget your cat’s daily lasagna ;)

Have a great day!


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When I first heard this song, I immediately thought of that terrible moment when Bella passed away. It’s a sad song that has a happy undertone to it so it made it easy to express Edward’s sadness while also showing all the happy moments he had with his loved one.


Stephanie, you have the heart of a lion, in every way that matters. You had the strength to resist the darkness where I did not.

Tiffany, your day will come. Don’t be afraid of your intelligence. I believe you will outshine us all.

Cassandra, you came through hell and made everyone you met stronger and better. You are the person I most want to be.

Batgirl: Future’s End #1