Harlem, NYC: Massive student protest at City College against the CUNY administration / NYPD seizure of the Morales / Shakur student center, October 21. 2013.

Latest report is that students and community members have broken through police lines and occupied the rotunda of the NAC building.

Photo: Free Cooper Union

1935 or 2013?

“We pledge ourselves not to support the United States in any war it may conduct.

We petition Congress to abolish all forms of military training (ROTC) in high schools and colleges….

We protest militarization of the youth in the CCC camps, and we denounce the campaign of the jingo press to inculcate the militaristic spirit among the youth of the country….

We petition Congress to reject all alien and sedition laws pending before them which would…let loose a deportation terror….

We are against all forms of oppression of national and racial minorities in the United States and its possessions, including Mexicans, Negroes, Jews, Japanese, Puerto Ricans and Filipinos.

We favor the withdrawal of all United States troops in China, Cuba, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico…

We favor the freeing of all those imprisoned in Fascist countries for their militant opposition to war and fascism.

We demand the reinstatement of all students of the College expelled for anti-war or anti-fascist activities…” — resolutions passed by ballot during the 1935 Student Strike Against War at a gathering of 3,500 students; an evening rally at CCNY (sometimes referred to as “the little red schoolhouse”) was later addressed by New York City African-American Communist Williana Burroughs. In 2013 City College is again the scene of a strikingly similar struggle against militarization and to defend arrested student leaders

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Save the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community Center!

jus so ya know, shit is really pickin up at CUNY City College to get the Morales/Shakur Center back, which was a safe space that was illegally shutdown and taken over by CCNY administration from the students and community this past Sunday, October 20th.

there is a planned Teach-in tomorrow Wed. October 23rd at 1230pm at the NAC building at CCNY, and a protest/sit-in on Thursday October 24th at the CCNY administration building. come out and support!

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Great night with my brother at “The Struggle Don’t Stop: A Benefit Concert & Open Mic for (Defending) the Guillermo Morales/ Assata Shakur Community and Student Center by the RSCC (Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee). In recent months, students, workers, and community members had been using the Center to organize against the hiring of ex-General and ex-CIA director David Patreus and the reemergence of the Reserve Officer’s Training Corps at CUNY, all of which gained international attention. It is no coincidence that they decided to close the Center in the midst of all these struggles. It is also not a coincidence that it occurred simulatanrousy with CUNY administration implementing a new ‘Expressive Activities Policy’ that would defang protests and flyering, making them “proper” for bourgeois standards#SaveMSCC #CCNYShutdown #CCNY