Harlem, NYC: Massive student protest at City College against the CUNY administration / NYPD seizure of the Morales / Shakur student center, October 21. 2013.

Latest report is that students and community members have broken through police lines and occupied the rotunda of the NAC building.

Photo: Free Cooper Union

Save the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community Center!

jus so ya know, shit is really pickin up at CUNY City College to get the Morales/Shakur Center back, which was a safe space that was illegally shutdown and taken over by CCNY administration from the students and community this past Sunday, October 20th.

there is a planned Teach-in tomorrow Wed. October 23rd at 1230pm at the NAC building at CCNY, and a protest/sit-in on Thursday October 24th at the CCNY administration building. come out and support!

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