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I Seriously cannot begin to articulate how grateful I am to have been able to work on this series for the last year of my life. I feel like a really proud mom right now and cannot thank Brian Cameron McLellan enough for bringing this project to life, nor can I thank our cast and crew enough for the time they gave and the efforts they put forth in order to make this dream a reality! As exhausting as it was to not only produce, but play two separate (polar opposite) characters, I really wouldn’t trade the experience for the world! A warm hug of a thank you to all of our AMAZING fans and to our families and friends who supported us even during our most insane breakdowns of “WTF ARE WE EVEN THINKING DOING THIS?!!!”
The point is: We did it, it’s done and I’ll never get over it. Not ever.

Things on my mind this week:

I got a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s really scary to think about how much my life has changed in such a short time just by going for something I wanted. I’m really excited to start but scared I will fail because I’m not qualified enough, dedicated enough, smart enough, etc. BUT I want a better life for myself and this seems the only logical way to get it.

I’m also VERY excited to start season 2 of (My) Immortal! I’m afraid everyone will give me shit about having a real life 9/5 now and that this job will somehow make me a less creative mind, but Fuck you brain you’re making that shit up! I plan on being 100% engaged in both my day job and night/weekend/life job as an actor and producer. I’m very excited for the future!
Thank you to Sheridan college for teaching me what it is to truly love what you do.
Thank you to Humber college for teaching me to truly hate what you do and then leave and find your own better way of doing things.
Thank you to my Little Italy Starbucks for giving me an amazing community, great friends, fueling my coffee addiction, and putting money in my wallet for 3 years.
Thank you to Rebecca (my career counsellor) because I really did not have the confidence to achieve anything without you.
Thank you to Hodman for convincing me to send her my resume.
And!! Thank you to all of my friends, family and the fans of (My) Immortal for your support. It has truly meant the world to me.

Upcoming shows and events featuring me!:
Monday September 30- Hungry at 8: Indiana Jones edition
8pm at The Black Swan on Broadview and Danforth

Monday September 30th- Win-Prov at The Winchester
9:30pm at Parliament and Carlton
(Yes I will be at both because I’m magic)

Thursday October 3rd- The (My) Immortal Special Screening!!!!!
6:30pm at The Central next door to Honest Ed ’s
All ages until 9:00pm because it is a bar and we don’t want trouble. After 9, it’s a 19+ event!

Saturday October 5th- Fan Fiction The Show: Horror!
8pm at The Black Swan on Broadview and Danforth