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Facts About Jooheon I found out Today

I just watched Jooheon featuring on Mad Clown & DinDin’s episode of Afreeca TV & I got to learn some facts about him tonight~ 

(A/N: This afreeca tv episode came out July 15th so a few days ago. I just watched it today didn’t know he did this ^^’’) 

1) His hometown is Daegu but his family came up to Seoul when he was little so he knows a little bit of satoori but not much 

2) He got into rapping when he did a Dynamic Duo CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) song that had a rap part and he did it for church. At that point he was already getting into rap through Epik High’s Fly and Cho YongPil’s “Friend” so that song catapulted his obsession with rap (around middle school) 

3) He doesn’t wear cologne instead he wears personally mixed fragrant baby powder. There’s a place where you can mix the scent desired with the baby powder and so that’s what he personally wears (and is fanatically obsessed with).  

4) He may be a tad innocent when it comes to the dirty humor/jokes. DinDin mentioned that the people writing comments wanted them to compare hand sizes and DinDin was like “This is kinda dirty” (referring to how a man’s hand size is often associated with the size of his manhood) and Jooheon was like “Why?” 

5) Jooheon has a younger brother and parents, no older sister. 

6) Jooheon’s ideal type is a girl who can wear a white shirt & denim pants really well. Age wise he’d prefer younger girls but he’s open to all age types (younger, same age, older). 

7) His blood type is O. 

8) Monsta X won’t receive personal cell phones until they get #1 (probably on all the main music programs). He communicates with Mad Clown via email :’D 

9) Jooheon has never considered doing eyelid surgery (he rly shouldn’t his eyes make him suit the fierce rapper look imo). 

10) This isn’t about Jooheon but Mad Clown is planning to release his next album in the fall (YAY FINALLY) 

These are a bunch of facts that I’ve picked up from the hour long episode (tbh i skipped to the part where Jooheon joined them sorry Mad Clown oppa ><”) 

Please contact me if you’re curious about any part of that Afreeca TV episode with Mad Clown, DinDin & Jooheon & you’re curious about what someone says. I’ll try to do my best to translate what it means :)!