cclown: rome


LIVESTREAM TIME AGAIN!!!!!! (Please don’t remove the captions from my posts☹️)
Christian be looking like a snack in that CK fit and that messy hair thoooooooo😍😍😍 for some reason i felt that he was giving off fuckboy vibes today - especially with the vaping because all the fuckboys at college vape - but i love him always!!! And that dorky smile😂
(For real tho, can people stop commenting and saying he looks like jungkook, not everything has to be BTS related people! No hate because jungkook is my bias but it does get annoying seeing bts everywhere)

I am so proud of Christian Yu. I mean, if someone would have told me two years ago that he would be directing a MV for YG one day, I would have laugh, because back than he was just the leader of an unsuccessful and hella underrated idol group called C-Clown, how was interested in making and editing videos. Now look at him!
I am so fucking proud!

Russian fined €20,000 for defacing Colosseum

A Russian tourist caught red-handed in November trying to carve his initials on a wall of Rome’s Colosseum has been ordered to pay a fine of €20,000. The 42-year-old was using a sharp-edged stone to engrave a large K, 25 cm tall, onto the brick surface, Italian ANSA news agency said. The judge also handed down a suspended 4-month jail sentence. He was the 5th visitor to the Colosseum to be penalized for defacing the famous monument this year. The others were an Australian father and son, and 2 teenagers from Canada and Brazil. The Roman daily “Il Messaggero” said authorities would increase the number of surveillance cameras and step up visual and audio warnings against vandalism. The Colosseum, the biggest amphitheatre built during the Roman Empire standing 48 m tall, welcomes more than 6 million visitors a year. Long-delayed repairs to the 2,000-year-old monument, once used for gladiatorial contests, began in September. Funded by Italian billionaire Diego Della Valle, the refurbishment is expected to end in 2016.