you reached up, you stood on your tip toes but it didnt matter, you were not going to be able to reach the jar on the top shelf unless you climbed onto the counter. 

Sam and Bucky had been watching you and the second they saw you were having difficulties reaching the shelf, they both hopped up. unfortunately for Sam, Bucky was closer and therefore got to  you first. “let me help you with that.” he smiled down at you, easily getting what you had been reaching for.

you grinned, “thanks.” 

the second you turned back to what you had originally been doing, Bucky smirked at Sam who glared. 

as if they didnt have enough to fight about already. 


gif credit (drragons) original gifset (drragons)

thank you so much to this gif maker for giving me permission to use their gifs! love them so much <3 <3 <3

(also side note, my links are being super weird but im trying to fix that <3)

White-led anti-racism groups have existed for hundreds of years, and they’ve often been problematic, counterproductive, and just fucking weird since their inception. Take, for instance, the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society of 1833, which believed that slave owners were missing out on a business opportunity by not putting slaves on the payroll. They argued that paying slaves “would make them doubly valuable to [their] masters,” because paid laborers are more motivated than forced laborers. That’s the whitest thing I’ve ever heard, and I own two Hanson records. I can think of a thousand better reasons not to own a person aside from increased productivity. The Anti-Slavery Society was equally concerned with growing the free labor market in order to sustain capitalism as ending the gruesome practices of slavery — and these were among the most radical white folks of the day. Even Frederick Douglass used to chill with them. And while Frederick was no-doubt working with what he had at his disposal, we have to acknowledge that sometimes what we have at our disposal leaves much to be desired.

Today, we have a myriad of predominantly white-led racial justice groups to choose from, with memberships booming thanks to frantic constituents still in shock from the latest political regime change. That’s a recipe for disaster; and I’ve personally observed problematic behavior, lack of accountability, and outright anti-Blackness from predominantly white-led groups like Resource Generation (RG), White People Challenging Racism (WPCR), Unitarian Universalist (UU) churches and Association (UUA), Anti-Racism Collaborative (ARC), and Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration (CAAMI) — to name a few. But arguably the most visible (and potentially harmful) white-led anti-racism group in recent years is Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).

SURJ, for those who don’t spend their weekends dodging pepper spray, is a chapter-based network intent on “organizing white people for racial justice.” It was founded, in 2009, by white folks brimming with enthusiasm following the presidential victory of Barack Obama. According to their website, SURJ believes “white people must partner across race and other differences to create social change.” They go on to say they are “here to provide resources and support for white people to make this happen.”

Setting aside how problematic it is to tackle white supremacy by “providing resources and support for white people,” SURJ has evidently been in crisis for quite some time. Last fall, the Charlotte chapter promptly disbanded and released a statement noting, “The end of white supremacy will not come from a room of white people talking to each other about racism. We need to take action, and now.” I’ve gone on record as being critical of SURJ’s strategy for dismantling racism, but this was the first time I stood in whole-hearted agreement with a chapter. It’s telling that this statement of disbandment, unlike other initiatives and calls-to-action from SURJ, was shared so widely among Black organizers. It seemed that one chapter finally got it right, and they did so by realizing they got it wrong. As more and more (and more, and more) troubling testimonies criticizing SURJ came to light, I became increasingly vocal in my opposition. This prompted pushback and defensiveness from SURJ members and affiliates.

Recently, I spoke with a member of Community Change Incorporated (CCI) — a predominantly white-led anti-racism organization providing oversight and guidance to SURJ Boston. The member expressed genuine concern that if I continued to publicly admonish the organization I would potentially alienate white allies, effectively discouraging them from doing anti-racism work. This is something Black organizers hear endlessly. It’s usually framed as friendly advice, but I recognize it for what it is: a thinly veiled threat. “If you’re not nice to us, we won’t help end your oppression!” Ironically, that sentiment is the main reason I believe it’s important to be critical of white racial justice groups. I’m exploiting their fragility. It helps weed out allies and accomplices who think “Black lives matter” is a conditional phrase. Black lives ALWAYS matter, even when they’re making white people uncomfortable. In fact, I’d argue that’s when they matter most.

And believe it or not, challenging white anti-racism groups is a matter of life and death.


Akashi finally putting his scissors to good use

Kise : lol Akashi-cci.. what did you do to your hair?

Murasakibara : yeah… it kinda looks funny. *munches on chips*

Aomine : hahahahahha hilarious!

Midorima : was this in accident?

Kuroko : dont worry Akashi-kun.. it’ll grow back.

Akashi : … you guys… ARE ALL DEAD.

*snip snip*


Aomine : Akashi you bastard!

Kuroko : *sips on milkshake*
(Eh he looks cute anyways XD)

Midorima : *tsk* this is going to take forever to grow out…

Murasakibara : *eats chips*

Akashi : now you all can suffer with me. Hehehehe~

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Harry's parenting in TCC? I've seen a lot of people lately calling him an abusive father which really upsets me. Like what Harry said was out of order but he literally spent the rest of the play trying to make up for it. But you seem to have a non-biased viewpoint of TCC unlike most of tumblr so I wanted to know your thoughts

Harry is not an abusive father. He’s a father who had no consistent role models and is feeling his way along as he goes. He’s also dealing with PTSD and a lot of other internal demons, which makes Albus’ behaviour particularly challenging for him. (I’m not blaming Albus either–he had his own stuff to deal with.)

1. Harry blurted out something stupid after being seriously and repeatedly provoked, immediately regretted it, and as you say, spent the entirety of the rest of the play trying to make up for it. In the end, he succeeded.

2. The combination of his rift with Albus, the dreams of Voldemort returning and threatening his son, Bane’s warning and the rumours about Scorpius combined to drive Harry to make a terrible parenting decision. He didn’t know how close Albus and Scorpius were, he didn’t realise how much Albus needed Scorpius. He didn’t know Scorpius at all, he only knew that he could possibly be Voldemort’s son and a threat to Albus’ life.  Harry was terrified that he was going to lose Albus forever and overcome with guilt about what he’d said. And, AGAIN, it took about five minutes and lectures from Ginny and Draco for Harry to realise he’d made a mistake. As soon as he realised it had been a bad call, he took steps to correct it.

Harry is NOT an abusive father. Grrrrr. He’s an incredibly loving father with human flaws. All parents make mistakes. The mistakes Harry makes are 100% within his characterisation as presented in the books. JFC, he throws himself in front of an AK for Albus! Give Harry a fucking break, he was trying so hard. You can’t isolate those two moments and ignore the rest of the play.

Some more posts I wrote about this subject:

Do you think Harry will become a better father to Albus after TCC?

Harry’s legacy as the “black cloud”

Harry’s characterisation in CC

I just wish you weren’t my dad.

What would Harry do for the people he loves?

Harry’s childhood and Cursed Child

I’m not going to reblog a negative post, but I frankly think it’s bullshit that there’s a post in the SD tag basically saying that real service dogs don’t use headcollars or they aren’t trained.

If headcollars work for you, then that’s fine and it doesn’t make your dog less of a service dog.

I personally only ever use a head collar. Thats because I’m visually impaired and it gives me much better feedback on where my dog is looking and how she is moving.

I can tell if there’s another dog around based on the feedback from the headcollar, I can tell if someone is petting her or getting in her face by the feedback from the headcollar. I can tell which direction she’s looking. I can feel if she’s glancing behind her (a trained behavior to let me know someone is walking closely behind me). If she gets momentarily distracted, which happens to the best of dogs, I am able to redirect that and focus her because I know about it through the headcollar.
All important things that I would otherwise not know because I can’t see her.

And that just my situation.

If you use it as training tool, that’s fine! Some big name organizations like CCI use head collars, you’re in good company.

Maybe you use it because of limited strength. That’s fine too! Some use headcollars because of that, some use prongs or other tools.

Maybe your dog is in training and it’s a tool you need. Maybe you used it during training and just stuck with it because it became familiar to you and the dog.

There are lots of reasons to use any given tool, and it doesn’t mean you have an untrained dog.

It’s your disability and it’s YOUR medical equipment. Use what works and don’t worry about people being judgemental in the background.


Day 100/365: April 10th 2017 | Last Monday of Third Year

Today was super gloomy and rainy!!! It was even drizzling when I walked to class. Class went well. It was a lecture on forensic psychology and the lecture was reminiscent of Law 12 LOL that really brought back memories XD ! Prof: I RLY DO NOT WANT TO GO TO COURT!!!!! After school, I went home, ate + watched DC for an hour before heading to the library to study for lifespan nutrition. Studying was actually quite productive today so I was proud of myself! Ended my day by eating fried dumplings (MADE MY MEEEE) + fried vegetables… all while watching Conan!!!!! <3


Excuse Our Appearance – 20x20, residential, no cc

I plopped some super basic furniture on the 2nd level, but otherwise the lot is empty. To keep the ivy on the walls of the building, please place it with bb.moveobjects on.
The list of DLCs used is embarrassingly long: City Living, Get to Work, Get Together, Dine Out (brick wall), Backyard Stuff (stickers), Outdoor Retreat (bed and table indoors) , Spa Day (dark grey wall paint), Movie Hangout Stuff (door)

Excuse Our Appearance is in the gallery tagged with #simmingstuff

or you can download tray files here.

@millerflintstone I don’t doubt it!

@somevelvetmornin I wish that were the case because I totally would. What happens is all the hotels block off the dates specifically for ComicCon. So even if I were to try book a room for next year it would say the dates were unavailable. You have to go with the 3rd party booking company that is essentially the middleman between the hotels and CCI. You fill out/submit a form and if you’re lucky I’ll get one of the hotels you wanted.

every day he whispered, in the sky you’ll be safe
in my arms you will be free, of humanity, of misery
he said, if you fall i’ll catch you, i love you
so you flew up to the sun and beyond, tried to at least
he never caught you

five lives later, he still finds you, wherever you are
he seduces you – in every single one of them
and you always fall for it, for him, dead
you’ve started to feel like you are hunted
he is haunting you

you wake to your life, knowing there’s a timer
you spend your time hiding, running, scared
and you don’t even know why, you don’t
until you meet him in this life and he smiles
he burns you to ashes

between the first life and now you’ve learned one thing
he does not just want to burn you, but to heal you too
he just seems to not know how to keep you safe
you’ve stopped hiding, there is no place on earth
where the sun doesn’t shine

( i.
he is gorgeous, delicate hands and sorrowful eyes
his pale skin begs for the sun and you think
if only i could have him, forever mine
you tricked him the first time, and yourself along
you thought maybe maybe maybe it is not fated so
if he fell, well, you’re the god of healing, aren’t you?

turns out, even you can’t heal the dead and worse
you’re killing him, and yet yet yet you can’t help it
you’ve fallen for a mortal and you rip him apart
with your divine love, you’re fire and death
he’s grown scared of you, he hides from you
you love him more for it

he doesn’t bother hiding anymore, well, she doesn’t,
but you always see him, his original self, before the fall
it’s been decades and still he loves you, foolish mortal
and yet you’re the one who chased him so long
you’re now branded into the soul you chase, time after time
life after life after life, death after death after death )

he stopped haunting you, how do you know?
you don’t but you can feel it, the pull inside you gone
so why do you cry Icarus, the god has finally grown weak
too weak to find you, too weak to bring you to your death
perhaps you are afraid that he has just grown tired of you?
eyes on the sun, you despair and you roam and you beg
but your god is gone, Icarus

( cc.
dying, withering, weakening, you find him – for the last time
you kiss him, feed him your soul and remind him
Icarus, Icarus, Icarus, i loved you first and most
this time you will die first, he will watch you and cry
but next life you won’t be there to remind him; Apollo loves you
this is the last life and maybe it’s not so bad, you think
you won’t burn him to the ground again )

—  || soon you won’t remember

California Correctional Institution (CCI) is a state prison for men, located in Tehachapi, Kern County, California. CCI is often referred to simply as “Tehachapi”. The facility has a capacity for 2,783, and a current population of 3,515 inmates, or 126% capacity, which falls in the middle range for California prisons that are overpopulated. CCI struggled with chronic overpopulation throughout the early 2000’s, which soared to almost 200% at times. During this period, several stabbings, beatings and riots were reported, due to rising tensions between gangs and extreme unrest due to the squalid living conditions and corruption of prison guards. In 2011, the Supreme Court ruled that overpopulation in the California Corrections system was so severe as to be unconstitutional, leading to changes in sentencing and parole laws. However, to this day, all but two prisons in California are still overpopulated.

The first women’s prison in California opened on what is now CCI in 1932, and was referred to often in popular movies and radio programs, particularly in the noir genre. Tehachapi women’s prison was mentioned in such classic films as The Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity, and The Postman Always Rings Twice. In 1952, the women’s facility was damaged in an earthquake, and the inmates were moved to the new Institution for Women in Corona. In 1954, the facility was rebuilt and reopened as a prison for men. In 1985, CCI built new medium and maximum security units. The Supermax facility was described as “the most advanced in the country”, but was also called a “white elephant” because it took so long to build and cost the state a tremendous amount of money.

It’s time for Comic Con!

Once again Amy Mebberson and I will be in San Diego for Comic Con and you can find us at our usual table F-07 at the end of aisle 700 in the exhibitors section. This is located at the exact opposite end of the hall from Artist Alley.

We will have tons of original art for sale. I will have copies of the Darkwing Duck Definitively Dangerous Edition, Draw-A-Saurus and the second volume of my mash-up sketchbook as well as my Dangerous silkscreen. Amy will have her Fun Size sketchbook and Disney Redheads silkscreen.

Each day we will be taking a fresh commission list. Spots will be first-come first-served so get there early as both our lists fill up quickly.

See ya in San Di-yega!


Still working on a long distance .308 load for my Remington 700 aac-sd, Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 mrad ffp, Specwar 762 can.

Today’s test consisted of-
Hornady 168gr BTHP each weighed to +/- .02gr
New Lake City Brass sized & annealed
CCI 200 Primer
2.800" OAL
H335 powder 2 batches 1st 42gr 2nd 42.5gr measured to .00 accuracy.

42gr had an avg 2564fps with a 30fps max variance and good accuracy.
42.5gr had an avg 2617fps with a 28fps max variance and better accuracy.
Look at the staple size for a scale reference on the targets that were at 100 yards

I need to check max loads and if it doesn’t exceed them I’m going to try 43gr next, the 42.5gr didn’t show any over pressure signs so it should be fine.

Let Me Help - Part One

Summary: You find someone beaten and bloodied on your college campus and take him back to stitch him up. That night you realise you and this stranger have a lot in common.

Words: 1,347

Sam x Reader (kinda)

Warnings: none

Your name: submit What is this?

There really wasn’t anything you wanted to do more than get back to your sorority house and crash. It’d been a long day.

Pre-med really wasn’t all that it cracked up to be. Sure, there was nothing you wanted more than to be a doctor, but the amount of stress that college was putting you under didn’t really feel so worth it.

Your rucksack was thrown over one shoulder as you walked across campus, your music blasting through your headphones at such a volume that you weren’t sure if you were mouthing the words or singing along.

You wouldn’t have even noticed him if you hadn’t seen movement in the hedges outside the CCI building.

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If you are in London the 23rd of this month: 

“All of this is temporary” is an abstract night of interactive exhibitions and live performance that, through the eyes of politically and culturally charged underground artists, asks the question: is capitalism working?

It can be hard to imagine a world without capitalism, but all of this is temporary: there is an alternative. From immersive artworks and live performance to theoretical discussion from key speakers, explore what it means to live in a capitalist world and what it could mean to live in a post-capitalist world.

I’ve created some gifs that will be displaying in a perpetual loop, thinking about our system and its mistakes and where can we go if we do not begin to think about them.

This is one of them (Auto-us). Here in better quality.

Check here the official web

And here the event on Facebook (if you share it, you come in for free)

*Keep in mind that all profit made by ticket sells will go to Crisis charity, helping homeless people in London, find food and warm accommodation.

Okk,ay,  ptuuttiing  a f  loowee,,r cr;;own o,,n  sse,riall illers hhar;;r mS. a,,bssolut;;tEly nobbooddy.  Whhen ,waas  thtt last,,t  tiim ;justte  soemmnne   wass aacttuallly innj uredd bbya aa sEri;;al kiilleR ,thhee 500ys?? jo..rrryy iif you thinnkk    this  isr a   tr;rennd, bub,,t puuttping aa cci,,iRcllett ffl  lwwerrss o n  to,p  ooff  ar eal  ummaan . nbbeein,g  t,th;;att ddr,,ove  a  5 ,incch  s st,eel;;l  kniife iinto aann in.noocenntt p  er,,sons   beatiing heaabrrt  ccaan  be quaill;if ed ,, aas se;;efL  eex  xpre,,ession.;; .LL;;ear  rnn  it.. PPSS. I  ppLay ;reaap;;peeri n oeerwwactth  andd ttaalk.k l, ikk  e s  ol.lidd ssnakee  whhe,,n Im ,on nthe  pphOnee.. I  ccoulld hha  ack  t;;th,,e sto.ockc m,,  if I nnEEehdEEd to…. BByyee