When you are tagged you tell these 88 truths about yourself, then tag 25 people

I was tagged by casualcalpal (thank you angel) :-)

1) last beverage? Aguaaaa
2) last phone call? My friend Daniel
3) last text message? Group message w my frandsss :)))
4) last song you listened to? Space enough to grow by Of Mice & Men
5) last time you cried? Idek man
6) dated someone? Nope
7) been cheated on? Nah
8) kissed someone and regretted it? Nah
9) left someone? Nope
10) been depressed? Never
11) been drunk and throw up? Nah
12) Navy blue
13) Lilac
14) Pastel pink (or any pastel color really)
15) made a new friend? Yepp
16) fallen out of love? Never been in love. It kinda terrifies me tbh lol
17) laughed until you cried? Mhmm :)
18) met someone who changed you? Definitely
19) found out who your true friends are? ESPECIALLY this year
20) found out someone was talking about you? Not that I can recall, no.
21) kissed anyone on your facebook list? Nah
22) how many facebook friends do you know in real life? Idek. I don’t really use fb anymore lol
23) do you have any pets? Two Shi zus. One of which is albino.
24) do you want to change your name? Nah. I used to tho
25) what did you do for your last bday? Bday bonfire yo. Eighteennnnn
26) what time did you wake up today? Like 10ish maybe
27) what were you doing midnight yesterday? Probs in bed on Tumblr lol
28) name something you cannot wait for? SKH music vid! :)
29) last time you saw your mom? I actually spent the majority of my day w my mumma. So like 6pm today?
30) what do you wish you could change about your life? Travel a lot moreeeee. :)
31) what are you listening to right now? Spotify playlist lol. Fairly Local by TOP is currently playing
32) have you talked to a guy named tom? I’ve literally been talking to a guy named thomas 😳
33) what is getting on your nerves right now? Having to share a room with someone who doesn’t understand the concept of common curtesy even tho she is 15 yrs old and should. :)
34) most visited website? Tumblr. Hands down.
35) nickname? Tammy, Tam-tams, or Tammers :)
36) relationship status? Single and kinda ready to mingle
37) zodiac sign? Taurus. I’m stubborn af yo
38) he or she? She
39) fav tv show? Friends :)
40) high school? Just graduated. Class of 2015 baby. ;)
41) college? Mhmm
42) hair color? Chestnut brown
43) long or short hair? longish?
44) height? 5 feet 9 inches
45) do you have a crush on someone? It not really a crush but I am currently talking to someone? Lol
46) what do you like about yourself? I’ve always liked my smile. Even tho I have braces. :)
47) Piercings? Three piercings and cartilage on my ear, a nose piercing, and septum.
48) tattoos? Soonnnnn
49) righty or lefty? Lefty baby ;)
50) surgery? Yeah
51) piercings? Look at 47 lol
52) friends? Don’t really understand what this is asking sorry. :/
53) sport you joined? I danced until I eas like 11 yrs old. Does that count?
54) vacation? So many places lol
Mostly like The UK tho. :)
55) pair of triainers? Uhhhhh what? Lol
56) eating? Some saltines
57) drinking? Waterrrr
58) im about to? Be on Tumblr for the next hour then sleep lol
59) listening to? Trouble by Halsey
60) waiting for? SKH vid babes
61) want kids? Most definitely
62) get married? Maybe. Idk. Hopefully.
63) career? Lol idk and it kinda stresses me out. Yikes.
64) lips or eyes? Eyes
65) hugs or kisses? Am I allowed to say both?
66) shorter or taller? Taller
67) older or younger? Older
68) romantic or spontaneous? Both again? Lol
69) sensitive or loud? Sensitive
70) hook ups or relationship? Relationship
71) troublemaker or hesitant? Idk
72) kissed a stranger? Nope
73) Lost glasses or contacts? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yes.
74) drank hard liquor? Yeah. 😳
75) sex on first date? Uhhhh no
76) broke someones heart? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. No.
77) had your heart broken? Nah
78) been arrested? Nope. I’m a good girl. ;)
79) turned someone on? Yeah… 😳
80) cried when someone died? Yeah
82) yourself? Mhmm ofc.
83) miracles? Sure
84) love at first sight? Nah
85) heaven? Idk
86) Santa clause? YES lol jk
87) kiss on first date? No
88) angels? I used to
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“We aren’t done!” This. Fucking. Brat. “You killed my master!” For the last few hours he’s been going at this, and sure, Ezra had killed some masters during the invasion. They were a bunch of fucking scumbags who abused him regularly, or crazed things trying to drain him dry. But the scenario he keeps retelling isn’t one he remembers because his master wasn’t one of his kills. He snarled that to him him, but he won’t listen. During their fifteen minute break from their duty to rebuild the city, which Ezra hasn’t raised a finger for, the boy comes after him.

His darkness has consumed him since the invasion, the Wolf he suppressed at the fore. He is feral, hungry for a fight. A fist connects with his cheek but Ezra doesn’t even lose his footing, turning his face back to the other slave, grinning, his tongue running along his bloodied teeth. Then he repays the favor, his knuckles crashing into the boy’s nose. It breaks. Another hasty punch is thrown his way but he dodges it easily and continues hitting the kid, again and again. “Are we done?” he lowly snarls, advancing to take back every step his punches sends the other back. A hit sends the kid to the ground, a final one rendering him unconscious. “I think we’re done.” 

[You] & Baelfire
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“Out of the way! Out of the way! Wolf with pseudo heavy debris in hands.” he half laughed as he ran around, cleaning and throw stuff in a container.

Infection - [The Plague Hunter Event]  Leo & open

Leo had felt strange for most of the day before the fever finally found him. He’d been standing, looking out the window at the courtyard of the Chateau, wondering why he felt so slow today, when it was almost like being struck in the head. And for a second, Leo thought he had been, turning to look in the direction but nothing. He touched his brow and his fingers came away with sweat on them, their was a split second where he was terrified that he was turning human again but no, no heart beat. Something else was happening, something bad. He turned, finding his feet slightly unsteady as he walked back towards his office. He needed to tell the King, the Alpha… Something bad was happening. Then he went ridged for a moment, gripping the wall as the fever took root in the middle of his chest, crawling out through his veins. Office. It was that thought that pushed him forward. 

Blood Bath{Event:The Plague}||Open

Bloodbath,  it’s gonna be a bloodbath, Cause no one crosses Covaire, no, not even Hunters,” She sang softly, watching the far ahead from her little perch on a tall tree adorned with hanged corpses. The screaming of the Human made it only obvious that the Wolves and Vampire were reclaiming the city.For all she cared, they could scrubbed the streets with invaders blood, she continues to cutting the bodies down.