What Are The Chances (Pt 4)

Pairing:  Chris Pine x Reader

Warning: Fluffy, maybe a touch of angst

Summary: After dating for over a year, you and Chris run into a road block of sorts. Will you be able to come back from it?

A/N: Sorry this took so long to write this. Life decided to kick me while I was already down. But, here it is, and I hope you like it!

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Part 3

Word Count: 2,236 (Oops..)

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halloweenonice  asked:

I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO WATCH ATLA. IT'S MY FAVORITE SHOW. Seriously, every season is better than the one that came before it, and the finale will leave you breathless.

IM EXCITED!!! ive heard nothing but good things about this show and im actually not sure why i never watched it before since i remember nickelodeon or cartoon network (i dont remember) airing it when i was a kid?? and i remember one of my sibling would watch it constantly…i think i was just too young back then and only interested in toys and pokemon LOL i missed out on so many good shows because of that 

also oh wow thank you for telling me about that episode!! is there a specific number of the episode so i can know to skip it or are all the episodes titled? :0 ill be sure to be on a lookout for it either way ^_^

ALSO small announcement!! this has nothing to do with the ask lol but i wanted my followers to know i changed a couple of things of my blogs desktop theme to make it slightly easier to navigate: i added a “/tagged/asks” link and i changed the infinite scroll to pagination because I figured it would be easier to load and use…if you all prefer infinite scrolling though feel free to send me message and ill gladly cchange it! 

I like the combination of prototypes @tentacleconfection. I imagine these would be common things to prototype if someone finds sburb. I am going to assume you mean pre-entry prototypes, as that is the main variable that cchanges how prototyping works. Your classpect really doesn’t do anything to the beasts unless you prototype yourself pre-entry. So onto the beasts.

The combination of the 2Ds and the bunny plush would make Hoptendo DS prefix creatures. Beasts in this category would have greatly increased jumping and kicking power, as well as the ability to load nintendo games into themselves and gaining either bonus stats or special moves. Also kind of like teletubbies, they have a touch sensitive screen on their stomachs, and a regular screen on their faces that display the game they have loaded. Beasts that share traits with this class will have increased jumping power and will emit a small amount of light.

RabbiDS Imps are the second most annoying creatures in paradox space, next to minion Imps (Rabbit prototypes tend to lean towards Rabbids for imps sadly). They will run around, scream, look just like Rabbids with screens in them (and sometimes parts of the other prototypes), and in general be a bigger nuisance than other imps, trashing your house, breaking your things, eating and tossing food everywhere, digging holes in everything. They are very durable, taking lots of punishment, but are known on beating on each other for cheap laughs, so you will rarely ever see one with an undisturbed Health vial and that helps with taking them down early game. 

Beveren DS Ogres are surprisingly fast for an Ogre, but tend to be smaller than others. This still is not much smaller and they will tend to try to kick things out of place as a means to antagonize you. When They Load games into themselves they will gain either Damage, Gel Viscosity, or Health Vial size depending on how close the game fits to those categories. They are easily startled however, and often will flee into dangerous circumstances if hit by a sneak attack.

Netherland DS Mini Basilisks are the definition of Move fast, Jump High. They may be smaller than other Basilisks, however they have a powerful slam attack upon landing, and can activate their jump attack with either one turn delay, or no delay, with the one turn delay leaving them vulnerable to only Ranged damage unless you can match their jump height. They also have the ability to quickly create burrows to heal up and avoid damage in. They tend to leave nasty holes all over the place.

Angora 3DSXL Gliclopses are nasty to deal with. They Have unparalleled jumping force, and while they do take damage if they do, they can slam the ground in a shockwave attack due to their weight. They tend to burrow massive Holes and can actually send out nauseating waves that makes your sight fuzzy if you adjust your head too fast without resistances to disorientation due to 3d effects.

Giant Chinchilla DS Liches are more so known for tunnelling and leaving potholes for anyone who comes nearby. They prefer underground environments and will leave holes everywhere in attempts to both escape from attackers, and to break or twist the ankles of players. When they load up a game they gain a unique franchise ability dependent on the nintendo franchise. They gain a Morph Ball from Metroid, allowing them to dig harder to see holes, a Spinning Reflector from Star fox, allowing them to return ranged attacks for a limited time as an improved Dodge, A flat out all stats up when loaded with a pokemon game and being directed by another Lich, Jumping bonus and doubled damage when landing on a target from Mario Games, Sword and Bow proficiencies when loaded with a LOZ game, and a Leadership bonus from Pikmin games.

Ds’Argent Archons are larger and Slower than the Liches, but maintain the Unique franchise abilities of liches. They tend to take pride in self grooming, but are capable of using their Screen brightness to blind foes. They are also more likely to directly attack you than the Liches, and will opt for many powerful kicks.

In general I would suggest suprising these creatures, as they tend to be both brave and timid, and when it comes to flight or fight, if you are intimidating enough they will prefer to bail in panic, and that will often put you in an advantageous situation. Also watch the ground.