silence can speak loudly

Chris has been more present, as of late, online- Instagram, Twitter (even interacting w fans by answering questions, liking tweets, etc ), posting fun pictures i.e. Queen Red Riding Hood, promoting The Curvey Tree and TLOS boxed set, interview with LK, etc. Most of this has taken place in the last 2-3 weeks.

During this time, Darren has been mostly silent on social media. He knows how much we love his presence on social media and the attention it brings to him. Yes, there have been times in the past when he has taken a break from it for whatever reasons. But it seems this time maybe he is doing it so as to not bring attention to himself and allow Chris to enjoy the spotlight.

Darren knows how hard Chris works on his books and how proud he is of them. Darren knows Chris deserves all the praise and recognition he is receiving for the books. Darren sees, like we the fans see, how confident Chris has become in the past several months through his success as an author which is a personal endeavor, i.e. not tied to someone else. He is so proud of Chris for his success and finding his place in the literary world as a best-selling author.

Darren is so secure in what he and Chris share together, as equals, that he is confident enough to step back and Chris has his moment to shine.