It’s been a couple weeks of being off the racing circuit due to me getting a sweet shiner on my shin from sliding out on an under pressure rear wheel while at work. So that was a perfect excuse to lay low and let my body recover properly.
ANYWAYS! Yesterday
This course was one of the first races I had rode with Ferg and Marc Marino about two/three years ago. It’s full of rollers and one really fast decent to a false flat climb. The first time I had done it the weather was over cast and pretty miserable.

First race was Cat 2/3.
I just wanted to feel out the crowd and started up in the front see who was going to work and who was going to sit and play it safe.
Team Specialized Masters team were crushing! Just after racing before us it blew my mind how much more power they still had to make our field hurt. So there was a break of about three a Squadra and two Specialized. I was in the chase group and one Specialized rider was with us and he was blocking every chance he had. So I passed the word to everyone that came up after pacing after me and we did a great job making sure we didn’t do his job.
We caught up to the break with two to go. I sat in once everyone was together by bell lap then stuck third or fourth wheel at the decent but was passed due to not being in the right gear when it came to the false flat finish. 15th for this one but stoked that I was able to help catch a break and wasn’t a weak link I felt.

Told Walton (MASH SF) that I was just going to stay in the back and not do any work. Just recover and see what happens at bell lap.
Pppssshhhh just before the third lap I passed the group at the bottom of the false flat toward the start/finish and took off with some ginger in a blue jersey/black bib. He said we had a good break and would put in work! So we pace lined and suffered for two and a half laps! Haha
He had raced the masters 123 prior to doing this race. But I guess he wasn’t as much of a bad ass as the Specialized masters and he was running on a half tank of gas because his turn to pull wasn’t as much of an effort as I had been throwing in. I was a little frustrated because I was feeling great! We would’ve been second and third, but we were caught at bell lap just before the rollers on the back side of the course. A rider Chris Cain (Don Chapin Monterey Bay race team) took off at the second lap and kept the break for the win. 41st place was cool! haha

Ugh…haha! A great attempt but the company was already spent but just one more person that would’ve been down to throw in more lumber in the suffer fire woulda been great!

Thanks to all for the support.