So it’s been a month and a half since I’ve started uni, and Idek kind of mixed emotions. All these talks about assessment and assignments have started 😞 Missing home and cannot contain my excitement for Christmas. 🎄

RPG Horror survey for final year University studies:

Click on the link above to start survey!! ^O^

For one of my university modules, I decided to construct a website based around my online presence, mentioning my platforms on Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Deviantart, Discordia and Gamejolt. What I do on each on these, I’m also wanting to promote games, projects (regardless of status) developers and die hard fans of these sort of games within the site itself.

I am also going to be putting together a 1 minute animation (60fps) intro, explaining about the website which will be included in the final website construction, but I’ll do the details of that in another blog.

To better understand on what the rpg maker, rpg maker horror, pixel horror, indie horror, etc community want out of a website for the purpose of presenting myself as a person, my let’s plays and other online stuff is with this survey I’ve put together. I would thoroughly appreciate you do the following with this survey…

1. Complete it for me! ^o^

2. Share it around for me and for the awareness of others (family and friends even!) ^O^

The only people that will know about the results will be me and the university that I study at, all people who complete this survey will be anonymous when I gather the results to provide a safe, even field for everyone. :)

All people who answer this survey will be helping me out greatly for my university project, I love pixel horror as much as you do and I want to be able to construct a website that accommodates to both me and you!! ^o^

It will take 1-2 minutes at most to complete! :D