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CHEERS LADS (and ladies of course)

Over the weekend I hit 2000 followers! yey!
This piece is a Thank you to each and every one of you! I’m so grateful for all your support over the last year or so. Here’s a heath to the company!

First mates that get a shout out for being amazing and or inspirational as hell 
mme-curie nyiro pop-six-squish titwitch otoimai cccrystalclear berunov ufficiosulretro tincek-marincek

LOOK EVERYONE!! OwO I was lucky enough to snag a spot on @cccrystalclear‘s commission list recently, and I’m so glad I did! She did a fantastic job with my Warden River, and she’s fast, too! If you get a chance to commission her, it’s so so so worth it, her art is always a treat to see when it comes across my dash! <3 <3 <3

so, as promised, my love your artist post! I apologize in advance for my silly brain that will obviously make me forget a lot of people -  it’s just because I follow a lot of blogs, and I’m just a complete mess at these things. To whoever reads this: Sorry! It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you sosososo much. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t had the chance to enjoy your amazing works yet (and in this case, pls let me!  I will never ever get tired of seeing more art and reading more great fics!). <3


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I’ll start with some people that I’ve known for a while now and  call friends &/or interact with on a pretty regular basis …or are just such a common presence on my dash I just feel like they’re a huge part of my tumblr experience, and I just wanna smooch their noses ok 
becausedragonage (also my first follower ever on tumblr & zevranite chief), alisienna (SIS<3), filthyknifeear (babe <3 even if she’s not been around here for a while), black-rose4, azuremosquito, byolaeka (I LOVE THE THREE OF YOU SO MUCH OK), my-hart-will-go-onthejbusition, dorianpavus-art, blimington-bear(who are also 100% sweethearts), ellustration (extra talented cutie patootie) gerundsandcoffee (new acquaintance, but I already feel like I can’t do without), mysweetbologna (also music dealer of choice), embeebee (the queen who blessed us with the themed drinks I mean!!!), cocotingo, leftforbed (two such great artists I can’t even), wardenaeducan (your fics are going to kill me someday) 

Moar excellent people I love:
 dyr0z, exographik, cookiesdf, blackheath-art, rayeliann, officialvarrictethras, arkolonaut, sketchys, bloomingcnidarians, anotherdayforchaosfay, aubergion,commander-shakarian, dalish-defender, cornbeefroast, knife-eared-inquisitor-tats, resoan, vicdin, liquidlyrium, wondycupcake, dumb-art, viva-la-dalish,

the senpais- aka people excellent at their arts & crafts (who aren’t probably remotely aware of my existence)  I look up to and admire immensely. Thank you for being so awesome and sharing your talents! 

mortinfamiart, cccrystalclear, pheberoni, therealmcgee,  ymirr-art-blog, aicosu, slugette, illustratedacorns, theminttu, needlesslycryptic, lightgetsout, limpstella, siriusdraws, remington-zero, raviollies, kelgrid, baewall, cheekywithcullen, swevenfox, greendelle, oh god I’m forgetting so many :(

ok guys I tried, I’m afraid I suck at making lists. 

Fiend Follows FiveEver!!

There’s so many good feelings floating around, and even sickly I want to share to make anyone’s days a little brighter. :) (Although typing is a bit of a challenge, lol)

Let’s do this, shall we?

Can’t be that hard, can it?

(she said hopefully but with a withering, sinking feeling in her heart.)

This year has been pretty amazing. I’ve gained so many followers to my little corner of Dragon Age hell and I can’t even tell you how much you all mean to me, even the silent watchers like our lovely Scout Jim. :] I had…oh, I dunno, maybe 30 only a few months ago and suddenly I’m pushing 400. I was just writing for myself and suddenly I’ve got so many of you who hang on every word and it makes my little heart happy (I’m about to cry just typing this, no, Madison, stop!!).

To start this off properly, I must begin my thank yous where it all started.

Thank you to @eternalshiva, @fatally-procrastinating, @elfrooted, @carpe-cullen, @blustersquall, @eeveevie and @digital-goddess for inspiring me with their own fantastic fics to get me back into the writing game in the first place. :]

But an even bigger thank you to everyone who encouraged me to stay. :D

@demonicdivas You put up with my shit all the time and calm me down when Keram and Rylen just anger me to tears. It’s the least I can do to Beta for you. You deal with my shifting passions and general ranting and I couldn’t ask for a better friend to throw ideas. One of two things always happens: 1) we get excited, or 2) we cry. Funny, right?

@scumbag-solas For being my very worst instigator and smut compadre! When it comes to Cullen, I know where to go. We can throw art at each other, and be ridiculous and god damn, I value that so much. Em and M after dark is probably my favorite tag. Shenanigans happen there, and here’s to many more!

@slothquisitor I feel like you’re my number one fan, and your enthusiasm keeps me going, oh my god. I love you so much ship mate, and I’m glad I’ve got someone I can go crazy about it to! (Rylen and Keram 4EVA, put that on my grave, lol). I imagine you with like a foam finger, honestly, and even if I wrote for no one else, I would keep writing stories just for you. <3

@thesecondsealwrites Good friend, rock appreciator, and heartbreaker (Cullen and Essa? Oh lordy, go read it!), you’ve been so encouraging both as a reblogger and just a blogger. I’ve said it several times, I think, but I need to, just once more, I strive to be a writer like you. Great story, great imagery, always good about updates. Guys, Pony Seal over here is the writer you deserve. Haha. If you aren’t already, go follow her, like seriously. She’s a gem.

And to everyone else that reblogs my fics and leave such wonderful messages for me! You make my heart so happy!

Okay, now to some nittier, grittier, thank yous.

First of all, a thank you to all the “normal friends” who put up with my Dragon Age shit. These are the guys I know irl and for some reason they haven’t unfollowed me even though I flood their dashes with pictures of Cullen’s stupid face. I raise my glass to you guys!

@theteddylupinexperience The bestest cuz a gal could ask for!

@raven-of-ice-and-sword Awh lookit you, mah bby bruderrrrr!

@mckenna-corinne God, how many years has it been, Prongs? 15? 16??

@sir-alvin I see more of your stuff on Instagram, but I’m glad you’re doing so well! And with a beautiful fiance too! So happy for you. :D

@kikilicious-and-kitties She’s only here because she’s my brother’s girlfriend, but I try to give her fluffy cats to make the dash flooding better, lol.

@creepingdeath1992 I did in fact get your message, and I hope all is well. :]

A big thanks and I love yous to the Salt Squad Supreme, though nowadays we go by the Farquaad Star Squad. :D I love talking to you guys, and you give me a wonderful outlet to bitch about absolutely anything…or fangirl over art with Em, or SWTOR with Shau Shau. :]

@scumbag-solas | @nix-shiva (formerly known as dragonagesomethingsomething) | @stiria-shiva (formerly known as fuckboy-solas) | @shortchangeher0 (formerly known as thedreadwhitewolf) | @renatafortuna (you and I are the only ones that don’t have s names, yo. O.o) | Always and forever you guys. <3 Seriously, though! (RENI WE MISS YOUUUU)

A shout out and thanks to lovely people:

@dragon—-effect For spamming my blog almost every day! I get so excited and happy when I see you because you write the best tags and comments

@fenharels-thighs For tagging me in things and for being ever so friendly! You’re a laugh and I hope you carry on being awesome!

@xsnowfallx For being my Hawkeye buddy, cool art, and tagging and support and just commere let me love you!

@surlysara For ever thinking I was too scary to talk to? Like, what? And now we laugh about art and I think there was underwear in there somewhere? You support me and I love you for it and I like dropping by for a chat now and again. :D Gone are the days of the kinda horrible fanmail, but now we PM whenever we please. I love that.

@kikiauske For supporting my madness and not kinkshaming what was likely the most shameful smut I’ve ever written. Haha. You made me feel better about it.

@burn1ngpag3s the new Star Wars friend Ahh? Ahhhh?? *wiggles eyebrows*

@artsyfartsybells For being the person that gave me confidence in my smut!! Ever since that message, oh man, it made my day, my life, my year, and I still remember it. I might’ve cut that stuff out if it wasn’t for you. :] So thank you, ever so much for your support.

@jasnahkholin-elsecaller AKA @therutherfordwife (right? Oh, Maker, I hope I got that) For being so nice and happy and pleasant and grateful and oh my goodness, did you guys know that she likes my stories?? You were so excited when you won my giveaway and it just made me so unbelievably happy. I never would have believed I’d have a fan like you! You mean the world and I wish I could do more!

@cullenstairshenanigans You name says enough, I thank you for that, lol, but also your writing, your enthusiasm and good luck with your beautiful baby! Try to get plenty of sleep, but also, baby kisses. :] 

@more-aoe For posting such awesome fics and giving me interesting points of view and unique pairings to consider. Stay awesome, my friend.

@cantkeepmyeyesoff For being so nice and willing to give us amazing screenshots that noobs like me couldn’t get otherwise

@thegillyfox Fir being the sweetest thing, a pleasure to talk to (even if I’m just literally bad at responding) and for her awesome art!

@optimistic-jamie For sharing the love of a certain Starkhaven Templar. ;]

@rutherfart For cool art and fun times. Starkhaven Brigade, ho!

@farashe For tagging me in things and being a lovely person

@adriyelchan For your love on my stories! I just wanna squeeze you!

@hawkelings For being my place for Chantry Boys and rivalmancing Sebastian and loving Anders! ;D

@aletheaquihote For all the worst best ideas. (her giveaway fic is going to be a DELIGHT)

@maepricot For always having the sweetest things to say!

@thereluctantinquisitor For cool art, and an Inquisitor that’s too attractive for this world, like sheesh!

@bluvixen For supporting and feeding all my addictions whether its Dragon Age, Fallout 4 or Star Wars. I couldn’t ask for a better and more sinister friend

Shout out to fantastic artists! I am blessed with the things on my dash!

@darkspawndoodles | @feralise | @luluchenofdarnassus (also the sweetest!) | @triaelf9 | @cocotingo | @lilyrutherfordblog | @greendelle | @therealmcgee | @serenity-fails | @sometrashland | @hija-ck or @hijadraws (don’t know which to tag so, both?) | @sanzosin | @siriusdraws | @barelysirius (yes, both) | @artsyneurotic@izzlerizzle (my god you feed all my addictions when I need them) | @lyndraws | @mianzuart | @cheekywithcullen (where do I even PUT you?? You brighten my day with your reaction gifs, AND your art!!) | @cccrystalclear | @danji-doodle | @yamisnuffles | @greyallison | @theminttu | @razzmatash | @froschkuss | @frank-a-lank | @ellustration | @sload | @gemwillyart | @destinyapostasy | @kekecocoa | @slugette | @coffeependulum | @marllowe | @cute-ellyna | @askbroodyelf |

Thank you guys for always reblogging like literally everything, I love you guys!

@malice-dourden (oh nooo!! Y U NO TAG??) | @besides-fuckboi-broke-my-phone (I LOVE YOUR BLOG NAME ALSO) | @weskeriskewlio (I smile every time I see you!) |

And a big thank you to mutuals. I see you and I love you, like for real!

@rutherfordrogue | @freckled-apostate | @morlena | @shinyhill | @book-worm132 | @seksiebetch | @fen-ha-fuck-you | @firgolfin | @tweesmallmaggie | @kiwi-xeet | @rihouston | @oblivionscribe | @lilwyv | @gogohellgranny | @oddmints | @head-bitch-inquisitor | @replicajester |

And to the bestest followers that may end up being mutuals soon tbth

@ellana-will-kick-some-ass | @just-dread-wolfing | @sotocakes | @ksilverland | @harlotjohannsen | @booieann | @killing-lonliness88 | @apostatehoe | @zevainai | @missmaryxdd | @zombiefishgirl | @pandasaretubby | @siawrites | @apostate-hoe | @kyragrenev | @mysdrym | @xenianyx | @shiftylooking-cow | @cruderford | @miraamell | @melonbiskitqueen | @alleiradayne | @transfigurations12 | @hardforhardbacks | @christopherthejollyrobin | @theselittlethingsaremine | @bury-me-in-elven-glory | @serenityxgarrus | @infernaltuggins | @fantrashingovertrash | @multifandom4life | @commandersquishypants | @ember4lock | @candycanegamer | @sakuke |

And finally, to the lovely people that I follow and that I can’t imagine not being on my dash but they’re smart enough not to want me on theirs (and I’m not mad).

@optimisticphineas | @frozenmusings | @harrypotterhousequotes | @wonderlandiswhereitsatyo | @alostbluebox | @your-inquisitorial-ness | @fuckyeahcullen | @perrybearwaks | @fontofnothing | @arcanefeathers | @fyeahanders | @azuremosquito |@reellifejaneway2 |@r2smuse | @rellikart | @theprettynerdie | @spockoandjimjim | @queenmelisende | @queenly–dweeb | @pavusdorian | @commandercullen | @commandertemplartrash | @wandering-in-thedas | @fuckyeahanders | @cloud-strifed | @fuckyeahvarric | @ninablossom1 | @jimthescoutofficial | @harry-potterspotlight | @musicluver-9998 | @nethaca | @blackthor-n | @zutara | @cometeclipsewriting | @romancingcullen | @dragonageconfessions | @incorrectdragonage | @actualgreywarden | @the-lion-of-honnleath | @everythingdragonage | @thedasrutherford | @parksandraste (such a wonderful blog!! omg. You never knew you needed it!) | @theangrygeneral | @synthetnick | @inkygreatlyapproves | @ar-lath-ma-vhenan | @sagefic | @nerdy-bird125 | @dashingapostate | @anderfalling | @waywardapostate | @maebyrutherford | @romancinganders | @knight-captain-rylen | @love-captain-rylen | @dorkylaughter | @hotdadsofthedas | @ourinquisitorialness | @klc-journei | @commander-cullen |

And now that I’ve finished, I feel light-headed and dizzy. Oh man…help…?

If I missed anyone I am so sorry! But I adore all my followers and all those I follow!! You are all so special.

I hope your holidays were lovely, and you all have a happy New Year!

anonymous asked:

Who are your favorite writers/artists/OC peoples in the fandom?

In the fandom meaning Dragon Age fandom? there are a LOT!!! and i’m not sure if I can list them all just out of my head.. but i will try here (in no particular order.. just my chaotic slug brain trying to conjure up in short notice..)

  • @@sluah is also multi-talented writer/artist.. her OC concepts are one of the best, and most unique. I also have a privilege to work with her with our OC ship, which I am grateful. :) 
  • @cocotingo is one of the rare talented person who is good at ALL of the listed.. she’s a brilliant artist (truly in awe with all of her art), a great writer and her OCs are just so awesome..
  • @elidoo is a writer i truly look up to, with a flawless writing and characterizations of my favourite dragon age characters in her fic Magnet. (I am in love with her OC Luther.. which is not a secret, i suppose..) 
  • @illusionaryennui her writing style is distinct and very beautiful..  she works the language somehow to make it a work of art. She doesn’t post art much but she arts beautifully too!! :)
  • @dontknowcats is a very talented writer (so young too!!) and a lovely person, and her OC Atheva is one of my favourites, She also writes multi-fandom (FO4) and all the AUs. I read ALL THE THINGS she writes, because it always gives me pleasure. (also makes me cry.. literally cry in many occassions.. )
  • @perditionxroad is an amazing artist, and her painting style I just adore so much. I pretty much love everything she does, and her OCs are amazing!!! :) Definitely must-follow. 
  • @elfrooted is the captain of Cullistair ship, and i will follow her forever. Her writing’s ssooo good, always full of feelings, and made me laugh and cry so many times. (also read everything she writes!)
  • @valkatra and @selydra Follow them for their delightful OC ship. They both amazing writers, and selydra’s art always invokes a lot of feels. Their tags are to die for.
  • @vcook10 is such a lovely person, and an awesome writer (she claims to be a beginner but everything she writes is so good!!!) I also love her minimalistic vector art, and her OCs too!
  • @falsesecuritysketches  and @cheekywithcullen I follow them for their OC ship, and also their delightful art.. lots of laughs and cries, and I always look forward to their posts.
  • @atarial is an amazing artist I have a pleasure to know in person too, I love her style, and she also does multi-fandom art.. @arkilliandragon is another friend who just joined this fandom so she doesn’t post that many dragon age stuff yet, but i really love her art so much. (and her OCs!!!) 
  • @ellustration has this delightful art style, and very colourful and fun characterizations of my fave characters! 
  • @auntymana writes amazingly, and I really love her OCs.

There are some blogs I follow for their art/writing/ocs, and for their delightful posts/tags (some I never really talked to before, but i appreciate all their awesome posts..): @madnessdemon @therealmcgee @greendelle @chococri @baewall @cupcakelogic @niklisson @byolaeka @fatally-procrastinating @eternalshiva @noodle-noggin @maebyrutherford @anon-omis @lindira @aeradae @cccrystalclear @siriusdraws @froschkuss @art-by-g @feylen @holepsi @qissus @remington-zero @ryuichifoxe @theminttu @wehavekookies @ynorka @dgcakes @digital-goddess @htfnoelle @qunaributts @elvenbeard @becausedragonage @ourinquisitorialness @donc-desole @more-aoe @cerulione @nikashepard @rivaini-witch @trashwarden @sanzosin

 I am forgetting some people I am sure.. but this is all my brain can think of right now.. :)