Getting sic and tried

“McDonald’s is gross”
Coming form the guy who only eats boneless wings from BP’S.  Coming from the guy who gets hungry after swimming and eats either A&W or whatever thr deal is at BK that day. Coming from the guy who I just witnessed sit in the couch and eat chips, Kraft Dinner, smokies, and and a nanaimo bar.

Drunk Percico

I sighed for the millionth time and glanced at the digital clock on the table.

12:43 am

About 5 more hours before sleep would take over my body. It’s always the same. My eyes would not shut until 5:30 in the morning, no matter how hard I try.

I was broken from my train of thoughts when I heard the front door quietly open and then footsteps walk past the hallway.

I frown when I notice something strange. I heard the front door open but I did not hear it close.

I know for sure that it is Percy that entered our apartment but he was always careful about closing the door, he has grown up in New York.

I also notice the footsteps are loader and more heavy. Usually when Percy comes late he is quite about it, in hopes that I am asleep and he does not want to wake me up.

I quietly grab my sword from beside my bed and get up. I open the door and walk to the front door first.

Just as I suspected, the front door was not closed. I also noted with mild surprise, that the apartment key was still in the lock.

I grabbed the key and quietly closed the door. I put the key on the kitchen table and head in the direction the footsteps when in.

I considered shadow traveling to make it quicker and quieter, although I know I’m hardly making any noises. I dismissed that though, it’s not like there is any possible danger. Probably Percy just playing a prank or something. I hardly believe any of those.

I hear a familiar laugh and my suspicions immediately fly past the window. I hook my sword to my hip and open the door.

There sat Percy Jackson, son of the almighty Poseidon, savior of Olympus, drunk out of his mind.

I wrinkle my nose at the smell of beer that seemed to by flowing out if him. Well that explains a lot.

“Heee-y Niii-ccco” he slurred as his words mix together. He tried standing up but immediately slumped back as he lost his balance.

I sigh before walked to him and helping him lay on the bed. He could sleep in the guest room tonight, its easier that dragging him back to our room and I have a gut feeling that he might puke all of his dinner on me if we shakedown travel.

With a sigh I took the bottle from his hands and put it in the table at the far corner. He started whining and I rolled my eyes.

“Pleea-sse Nicc-o” he managed to say and grabbed my waist. He quickly pulled me onto the bed and sat on top of me.

I stiffened as he put his lips on me before pushing him away.

“Your drunk and I refuse to do anything with you until you are sober” I said firmly and he giggles before leaning in close to my ear.

“Arre you surre aboutt that?” He whispered and blew hot air on my neck.

Well this is going to be a long night, I though with a shudder.


Wow it’s been a while since I wrote anything. I have no excuses other than a major writing block.

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