Cas: He’s being an assbutt

Y/N: I know, we don’t have another choice

Crowley: Heard that

Cas: You were supposed to!

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The Devil Fell Once More (Nick!Lucifer x Reader) *smut*

Request: Definitely write a supernatural smut featuring Nick!Lucifer -Anon


Word Count:

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, language

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“Hey Lucy.” You kissed your boyfriend’s head as you walked over to the cabinets to make yourself a cup of hot cocoa. You and Lucifer had been moving from one place to another because the Winchester brothers were on your asses, trying to hunt you down to drag you back to Hell.

You looked over to Lucifer who was tired; his baggy eyes swollen and his skin was paler than ever. You walked over to him, with the mug in your hand. “You need to rest more. 3 hours aren’t enough for the King of Hell.” A smile crept upon his lips and nodded.

“I’m tired of those Winchester boys. They’re always right behind us.”

“But we’re always three steps ahead of them. Come on Lucifer.” You offered him some of your cocoa which he really liked. He gave you the half empty mug back and sank his head in his hands as you looked down on him. "Maybe you need something to tire you out.“ You put the mug on the coffee table and slowly started to undress. "Babe I-” As soon as Lucifer looked up to look at you, you were naked before him. He gulped; your hands slowly slid up his chest, his back against the soft pillows of the sofa. You climbed over his thighs slowly; you leaned in to plant a kiss on his lips.

Lucifer’s hands came up to your breasts, massaging them as you kissed. His thumbs rolled your nipples, making you moan at the tingling sensation of his warm hands against your goose bumped skin. He moved his hands down your back, pulling you closer to him. You removed Lucifer’s shirt, his heat radiated off him.

You slowly crawled off him and sat in between his legs. Your warm hand wrapped around his erection that was standing at attention. You licked a nice long line along his prominent vein, making him groan. “Baby…” He groaned as his hands found your hair. You took the tip of his cock in your mouth, sucking it gently. Lucifer threw his head back in ecstasy as you took him whole in your mouth.  

“That’s it baby girl…ah yes that’s the spot!” He bucked his hips as his dick hit the back of your throat, your moans sending vibrations through his wet cock. “Oh yes baby!” He came in your mouth and you swallowed his seed.

He pulled you up and you straddled him. His eyes were blown from lust and his chest was heaving from his orgasm. He took his member and aimed it at your aching core. You leaned closed to him, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to him. You slowly sank down on him, whimpering in the process. You and Lucifer had barely got some “alone time” without the Winchesters interfering.  And it was getting frustrating. You missed him being inside you.

Lucifer slowly thirsted his hips towards you, his dick brushing perfectly against your g spot. “Oh shit!” You cursed.

“I missed being inside you baby.” He breathed as he increased his pace. Your hands found his hair and you gently yanked on it. “Baby I’m coming.” You moaned as you reached your high. Your body trembled as your orgasm washed over you. Soon, Lucifer followed, spilling his seed inside you. You rested your head on his shoulder blade as you both caught your breath.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.” He kissed your cheek and nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck.

“The devil fell once more.” You chuckled.

“Hey, you were the one who bumped into me last year.”

All Yours | Sam Winchester x Reader

Request: hey! i was hoping i could have a Sam Winchester one shot where the reader is Sam’s girlfriend and Dean and Sam are really protective of the Reader and she gets kidnapped by Lucifer (during season 5 somewhere) and Sam freaks out and almost has a mental breakdown because he doesn’t want to lose her? She is also really shy anxious and lots of fluff and angst ? - @thecoffeestudyblr


Word Count: 796

Warnings: Angst, language, mental breakdowns

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Sam wrapped his strong arms around your small frame as you were laying down on his bed; your head on his chest, listening to his heart beating, your arms wrapped around his naked chest, inhaling the scent that you loved.

“I have to get up babe." Sam said as he kissed your head. "Why?” You grunted as you tightened your grip around Sam.

“Dean and I are going on a hunt.” You rolled your eyes. You and Sam barely had time to spend with each other and you wanted that one day, just one day to spend with him.

“Spend the day with me. Stay with me Sammy.” You nuzzled your face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his sweet scent, smiling as Sam’s fingers brushed up and down your bare back.

“I really wish I could babe…I really do.” He frowned.

“You’re always working Sam. I barely have time to hug you or even kiss you because you’re always on a hunt.” Sam’s eyes swelled up with tears, knowing that you were right.

“I know baby, I know. That’s why you’re going to stay here safe until we get back and I’ll promise you this…tomorrow you can have me all you want.” He pressed another kiss on your forehead, the feeling of his warm lips filling you up with hope that maybe one day, he’ll stay.

“Promise me you’ll be safe too. Send me a text message or text me in case something happens.” You cupped his cheek and pulled him in a kiss.

“I love you Sam Winchester.”

“I love you Y/N Y/L/N.”


Sam and Dean ran after Lucifer lunging at him, throwing punches at him and trying to stab him. But Lucifer outdid them both. They were thrown on the other side of the dark room. They both groaned in pain. Lucifer walked towards them with a devilish smirk (excuse the pun). “How’s Y/N?” He asked as he kicked Sam in the stomach.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” Dean shouted. Lucifer’s smirk widened. “Don’t sound convincing to me.” In a split of a second, Lucifer disappeared from the room. “NO!” Dean and Sam yelled in unison.

They quickly got in the Impala and they drove madly to the hotel that you were all staying in.


You were slowly backed up to the wall as Lucifer walked towards you. “Say goodbye love.” As Sam and Dean barged in the hotel room, your screaming faded away as Lucifer disappeared with you.

Sam’s world seemed to stop for a minute or two. The sight of you screaming for help seemed to keep hitting the replay button in his mind. Every single day, Sam and Dean dreaded the day when Lucifer captured you. They spent hours, days, months trying to get you back, even John and Bobby helped.

Sam and Dean barely ate or showered so that they could do more research. Sam felt his life shattering into pieces, memories used to pass through his mind; your first kiss, your first time with Sam, your horrible jokes, the way you smiled at the boys and when you were their mother-like figure, taking care of them when they were hurt after a hunt or thoughts that were weighing on them.

“Fuck!” Sam slammed the book in front of him shut as he couldn’t find any information on how to get you back. Contacting Lucifer was somewhat easy but getting you back wasn’t.

“Sammy, I know how you feel right now.”

“NO! You don’t!” Sam shouted back at his brother who was taken aback because Sam never really shouted at him. Sam threw his head back as he rubbed his eyes from the tiredness and the tears.

“I’m sorry Dean…I just…miss her. I barely have time with her and I promised that that I’d spend time with her.” Dean patted Sam’s shoulder, sympathizing.

“I miss her too, Sammy. But we’ll get her back. Y/N’s strong and you know who made stronger? You. You two are the cutest couple I’ve met and Y/N’s really lucky to have you little brother.”

Sam and Dean were interrupted by vigorous knocks on the door. Dean grabbed his gun from the table and so did Sam. Dean slowly counted to three before he opened the door. His gun was aimed at your head. “Y/N!” Sam and Dean hugged you tightly as they could. You had tears rolling down your cheeks, missing the way he hugged you.

“Y/N!” Sam cried, making you cry. “How did you get out?”

“Castiel…he saved me.” The room fell silent, and Dean’s eyes widened. “Is he okay?” He asked his voice full of concern. “Yes…he killed him. I-I don’t know how but he did kill Lucifer.” Sam hugged you tightly again.

“I’m all yours Y/N.”

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