New Trans-inclusive liturgy from the Reform Movement
Hebrew is such a gendered language, curious at how rabbis and cantors can easily work with the difficult language to create a more inclusive Judaism for all? Check out this link!

With the passage of resolutions on transgender rights and the rights of non-gender conforming individuals by both Central Conference of American Rabbis and Union for Reform Judaism, the Reform Movement is pleased to share several pieces of trans-inclusive liturgy developed by CCAR. These include a Blessing for Those Called to the Torah, a Gender Affirmation Naming Ceremony, and language for use in wedding ceremonies for a couple who would like to indicate complex genders



CCAR Statement Condemning Anti-Muslim Bigotry (Tuesday, December 8, 2015)
The Central Conference of American Rabbis condemns anti-Muslim bigotry worldwide, in America, and in the campaign for President of the United States. Specifically, we are horrified by Donald J. Trump’s proposal that all Muslims be barred even from visiting the United States, let alone immigrating, especially as refugees are escaping persecution by the very forces that threaten the western world.

Discrimination on the basis of religion is un-American, unconstitutional, and dangerous. Jewish history has taught us that those who will discriminate on the basis of religion threaten the lives and well-being of countless human beings. As Jews, we know the heart of the stranger, and we will not stand idly by when members of another religious group are singled out as strangers.

Rabbi Denise L. Eger       Rabbi Steven A. Fox
President                        Chief Executive

    Central Conference of American Rabbis

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