For Your Consideration: Nautia (2014) | CCAD Animation Lab Team

Our film has been selected for the Telly Awards, and now we need your vote to win! You can watch the film and vote here. Nautia was completed in three and half months by a small class at the Columbus College of Art & Design.




I feel less guilty about Posting these mockups now because I’m actually working on a way to get them printed so keep your eyes peeled. I’m working on setting up a Red Bubble so yeah I’ll re-post with links when that is ready.

last time i did one of these was december last year and that was only 3 months after i remade (because i was half asleep and deleted myself).

the best friends 5-ever:

probablyflandre rootcap martinfinnegan slaggedhyperion montilyetss thexfiles sheogoath



agenderdanascully alphaclaire anders-nolastname apolloette autisticprivilege autisticdixon ava belimaisykes bpdrhys cassandrapentagast ccarls cliffracervevo cxrvoattano digijack doggyskulls drnoorenajjar elcorr elenwenis ethaeriel felinekin fox–punk galpalscully garretthawke gendpurr irlranskahov irlwesley just-a-weirdo-named-amy king-laloriaran-dynar lncisors marciehalloway mattmurdoxxed


nbvarric nonbinarysurana nyenji nygma13 oestara oystercrackerlover69 p5kun planetparenting porcelain-infinity quartzpuppy rwqfsfasxc samwisegamgee satances schizotypal-scully schizophrenicguy the-ocean-on-my-shoulders timothylawrence tinyquartz transanders transcorvo uwulfricstormcloak windowsapologist 

 not mutuals but i lov:

adamsandlersuperdeath2005 bluscouts cassandrajp (my fav artist!) dajo42 ka1ju kinkshamer69 maliks-butt notjackwhite queertalizorah slayboybunny stanleykubricky vialdovi yukoki