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That’s always a superficial thing, and I think Alec might understand that. You know it’s always difficult, you look at your person you love and you say ‘look at all the people before who they spent time with’, right? But, you know that to judge them for that would be unfair and irrational and also not a helpful thing. So you have to be able to get past that, but that’s not you. So, yes it bothers you, but you have to take the steps to get past that, and Alec is no different. Alec understands that. Luckily. […] That trap of weird yeah- yeah and like oh yeah well this person, this person, well you didn’t- I didn’t know you then! Are you gonna judge someone for the people they dated before they knew you, are you crazy? It’s nuts.
—  Matthew Daddario, the real mvp

Yeah sure, I get it, without CC there would be no Shadowhunters and there would be no Malec (a ship I’m so incredibly invested in).

BUT, I want this women to stop while she’s ahead. I’m so relieved that many people noticed how problematic she is. The show is handling her work so much better than she has and I know her fans get crazy when it’s stated but the work done on Shadowhunters is much more commendable than the work done in the books.

She made all of the characters fucking immature and overly dramatic when it comes to serious issues. In the books, Alec is biphobic as hell which is a damn shame because she did give the character some potential. The show took the forgotten potential and made it come to life, dropping all of the overly played out and unnecessary biphobic comments. They’re building Malec up so beautifully and making them come across as so healthy it’s breathe-taking. Just look at that mature conversation they had in 2x06 about Magnus’ past. Sure it was awkward but they were LISTENING TO EACH OTHER. I didn’t once see Alec jump down Magnus’ throat about who he used to date. See CC, It’s not that fucking challenging to build up a healthy, growing relationship.

The whole incest fetish she has is repulsive. She knew how fucked up people would think she is if she included a legitimate intentional sibling relationship, so she made people and the characters believe they were related to each other for a long ass time just to include the idea of relation love. How fucked up?

Then there’s the whole “You’re prettier than me so I’m going to make hateful comments towards you and disrespect you as a person” thing. Is this a fucking joke? Is this seriously what you want teenagers to be grasping from this storyline? A petty-ass unneeded dramatic play out of two smart, intelligent, beautiful girls? I’m so glad the show brushed that off and made Izzy/Clary into the characters they were always meant to be because that issue was never necessary in any plausible way.

Then we have her portraying Simon as a cheater. Which happens a lot in books in movies, but it’s different with this because she’s bluntly encouraging this act. She recently got defensive on twitter with Todd, the Shadowhunters showrunner, simply because he wanted to keep Simon a good guy - which is who he was until CC destroyed his potential as she did with many of the characters in the books.

This women has more problems outside of her books though. She has jumped down countless fans throats for asking questions or sharing logical concerns that they have with the books. Someone literally asked her what Raphael’s sexuality was and she blocked them. That person had been a huge fan of the books and her until they did some research and realized how truly awful she can be. I have never seen a women more shameful towards others it’s sickening. She thinks she’s above everybody because she made a books that have branched out. Then she feels as if she has the right to degrade the other productions based off of her books that are LEGALLY allowed to take their own path.

I understand that she made my favorite show/ship possible, but she wasn’t the one who created what I enjoy. No, she was a rough draft that Shadowhunters picked up and made into a final fucking copy.

Unpopular opinion:

The show is doing the concept of Shadowhunters far more justice than the books, and the deviations from canon have so far been good and thought-provoking and exactly what a TV show should be doing.

The characters are more fleshed out. They’re far more compelling than the books. I’m genuinely interested in where the writers are taking this season, and not just making my way through the book to get to the next mildly interesting fight scene.

And, of course, Malec being adopted by the production and given background and substance is the best thing to happen to the franchise since the writers lost Captain Crunch’s phone number on purpose probably.

This isn’t an attempt to get book fans to fight me.

Well, maybe a little.


When a beautiful black woman gets in the way of your hot white male protagonist...

“Abbie is just the cool best friend…”

“Martha Jones is so damn clingy she should die…”

“Michonne is not even hot…”

“Gwen is such a whore, first she wanted Merlin, now she wants Arthur…”

“Alisha is such a slut, she only wanted Simon after he came back from the future…”

“Iris is so full of herself, she doesn’t really love Barry…”

I love how cabbage clare intended to make simon lewis a typical Straight White Boy™ but somehow managed to make one of the most obviously not straight characters in the series, like 90% of his interactions in the books are gay af like he spends pages complaining about how handsome some boys are and agrees when alec complains about The Straights™ and now he is our beautiful Jewish latino pansexual prince and I’m laughing bc that was literally the complete opposite of her intentions i feel so blessed

One thing I liked about tonight’s episode was almost all of it the one flashback where Alec and Jace are training and Jace was all “I’m the flashy one that draws out the enemy” and then Alec is the one that finishes them off.

Because that’s how combat archery works? The whole point of an archer having their team’s backs is to make sure that the enemy doesn’t get to them.

Which is why I’ve always rolled my eyes at CC’s idea at Alec never having killed a demon by the beginning of the book series – where he’s 17/18 and has been hunting for at least a few years by then? 

Oh “he’s just there to have his family’s backs” yeah, how? By shooting an arrow at a demon’s leg and hoping it slows it down? NO. Alec would go for the kill shot to MAKE DAMN SURE that that demon doesn’t get to Izzy or Jace. No ifs, no buts.

Honest to gods, the idea that Alec doesn’t have a high kill count (in the books) is HIGHLY UNREALISTIC. It also shows how unknowledgeable CC is about both combat archery and long range combat in general.  I’m really glad that they did away with that notion from episode one and I love that it’s being reaffirmed here.

whatever you do, don’t forget about how good raphael santiago was before he turned. don’t forget about how pure that boy was. don’t forget about how he wanted to get rid of vampires, probably thinking about his little brothers safety. don’t forget about how a fifteen-year-old boy wanted to fight against the beast, believing that god will help him because he was always a good catholic and he went to church every sunday so dios should be by his side, right?

whatever you do, don’t forget about how raphael was turned into this monster (or at least raphael thought so about himself). don’t forget about how he was left alone and killed his friends. don’t forget about how he wanted to kill himself because he hated what he became. he hated what he had done. 

whatever you do, don’t froget about how guadalupe santiago loved her son. don’t forget about how she was ready to do anything, just to get her rafa back. how she believed he’s out there, missing his home. missing his mamá. don’t forget about how she was ready to give magnus all she had (even though she didn’t have much and she was barely holding on as it was), just so he would find her little boy.

but most importantly, whatever you do, don’t froget about how raphael loved his mother. don’t forget about how he decided to live just for her. don’t forget about how he pushed his self-hate aside just for her. how he hurt himself and burned himself by holding the cross his mamá gave him or walking through the sacred land, just so one day he could come back to her and show her his love and respect. don’t forget about how he would sacrifice literally anything to make his mother happy because she raised him and he loved her more than anything. don’t forget about how he would swear that he won’t ever drink human blood because that’s not something guadalupe would approve of. 

whatever you do, don’t forget about how he craved blood, crying into magnus’s arms and saying that he can’t do this. that he’s not good enough, he’s not that strong. he’s doomed. don’t forget how magnus would hold him, stroking his back and whispering that raphael was even more than enough. “maybe you can’t see the sunlight anymore, rafa, but you have sunlight inside of you. you’re better than this. your mamá made you better than his, pequeño” magnus would say. 

whatever you do, don’t forget that raphael went through SO much just so casserole clare would have sebastian kill him. just because. without any reason at all. don’t forget that the sh writers decided that he would bite izzy not once, but twice, after he swore he won’t do this. again, without any reason at all. just because.

whatever you do, you can’t forget that even though raphael had his mother and magnus, he saved himself. 

raphael santiago saved himself. and he deserved so much better.

Mortal Instruments is a window.

It’s a filthy window, the glass is distorted and wavy in places, but it allows us to see a world we never experienced in any capacity beforehand. This world is fascinating and new, but if you look through the smudged and defective window too long, you get a headache, even though it seems strange that something so cool should give you a headache.

Shadowhunters (TV) is what happens when someone applies window cleaner and some elbow grease. Suddenly, you can see so much better, and you see so much more. The headache is gone - it still isn’t easy to look out through distorted glass, but at least your point of view has widened. It’s light, it’s bright, it feels right.

The hardest thing to comprehend about this window, is that there are people who genuinely prefer the dirty window to the clean one. They argue against cleaning the window, saying that the person who made it intended it to be dirty; the window’s creator doesn’t agree with them, but she doesn’t disagree with them, and attempts to trip up the maintenance of the window at every turn.

I was there for both the windows. I prefer the clean one, for a multitude of reasons.

The biggest one?

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  • cc: there would never be an arranged marriage in my books, I don't like that you're putting it in the show.
  • sh writers: but what about celine and stefan?
  • cc: *sweats nervously* why is isabelle always in short skirts and heels? like in my books she never wore that kind of stuff.
  • sh writers: in the books she wears gear/skirts/dresses. you wrote about her joking about '7 inches' in reference to heels, you wrote about how she could kill someone with a stiletto heel, and you constantly talk about how 'sexy' she is.
  • cc: *sweats nervously*, in the show you should have more izzy/clary conflict.
  • sh writers: but why? in the books you have clary hate her (and maia) for being pretty. you have clary hate her for things that weren't even isabelles fault. why not have two female characters support one another? and help one another? heres a bomb ass pep talk isabelle gives clary. emeraude agrees to in supporting women rather than them hating one another.
  • cc: *sweats nervously* i'd love to write an episode.
  • sh writers: ...
  • sh fandom: ...
  • every living person on earth who isn't up cc's homophobic, bigoted, plagiaristic ass': ...
  • cc: ... would still love to be involved.
Keep in mind

Just keep in that we have five (six for some) more days till the next episode of Shadowhunters and we very well may get more Malec than the latest episode gave us. On top of that Matt said we delve deeper into the characters and their fears. And that one scene in the promo? With Alec standing on the roof ledge? We may very well get a touching scene between Alec and Magnus. Because who else has been in that same position as Alec? Magnus. On Blackfriars bridge just a little over a century or so ago. The sex thing will also be addressed next episode as well. Did they or did they not have sex? We’ll have to wait a little longer for complete conformation. If they did and they don’t show at least the morning after? Yeah I’m gonna be pissed. If they didn’t and Magnus stopped it? Yes I’ll be satisfied just as much as I will be if they show the morning after and communication. Malec is still the healthiest LGBT relationship I’ve seen on TV my entire life. I’m not saying get your hopes up but I am saying keep an open mind like me. Yes they could’ve definitely handled it differently but i don’t believe it was their intention to be homophobic or push Malec aside just to get views. Look at what they’ve done with Malec so far? I think both the writers and the showrunners deserve a little more faith from us. I’m not defending god no. Malec deserves better and they made a mistake, a big one. They should own up to it and just give us clear answers. They might be too embarrassed or they might intentionally be vague like they are because it’s gonna be addressed next Monday and they don’t wanna spoil it. So please, please be more patient? Be a little more open minded? I’m not saying get your hopes up, I’m not, just please wait and be patient and see where next week takes us. And PLEASE NO MORE HATE TOWARDS THE WRITERS AND SHOWRUNNERS. It’s one thing to voice your concerns, it’s another to be mean and bully them. We’re better than this guys please I don’t wanna see us fall from our hypothetical throne. We’re so much better than this, we still are!!! I refuse to see us become mean and unhealthy and unkind like I’ve seen most fandoms become. We most definitely are NOT THE BOOK FANDOM. The writers and Showrunners of Shadowhunters ARE NOT CC. Please don’t make them out to be and don’t stoop to her level.
Okay. Now that my rants over I can relax. Keep this in mind my loves. We’ll see what happens next week.