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colored some doodles of act 1 veronica <3 

アンドロメダ (Andromeda Vaporwave Remix)
アンドロメダ (Andromeda Vaporwave Remix)

アンドロメダ (Andromeda Vaporwave Remix)

I wasn’t going to post this but fuck it, it’s the weekend (plus I have literally nothing else to post).

Here is a Vaporwave remix of Gorillaz’ Andromeda that I made.
Why Vaporwave? Because making Vaporwave is easy and it’s a good way to practice making music.
Making good Vaporwave is not so easy.
While it ain’t the best thing in the world, I’m proud of it. Considering I have no understanding of music theory in the slightest, I think it came out out alright. I might do a remaster when I get Humanz.

So yeah, give it a listen and tell me watch you think.

Also, keep a look out for my new album called “404: Album Title Not Found.”, In stores and iTunes 4/31/17.

I got a visual for this thing too for maximum AESTHETIC. Unlike my album, it’ll be released eventually.


So @linen-sims I heard you like Heathers, lol. I do as well and i made them actually kind of a long time ago but never really posted them, so thanks for giving me and excuse to!!!! I didn’t think that anyone would like it lol. At least I know there’s one person who likes them! These are based off of the musical and not the movie, except Heather Duke. 

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