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GIRL! I went to this club last night in gangnam andddd some of these rappers are into black girls so hard lol. But they're so T H I R S T Y omg, like thirsty thirsty

I’ve heard stories about that place, someone gonna end up pregnant at this rate, they just wanna live that swirl life!

“언제라도 힘들고 지쳤을 때 내게 전화를 하라고
 내 손에 꼭 쥐어준 너의 전화카드 한 장을”

지금도 전화카드를 쓰는 사람이 있을까?
이 노래를 즐겨 부르던, 전화카드가 선물이 되었던 그 시대엔 뭔가 설명하기 힘든 낭만이 있었다.

서울, 2017년 10월
Seoul, October 2017


These black girls danced to BLACKPINK and they slayed omg.

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How is veganism perceived in North Korea?I've heard it's not difficult for vegan tourists to find vegan meals but is there a local vegan community in Pyongyang?

Veganism is an unknown concept in North Korea and would be seen as a Western bourgeois trend. Korean cuisine often has fish or meat-based broths and sauces. For example, kimchi, a staple of Korean cuisine, is generally made with fish sauce and sometimes shrimp or squid. However, there is traditional Buddhist vegetarian cuisine which can be found at various temples throughout the country. This is extremely healthy, although as stated above, there is a chance that some of the food will have fish-based ingredients.