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Malapropos Questions

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Pairing: Grant Gustin x Reader

Request: You just wrote a Grant Gustin imagine where his girlfriend is a European Tennis player can you write something like a part two where his girlfriend call him to attend a Sports award but as he say he is busy because he is shooting all three, Flash, arrow a Legend of tomorrow together and when he watch the show or the news on T.V the she is with some player (Football or Tennis) they where say did his girlfriend break up with him and find someone new, and he become so angry during the shoot. 

Word count: 1.285

A/N: Hey, your imagine is finally here! I took so long, I know and I changed some things, but I hope that you still like it. It’s a little bit a cliff hanger, but I wouldn’t mind to write the part three if you want to. Also because I don’t want to end it this way. Sorry for the late post and enjoy!

- G. x

Links: Part 1

Warning: Angst, maybe?

It has been days since Grant last texted you, you tried to contact him few hours after your sports award, where he was also invited but he was busy shooting his CW TV series, but he never replied nor answered you back.

You started to preoccupy for his gestures, also a little bit annoyed, because you knew how busy he was, but he’s always found time to text you or to update you in between takes. He could always find time if he ever wanted to. Exactly, only if he wanted to.

You didn’t know why he was acting like that, but you knew that you didn’t like this situation you were sharing with Grant, so you decided to fly back to Vancouver to visit him on set and, luckily, his co-workers happily welcomed you when they first saw you.

“Oh my goodness!” Danielle happily greeted you as she saw you wandering around the set, confused and lost, but amazed at the same time. “How are you?” She asked you as you both leant in to give each other a kiss on your cheeks.

“I’m doing slightly fine,” You honestly answered. “how about you?”

“I’m tired, but still great.” She cheerfully answered, not minding her lack of sleep and weariness. “Do you know what are Grant’s problems in these days? He’s been acting so strange and he’s always hot tempered during off takes.” She straightforwardly asked you, curiosity was filling her head.

“I came to visit to ask him.” You slightly sighed as you knew that your boyfriend was acting strange around his friends too. “He suddenly stopped texting me and I can’t even understand why. That’s not much of Barry’s behaviour.”

“I knew that something’s wrong with him, he’s really a different person now.” She honestly answered and you just unleashed a long and deep sigh, not knowing how to face Grant’s problem this time.

“Danielle,” You bit your lower lip as you looked in her eyes. “Would you mind if you accompany me in Grant’s tent?”

“Of course not!” She happily replied. “I’m always ready to help you, maybe you can also figure out why he’s acting strange in these days.” She raised her shoulders as she smiled widely at you. You let out a laugh and she asked you to follow her, obviously guiding you to your boyfriend’s tent.

“Thank you, Danielle.” You hugged her once she shook her head to say that it wasn’t a problem for her.

“Good luck,” She winked at you when you both broke the hug, “you’ll need it.” You both giggled.

“For sure.” You winked at her and she shook her head with a wide smile tattooed on her face,

“Go on!” She encouraged you and you inhaled loudly before going inside Grant’s tent. You then wandered around his tent as you entered, his things were scattered on the floor and there was a mess everywhere.

“(Y/N)!” Grant shouted as soon as he saw you in front of his tent’s entrance. He had a frown on his face, corrugated forehead and a stinging death glare were resting on it. You quickly perceived by your intuition that he wasn’t happy to see you in that moment. “What are you doing here?”

“Grant.” You shortly answered, worrying why he was acting in that way. “What’s happened?”

“Nothing has happened.” He shook his head as he turned his back to you. “Go back home.”

“No, stop it Grant!” You said, slightly shouting at him. “What has happened and you suddenly stopped talking to me?”

“Nothing, I was busy.” He was really busy, but you knew that there’s something more than that. “Now, go back home.”

“Says who?” You raised an eyebrow and he turned himself once again to face you.

“Says me, so please!” He shooed you away, but little did he know that he was hurting you little by little with his gestures.

“Why are you acting like this, Grant?” You got tired of his bullshit and you took out all of your courage to confront him for his actions, also to obtain the truth. “You never did this to me. You practically cut me out of your life and I just want to know why. Remember that I still am your girlfriend and you being busy is not a valid reason to stop answering my messages or calls.”

“Oh,” He laughed a little bit. “you are still my girlfriend?” He laughed like crazy and sarcasm was heard in his voice. “Why didn’t you tell that to the reporter who asked you some malapropos questions?”

“What are you talking about, Grant?” You corrugated your forehead, still being annoyed by his childish actions.

“Your sports award.” He shortly answered. “That football player who was hitting on you, do you hear any bell ringing?” He sarcastically asked you.

“I, I-“ You started as you remembered the happening, not knowing on how to answer your upset and angry boyfriend.

“You what? You don’t know the answer, right?” He rolled his eyes. “Right, because when that reporter asked you that annoying question, you just shrugged it off and you giggled a little bit, together with that guy.”

“Grant.” You were speechless. You now understand why he suddenly cut you out of his life, you knew why he was acting like that since that day. You didn’t stand up for him that day, shaking the topic about him off.

“Right?!” He shouted, even more angrier this time. “Of course, I am right!”

“Fuck, Grant!” Your hand suddenly felt a sting and, when you opened your eyes, you gobsmacked as you realized that you just gave him a loud slap on his cheek.

“You surely don’t deserve how I am treating you right now, (Y/N, because I love you so much, but think of how I felt that day.” He calmly said, bearing with the sting he was feeling on his face.

“Grant, it wasn’t my fault if they ask such questions.” You defended yourself.

“You could answer in an appropriate way.” He arrogantly answered. “Go away.” He shooed you once again, taking your hand off his cheek and he threw it back to your side.

“Grant, ready for the next sce-“ His staff ordered him as he entered Grant’s tent. Grant shook his head in response and the staff quickly got out as soon as he realized the awkward situation.

“Go home now. We’re over.” He emotionlessly suggested you. “Don’t bother me anymore.”

“But Grant, I’m sorry.” You quickly took your pride off you and you apologised to him.

“I need to work, (Y/N)!” He said as he put his The Flash mask on. “Bye, take care.”

“Grant, please.” You begged him as tears started to stream down your face. You were hurt, but it hurt you even more to know that Grant was angry at you for not standing up for him.

He was right though, he was your boyfriend and you should’ve answered that Grant was still your boyfriend, that you weren’t entertaining any suitors and that football player was just your friend.

Right, you should have and you realize it, only when Grant wasn’t by your side anymore.

“Bye, (Y/N)!” He unleashed a long and heavy sigh as he went out of his tent. You stood up for a minute without doing nothing, before recognizing that it was time to go.

You then walked out of Grant’s tent, noticing Danielle was watching you from afar. You shook your head, saying that you didn’t fix nothing, and you started to walk away from the set with your head facing on the ground.

You surely didn’t deserve how Grant treated you, but he surely didn’t deserve being treated in that way either.