cc: gustin

The Full Gustin

This is my favorite shirt, hands down. Not because it’s comfy (yet can take a beating) nor because of the hefty herringbone weave denim (though I like that, too). No, it’s because of the pockets.

Observe the lack of flaps. This makes putting stuff in (and taking them out) easier. The buttons also make ideal slots for pens, pencils, flashlights, or other tools. Finally, the size of the pockets is just right; neither too small nor too big. Everything stays in place. Also, it’s long enough to tuck in, which I like. In a world full of work shirts, Gustin gets this one pretty perfect.

Except: two buttons have already come off. Not a deal breaker, since they can easily be sewn back on, but worth mentioning. Otherwise, expertly engineered, well-designed, and made right here in San Francisco. Priced at around $125.

Jeans are also Gustin, the black/grey in 14oz. As these fade, the grey starts to peek through (as you can see in the pic) but not nearly as much contrast as having white weft. The resulting fades are soft and subtle, and looks great after the first wash.

As I wear through my workwear pretty fast, Gustin is starting to become my top choice for shirts and jeans. I saw one of the guys sporting boot prototypes at the office a few months ago; if they get produced I may have to take them for a run as well.