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Well deep down, I’m just kind of like, “Well, fuck yeah!”. But at the same time, when I got the audition for this, I couldn’t believe I was even having the opportunity to audition for it, knowing what I knew about the character.  And I’m a 23‑year‑old, lanky actor.

I think my experience on Glee was crucial. Not knowing what to expect there, and how I came into that show, where I was trying to split up one of the favourite couples. It was my first experience with social media and kind of reaching out with fans back and forth like that. And they hated me. Hated me. Because they hated the character, and they hated what the character was doing. So I had to deal with that. I tried to get them past the character - it’s not me! - but they were not listening to me at all. It was so difficult, the fans were insane, and it was a real shock for me. But looking back on it now, I think it was the best first job I could have had, for so many reasons. I’m actually really glad I had that experience before The Flash. I definitely appreciate it when people enjoy my work and say nice things, but I also can read negative things now and not be bothered. Because I love what I’m doing, and I focus on that.