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So excited to see Chris again.. I miss him.. also what about the shade about making fun of his voice... Santana's rant anyone? I cannot look at Santana again after that and absolutely abhor that SL.. I watching Le Jazz Hot the other day and was thinking 'This guy belongs on Broadway!'

Chris is always throwing shade. And ironic he was throwing shade at Murphy last night of all nights!!

I loved when he called fan fiction “50 shades of Colfer.” Interesting choice of words as 90% of fic is Klaine. So makes you wonder which ones he’s reading/being presented with? Cause Klaine would be 50 shades of Hummel right?

Would love to see his Candyland Musical and his Wicked movie.

I feel very spoiled knowing we have years and year to look forward to with the different projects that he will be creating.

You know what I like about Colfer?

He’s really good about displacing gender stereotypes.

He makes it clear that Holly is pretty; he then proceeds to shape her whole character as this autonomous, clever, badass motherfucker who will throw away the rule book and do what needs to be done to get shit done, and never brings up the fact that she is a ‘she’ or a 'pretty she’ except when shit hits the fan and she’s being a bamf and then usually it’s Artemis that reminds the audience “by the way, this woman is kicking ass and she’s DOING IT REGARDLESS OF HER LOOKS”.

He also writes Holly as a character who is clearly unashamed of her femininity. She grows out bangs (a purely aesthetic thing) and she’s affectionate. She has emotions and she sits in coffee shops. I’d be willing to bet that on her off days she sometimes wears skirts and she does say that unlike the boys, she uses moisturizer to keep her ears looking good.

Colfer essentially tells his audience that you can be a girl, you can be a pretty girl, you can be a girl who likes feminine things, and you can still take care of business.

Bravo, man. You do the genre a service.


You know, I love Darren and he is perfect, hm, always. But when he’s talking about Chris… He is like sun, his smile is so big and bright, it seems like he remembers the best thing that ever happened to him, the best thing he ever had. He is so happy when he is talking about Chris, when he is talking to Chris, when he is looking at Chris. And if it’s not love, I don’t know what it is and what is love.

My little sister has epilepsy and I was checking in on her with my dad one day and I texted my dad ‘how are her seizures?’ and autocorrect changed 'seizures’ to 'sexiness’ so… that was uncomfortable.
—  Chris Colfer on why autocorrect is “no one’s friend” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon