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Black Veil Brides: How They Wake You Up

all-time-vic-fuentes said
Can you please do a preference of Black Veil Brides of how they wake up y/n? c:

To wake you up Andy likes to pull you close to his chest and sing to you until you wake up. So you wake up to something beautiful.

When Ashley wants you to wake up he will kiss your lips and neck over and over again like the little horn dog he is.

To wake you up in the morning Jake will make you some breakfast and wakes you up so you can eat it in bed.

Jinxx wakes you up by cuddling you and telling you funny stories. You usually pretend to be asleep so you can hear more.

To wake you up he tickles you until you say “I surrender” and even though you hate being tickled you live it when CC does it.

It is funny to me how relevant BVB are trying to be. If they soon don’t do something with their music they aren’t going to have fans. They are losing fans and trying everything in this power by having a monthly BVB box and the recent T-shirt thing. They are doing everything to keep fans.

You got Ashley who literally vanished from social media. His last post was over three months ago. The only time he posts is when there is drama and needs to reassure the band isn’t breaking up and how he owns the band. Also the band is a business and without his say so the band will not break up. While throwing shad at Jake and being rude.

Next, we have Andy who is in his own world trying to help animals and saying his wife is amazing and beautiful. He constantly denies mistreatment from Juliet. He makes people pay him to see him proclaim to be a vegan while eating non vegan food on his show. The biggest kicker is he is now going to continue to make people pay for his show. But, have it available for YouTube. Makes no sense.

Then, you have speculations of him joining Scientology. His wife is selling everything on Depop that is hers and his for extreme prices. He is doing his solo project. Plus his movie American Satan and not relaxing. Which leads me to believe he is doing all this stuff to continue with Scientology. Since it isn’t cheap. Leading me on my final thought with him that he is alost sole who truly needs help. But fans have tried to help him. But he in turn calls them sociopaths.

Also we have Jake who is in my opinion doing all the live streams and such to build up his fan base. So then when BVB break up eventually Aelonia can become a thing. He has been starting a lot of drama lately by calling Ashley out when fans won’t stop harassing him about him. He talks about controversial topics such as vaccines. Gets everyone rallied up. I’ve noticed a pattern when the BVB army is dry of drama Jake says something and starts it up. To me it brings me back to him keeping his fan base alive and keeps people talking about him so he stays relevant. This is just my opinion.

Finally I can’t say much about CC and Jinxx. The only thing I can say about Jinxx is he most likely got remarried in secret because his ex wife Sammi Doll posted some pretty angry posts the other week. For CC he is off living his life and being drama free and staying away from it as much as possible.

In conclusion, this band has to be the most immature and dramatic group of people I have seen in a band. Sure other bands have been immature and done stupid things. But, not to this level in my opinion. The bands have generally always publicly apologized and got their respect back. BVB say their dumb, disrespectful stuff and have no remorse and never apologize. They get people to dislike them and resent them. I truly believe this band had potential and they literally threw it away. As someone who has been a fan for 4 years it really saddens me what they have become.