I love these talented boys so much!

Stuff I wanna see in Camp Camp Season 3

  • Gwen with her hair down
  • More Dadvid interaction
  • Non-abusive Preston and Nurf interaction
  • Another Jasper episode
  • A backstory episode about the adults of Camp Campbell (like , maybe Gwen’s childhood this time)
  • More episodes focusing outside of the camp, like more of the Flowerscouts or at least one episode about the stuff that happens when the gang’s in school, when David and Gwen aren’t in the camp during every other month of the yeat and etc.
  • Daniel and Jen psychotic killing spree revenge episode or smthng
  • Give Jen more screentime, goddamit
  • Cute scenes between the Performer

Trio (Nerris, Harrison and Preston)

  • Episode focusing on the counselors
  • The rest of the Quarter family showing up and how QM kills them and wins the tontine
  • And prolly a reveal on how QM is possibly like Daniel and Jen’s cult master or the show’s main antagonist
  • Campbell’s revenge resulting to him working with Daniel and Jen
  • David seeing Jasper as a ghost and his reaction to it all
  • More Bonquisha!!1!11!

Feel free to add more, guys